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Sewing machine question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tucker, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I'm headed out to get a sewing machine today to attempt my own upholstery. I can get a Singer 211A-567 for $600 or a Consew 255RB-2 for $900+/-. Anyone have any opinions on either of these machines? Both have walking foot and reverse.
    Appreciate any help
  2. wheeler.t
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    I use that model consew at work, it's a good machine, sews everything you need to do. I have a Juki in my home shop from 1974 that is great too. Never used a singer industrial machine. Good luck and post your results

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  3. Chemin
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  4. '52 F-3
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    '52 F-3

    both good machines.....
    i'm no expert, without looking up model specs.....

    does one have a big bobbin? I really get tired of little ones

    has one got less miles? i'd sew with both if you can see which one is ready to go...

    a nice bench, work light and maybe a "servo" motor would be a big plus...

  5. I think they both have clutch motors and both have large bobbins. I'm completely green about this. Is there anything specific I should look for that typically might be a problem with used machines?
  6. chevy3755
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    i have a Consew and really like it.........does everything i ask it to do
  7. crazy_tonguezz
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    from glendale

    i have a consew 206rb-3 and i love it. i got it for a great deal. i can do everything on it. i learned on a pfaff,
    i would just make sure you have a Walking foot and it has Reverse on it , to lock your stictching.
    you can always find a guy to service your sewing machine, its rare that you cant get one serviced.
  8. crazy_tonguezz
    Joined: May 16, 2013
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    from glendale

    also do either one have an option to adjust the thread length, to change like when you do top stitch.
  9. sewman
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    from Toledo,Oh

    Yes,they both have adjustable stitch length & it adjusts the same on both of them & they both have large bobbins.
  10. 56premiere
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    from oregon

    Take some sample materials and sew them. 8 layers will be common so try that. Sew fast and slow ,forward and reverse, if they work they should be fine. Hope for several sets of feet, you'll need them for different things. welt zipper straight . Good luck Jack
  11. crazy_tonguezz
    Joined: May 16, 2013
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    from glendale

    59premiere hit the nail on the head!!
  12. plywude
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    from manteca ca

    I have a 70's Juki, great machine only bitch is it do'es not have a large bobbin............
  13. CoronetRTguy
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    I started a few years ago to make some military style gear with hopes of starting my own business. I got to looking around at what machines would sew through leather and some thick webbing. I found that a lot of the machines from the 50s like Singer could handle the job. I found a table top machine and started making a few things and it went through three military web belts like butter. I know a lot of the older table top machines have more clearance.

    Take a look at some used sewing machines at fabric shops. The only reason I didnt go for the business was the fabrics I needed was really high.

    This will be a fun project take your time doing it and finding the right machine. You do not need a big machine to do what you are looking for. I wouldnt get anything that has plastic gearing because it wont handle it.
  14. I bought the Singer 211A 567B. I bought it from an upholstery shop and I watched the guy sew a leather headrest. He did sew through 6 layers of the leather he was using to show me. He was selling it because he had 4 other Jukis and the Singer takes different feet.
    I ended up getting it for $500.
    Thanks for the help. I guess I'll get started.
  15. I purchased my Consew forty one years ago when I was manufacturing motorcycle sidecars. I used it to stitch up hundreds of upholstery's. Later when I built my Sweet 55 T Bird's my upholstery guy used my same machine. In the 1990's I built around fifteen more sidecars and then the machine set for almost twenty years. I just pulled it out from the corner of the shop and only had to change the cog belt and today I'm back stitching up different bucket seats and have even done a few T Buckets in my retirement. I was in my twenty's when I bought my machine and today I'm almost seventy. It's lasted my entire adult life and will most likely last longer than I will. So if your looking for a machine to last a lifetime go with a Consew.
    Johnny Sweet,

    My Little T with the diamond stitched upholstery.


    Not HAMB friendly but just to show some of the work that can be done with a Consew and a little practice.


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