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History Sexiest Dragster of the 50s?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Jive-Bomber, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Kent Fullers first dragster and the inspiration for Ivo's first car.
  2. jnaki
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    GotGas: Some great ones mentioned already. I've always been partial to Bobby Langley's Scorpion I. Maybe because it's a Texas car.
    upload_2017-4-29_10-24-52.png Bobby Langley Riverside 1959

    When we heard of the East vs West drag racing event at Riverside Raceway in 1959, we just had to see the big names from Texas-East come out West to race the top drag cars from the West Coast. The battles were top notch and it was impressive to see these East Coast cars for the first time.

    Bobby Langley had a cool paint and body scheme. Even the finned air scoop was cool. It ran as well as it looked.

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  3. Seems to me that we had the Scorpio or a copy of it run at the HAMB Drags one year. Did a 360 in the staging lanes ( didn't bang into anything). Damned nice car and it was out of Texas too as I recall.
  4. jnaki
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    upload_2017-5-3_4-53-8.png 1959

    Here is Don Garlits in one of his trips out West. He was here for the East Vs West Challenge at Riverside Raceway. This was a first, as the bantering was going on in the Drag News Paper: About who is faster… Records were set back East, and out in the West, with advertisements saying…Fastest Dragster, Top Speed, First to…etc. Now, a challenge was set up so all of the top racers of the day could be at one dragstrip to settle the score.

    It was one of those outstanding So Cal, early morning events that went on into the late afternoon. For a couple of teenagers, it was a long drive out to Riverside from Long Beach.

    Don Garlits made some spectacular single runs and against earlier racers. But, the race against Art Chrisman in the Hustler had some start line controversy that was the talk of the day.

    We could not get up to Bakersfield for the 1959, for the first Smoker’s March Meet, but did get up there in 1960. This movie clip also has some Garlits, later in Bakersfield at the 1960 Smokers March Meet. (and at Lions Dragstrip in Long Beach)

    On the controversy at 1959 Riverside, YOU BE THE JUDGE…
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  5. jnaki
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    The Kent fuller designed, Tommy Ivo single Buick FED was a high quality race car. It was at home at Lions Dragstrip just as much as it was in any car show. The build was immaculate. The attention to detail was pretty good for an FED in the late 1950’s. Every time we were at Lions Dragstip from 58-60, it seemed to be the same time as this bright red Buick powered FED was making runs.

    I was able to film this red dragster as an injected Buick and as a 671 powered Buick. I was even in the pits the day in 1960 when Don Prudhomme brought the same FED with a carbureted Buick, but painted a custom white with a red scalloped nose. At the time, little did I know that he was part of Ivo’s club and pit crew.


    Look at that cool push bar key on the back of the single Buick FED.

    Tommy Ivo single Buick FED

    1960 Lions Don Prudhomme First BUICK FED

  6. The original "Purple People Eater" streamliner built by the Galt Strokers C.C. 1957 and now being restored.
    120748370_2802878013274456_511945387570345899_n.jpg 110034050_2734794286749496_177913735839066329_n.jpg 142351527_2896632650565658_2070457149747807021_n.jpg Mark+Rogerson+1.jpg ppe1.jpg
  7. Speed Gems
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    Speed Gems

    Jack Moss
    Gary MacArthur
    16 (1).JPG 1-123.jpg
    Unknown (Poto by @loudbang)
    DEAN (43).jpg
    Glass Slipper
    Dragliner "Jazzy" Jim Nelson and Dode Martin
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  8. nochop
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    from norcal

    My dads the tall one BF67C8A4-FFA5-494C-9534-B5BA6E846805.jpeg 3787DD9E-6B27-4621-91D0-DF768F31EC1B.jpeg
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  9. Hollywood-East
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  10. Marty Strode
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    Marty Strode

    It's Hank Vincent's "Top Banana" for me. Top Banana 2.jpg
  11. Glass Slipper gets my vote before that overhead thing was put in it.........
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  12. jnaki
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    March 1960 Bakersfield Smokers March Meet #2

    Hey M,

    My (late) brother and I agree with your idea of the title for the “Top Banana.” We had seen it in the newspapers and some magazine shots. But up close and personal at the dragstrip was a familiarity that we just could not get over. Everything just fit and the sleek streamlined body + SBC motor looked like it could go to the Moon.
    Top Banana total

    Yes, we know about the tragic ending and it was not what we expected. So, the films I shot are historic as per a “never to be seen in action,” again. We were fortunate to be able to film the sleek race car in all of its glory.

    March 1960 as reported from Bakersfield Smokers March Meet.


    The long drive up into the central valley was worth it for a couple of teenage drag racing enthusiasts from Long Beach.

    Two brothers at the 1960 Bakersfield Smokers March Meet

  13. belair
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    Lots of great cars here, Langley's Scorpion was one of my favorites. Saw it at DOTD (I think) once. Great graphics.
  14. 1940Willys
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    Must have been a recreation as seen @ Chrr 2017 DSCN5261.JPG DSCN5264.JPG

    Attached Files:

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  15. scrotilson
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