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SFVISBF fatality

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mazooma1, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. MIKE47
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    from new jersey

  2. stude_trucks
    Joined: Sep 13, 2007
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    Sounds like Jessie is (and his brother was) a pretty stand up guy and is treating this tragedy respectfully and the way it should be. I have to give him a LOT of credit. It hard losing someone close like that, and easy to change your perspective on things when it happens, but I respect him for keeping a level head and sorry for his loss.
  3. Deadlights
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    That is exactly why we did it so early in the morning. We knew the traffic level would be quite low and little to no one would be walking the streets. When we raced we rarely came up on cars or saw them on the steets. Its just one of those things that happens. All these things were in just the right place for this tragedy to happen. There is no one to point the finger at. It was an accident and nothing more. We lost a comrade yesterday. He will be missed.
  4. prime mover
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    prime mover

    I agree with everything the brother said, it was an accident that cant be changed but I saw it this "journalist" on the news last night telling the whole story and throwing out his pictures of the scene what a jerk, show some fucking respect.

    I'm sorry for everybodys loss.
  5. flynstone
    Joined: Aug 14, 2005
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    i feel so bad for everyone involved, matt was truley a stand up guy,, he loved doing this sport and knew it could be harmful.......from what i understand no one is at fault, its racing and shit happens.....i will miss seeing his smile .but he was doing somthing he loved R.I.P. matt............
  6. The day that me and Dreadman went,the guy who drives the pink wedge,looking car couldn't stop and drove right through the intersection at the end of the course! He was lucky,the light turned green. There was a lot of traffic that morning,going 40. When I saw that,I went HOLY SHIT! These guys are daredevils,LOL! I still went home and started on a cart.

    The guys are great. The atmosphere was electric,like waiting for Jetcar to take off! I'm sure Matt was one of the guys we talked to that morning. I keep hearing that "he went doing what made him happy",BUT 22 is still too young to loose a friend,brother,etc...

  7. Here's the end of the course,which ends at an intersection,right behind me. The carts come down at about 40 to 50mph.

  8. Von Rigg Fink
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    Von Rigg Fink
    from Garage

    The sport has a thrill to it for sure and danger no doubt!.
    I think all quick sports have an element of danger, and there in lies the thrill of it all. If some way they could organize this sport and build a racetrack for it so out side influences would be minimized, like pedestrians and cross vehicle traffic. Add some safety gear and you would have one wild sport. that has to be a blast to watch. And it is very "grass roots" type of racing.
  9. I tell you one don't expect them to go as fast as they do the first time you watch them race. As far as making a track,etc....the "illegal" aspect of the whole thing is what draws the guys to it like flies to shit!!! It was about as organized as something like this can get. There are rules and a few "dos and don'ts". Crashes are expected but fatalities are ferthest from their minds.
  10. maddog
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    from So Cal

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I will make sure Matts brother Jesse sees this. He and his familywill apreciate it.

    Matt and Jesse rented the shop next door to mine and loved working on thier soapbox and minibikes. Matt was a pleasure to be around, allways smiling, joking, just a great guy.

    Matts mom and his brother Jesse both have told me that they know he knew what he was doing and that it was dangerous. We all know how that goes, risking it, cause it wont happen to me.

    He had gotten the car together just the night before, as is often the case, and then in his second race he just lost controll and happened to hit the only car parked on the side of the street we were racing on. The car wasnt there in the first race. Just bad luck I guess.

    Matt was also in our car club The Yakity Yaks.

    Matt will be missed.

    There will be a moumorial fund set up to help the family and I will make sure the information will be posted here if you care to contribute.

    Again, thank you for all of the kind words.

  11. MichaelDorman
    Joined: Apr 27, 2001
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    Please let us know when you get the fund up and how to contribute.

    I will continue to Keep Matt and his familly in my prayers as well as thoughts for Paul and everyone durring this difficult time.
  12. A real shame to hear about this. My condolences to Matt's family and friends.

    I do hope that it isn't the last word on this though. These guys were having fun and knew the risks. The fact that someone else doesn't like it or thinks it is dangerous is their problem. As said above, there are so many other sports and hobbies that are dangerous (including ours) and folks keep on doing them, but not without remembering the loss, and learning a lesson or two.

    Good luck to you all out there in the San Fernando Valley.

    Best — MRAK
  13. Cris
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    from Vermont

    Godspeed, Matt.
  14. ALindustrial
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    he ended it doing something he really liked... big condolences!
  15. Zerk
    Joined: May 26, 2005
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    RIP and my thoughts are with Matthew Garcia's family. It makes me sad to think this lighthearted fun had a human cost.

    To put this into another perspective, many lives are lost on this country's roads every day, in vehicles sanctioned by the federal and state governments. We don't acknowledge the possibility of losing our lives on the way to work, shopping etc. because that would be caving in to the prospect of personal risk. Some risk we accept because it is our responsibility to do so; some risk we accept in order to do what we love.
  16. wvenfield
    Joined: Nov 23, 2006
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    I always enjoyed watching the video's. I hope they can keep at it.

    Every fall in WV we have the annual "Bridge Day" The New River Gorge bridge is shut down to traffic and anyone that wants to can jump off it. In 2006 one guy jumped and his chute didn't open. It wasn't an event anyone wanted to happen and this may seem cold but, he was pulled from the river and people continued to jump. It continues on.

    In this hobby it seems that there is a higher risk for someone not participating to get hurt and I hope the club considers that maybe a little more after this, but I hope they can make some adjustments and continue on.
  17. flynstone
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    Posts: 1,718


    ok here it is if you would like to donate to help the family out you can send a check (every little bit helps) make it out to his brother Jesse Garcia and mail it to ed rowlett--- p.o. box 370061---reseda california 91337 thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers even only a dollar times how many hamb members ------------wow
  18. evil ed
    Joined: Jan 26, 2007
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    evil ed
    from S.F.V.

    Hi Everyone
    Yes,just like Flynstone said. Please send any donations to
    P.O. BOX 370061
    RESEDA, CA. 91337

    Make sure to make any donation is made out to JESSIE GARCIA.
    His family will appreciate this in this time of need!!!!

    Thanks everyone for your concern !!!!
  19. Sorry to see this happen,condolences to his family and fellow competitors.R.I.P.Matt.
  20. Hate seeing that happen,, could be anyone of us.
  21. I am very saddened to learn of this tragic accident. My condolences go out to this young man's family and friends. I pray for them to be blessed with peace and strength and comfort during this very difficult and painful time.

    When some fatal tragedy befalls someone enjoying a hobby, sport, or occupation for which they felt a passionate fondness, inevitably some will assert, 'at least he/she died doing what he/she loved to do'. One can't speak for the dead, so I'll just speak for myself for future reference: if I die while flying a plane, unless while flying in cloud or dark and unaware into a steep mountain side, I will have died knowing I'm crashing, and not flying. Crashing is not what I want to be doing when I die. I'd prefer to die while doing my taxes, or my laundry.

    This kind of accident, while foreseeable and preventable, should not and will not discourage brave people from putting their own lives at risk for the sake of thrills, sport, achievement, or for defending property, lives, or country. This young man's death will in all likelihood not lead to the end of this sport, but rather will advance it in a safer direction. Also, every individual who learns of this tragedy will cinch that strap tighter, check everything one more time and every time, and exercise his or her foresight muscle on a more regular and thorough basis, no matter what kind of vehicle they're climbing into. In spite of all precautions, brave people who do dangerous things for fun know very bad things still can happen, and they accept the risk, because that's part of the fun that makes life worth living.
  22. rev106
    Joined: Dec 13, 2006
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    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
    I&#8217;d like to thank everyone for all the support and words of encouragement that have been coming out in the wake of this tragedy. In the hot rod community, we are more attuned to the mishaps that can occur in our pursuit of our passions, it is one thing that binds us and separates us from others that don&#8217;t share these feelings.
    In trying times, many people run for cover. This most trying of times has brought us together, stronger than before. We were all brothers after a fashion; we had a common shared experience that made us feel special. Everyone involved felt that, whether they did one race or all 20 races. This bonding of all kinds of people from all walks of life has shown us that the people involved were of exemplary character.
    Once we saw the accident was serous, we told drivers to go home. I stayed. I had to. I&#8217;m not running from anything. If there was glory to be had I&#8217;d be there and I must be there in the face of horrible tragedy.
    Many drivers want to continue. I personally don&#8217;t have the emotional fortitude at this time to be at the helm any longer, this has been a crushing blow for all of us and it has struck deep personal chords with me, I&#8217;m not so strong.
    If you want to donate to the family you can go to the SFVISBF website and follow the directions.
    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and support.
  23. WHATS UP ED,


    Joined: Feb 5, 2006
    Posts: 1,029


    This is really sad. The guys were just trying to have fun. As soon as you take this sport to a track it loses its excitement, that's why they raced the way they did. They just wanted to feel something 'real' and not some commervialized BS. I give them props for doing som real racing, its just horrible that someone lost their life doing it. My prayers are with the family.
  25. Cochino
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  26. flynstone
    Joined: Aug 14, 2005
    Posts: 1,718


    had a get togeather last nite at flames it was nice,, presented the family with cards and donations............
  27. I hope the donation was a good one. You SFVISBF guys sound like a great lot of people, lets hope that this wont end your fun.
  28. 1badnov
    Joined: Sep 28, 2007
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    from South Bay


    Its no different than bombing down a hill on a mtb. I lost it @ about 40 mph up @ Downieville & hit a tree... broke some ribs. Could have been killed, but I don't think they would have closed that trail for 1 day. Unfortunately they will probably shut you guys down.
  29. flynstone
    Joined: Aug 14, 2005
    Posts: 1,718


    here is a update Matt's Funeral is THIS Saturday at 10am.

    March 22, 2008

    Calvary Church - 10am
    7115 Shoup Avenue
    West Hills, CA. 91304

    The graveside service will be immediately following (around 11am)

    Oakwood Cemetery - 11am
    Chatsworth, CA.

    If you have any questions feel free to email to this site or to my
    personal email. melisashack@...

    I hope to see you all on Saturday! Again, thanks to everyone for all
    of the support you have shown us. We are blessed to have you in our

    Missy (Matt's Aunt
  30. Wasahawaiianrat
    Joined: Sep 25, 2005
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