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Hot Rods Selling the Buick.. Now what?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by fourspeedwagon, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Well- I think it's gonna happen. I just got notice that my '41 Super Convertible has hit the reserve so it looks like it's gonna sell tomorrow. Wife has her eye on some toys, but if we're selling one of mine-- aw nevermind. Wifes are the bosses so she'll get whatever- But I think I'll have 20 or so to play with.

    So, my real question is- 1. Get another car or 2. Put funds into one of the current cars.

    I'm not a little guy so obviously I Love chopped and/or channeled cars that I will never fit in.. Anyone 6'4" driving comfortably in a Model A coupster?

    I've long ago admitted I likely Attention Deficit Disorder but I feel like most of us have more going than we are likely to finish, right?

    A parting view of the Buick to wave bye

    IMG_3792 buick4.JPG
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  2. That sure is nice! I guess it's time to move on. But how are you going to top that? Extra $ is always nice to plunk into existing projects. Maybe the way to go, instead of getting something else, and repairing/suiting it to your tastes.....Either way- CQQL deal.
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  3. low budget
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    low budget
    from Central Ky

    I would get a nice one the next time....:D
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  4. Build a cool beater and pay cash.

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  5. Lebowski
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    Hopefully the person with the high bid doesn't have a feedback rating of zero. As I'm sure you know, many people win auctions on eBay and then never follow through with the payment. Hopefully that won't happen to you. Tell your wife you have plans to buy another car but you have just enough money left over to buy her a new vacuum cleaner. :D I'm sure she'll be thrilled with that suggestion. Good luck whatever you decide to do....
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  6. Thanks el Duderino (I'm not really "into" the whole brevity thing).
    I'm keeping a close eye on that. There was a zero bidder early on but I zapped him. All the others have several years and 100% feedback. But- it's also why I say it looks like it'll sell. It would be very unDude of someone to do that. I went back and forth trying to decide between eBay and Bring a Trailer because BAT does put a hold on 10% of a bid on bidders credit card. For some reason they didn't like my reserve which made me think they weren't confident their bidders would go after it.
    I have a feeling it'll be heading overseas. Seems to be where the money is currently.
    Awesome car -love it and will miss it

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  7. [​IMG][​IMG]

    "If it ain't broke - fix it till it is"
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  8. Five and a half hours till the auction ends and the crying commences.. Been a great car, someone will have a blast with it.

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  9. I will hold my congratulatory reply until the auction is over,that is one beautiful car.

    You do still have the '56 Porsche don't you? HRP
  10. belair
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    Nice car. There are some threads about chopped cars and tall guys. Hope the deal goes thru. And be a sport. Buy the wife a new vacuum cleaner and a washing machine.
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