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Hot Rods Selling stuff, do you all get these questions too?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by flynbrian48, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. 1Nimrod
    Joined: Dec 11, 2018
    Posts: 175


    My favorite wanna be buyer is the person who calls and calls giving me the saddest story of his/her life and then adding to that story they need to keep some of there money bcuz there kids are needing new? Even before seeing my vehicle there trying to low-ball me with sad stories. Then when they show up the stories just get deeper and the buyer reveals the saddest looking bunch of children and insist "This is all the money I have and I can't afford a penny more and I really need a vehicle badly for my new job I'm starting story"... Finally after hours of listening too the wanna be buyer in my front yard I say NO I can not sale at that price I have a family also. Then with that said there "NICENESS" is now gone that they once had and they turn to words I won't write and then with them getting in my face trying to push me into giving up my vehicle for the amount of money they have in there hand. The picture isn't pretty after words bcuz my shot gun is never out of my reach or my pistol that my wife now has in her hand standing in the front doorway telling our children to come into the house as she dials 911... Always Be Prepared bcuz Dishonest People try every play they can and I've had many tried on me over the year's BUT the one with the dirty faced children and dirty clothes on them and the parents looking the part also was one of the best one's yet. I almost went for there scam but I said NO and that's when the fireworks went off. I'm no virgin to words of the world but that couple had words coming out of there mouths I've never heard before and they DID NOT care that there children or ours were listening. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around my Pops use to tell me and they was some type of people for sure... I sold my vehicle for what I had asked for to a very different honest nice family.
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  2. Truck64
    Joined: Oct 18, 2015
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    from Ioway

    No it don't ... But we got 'em.
  3. 1Nimrod
    Joined: Dec 11, 2018
    Posts: 175


    I doubt that would make a difference bcuz they most likely drink more at home with there good O'l boys than at the bar. Those kind never want to stop I know several friends that drink a 24 pack between the two of them seven days a week after work and they will be the first ones to tell you that they can quit any time they want to. I set down with the one and showed him how much money he could save in a month and he just didn't want to believe that he has a problem....
    (It's killing my daughter she loves him...)
  4. I,m selling quite a few good working small vintage 1930s screw on fender marker lights on a local site at the moment. They all take a standard 12 volt and/or a standard 6 volt bulb at 10 watt or 5 watt. So the most common question is which lights are the 12 volt :rolleyes:.
  5. Rickybop
    Joined: May 23, 2008
    Posts: 5,878

    from Michigan

    Unbelievable stuff sometimes. LOL

    One guy I know told me exactly the opposite...

    "I'm gonna go look at that car for sale just to mess with the seller."

    Told him he's a dick. LOL

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  6. carbking
    Joined: Dec 20, 2008
    Posts: 2,581


    If you really want to get some interesting "customers", try doing telephone orders for a week ;)

    One of the categories I enjoy are the folks calling, not to place an order, but to acquire the tracking number for the order they didn't place! Obviously, they flunked ESP-101.

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  7. jim snow
    Joined: Feb 16, 2007
    Posts: 871

    jim snow

    I have thought about doing this. But then of course they’re going to get insulted. Just not worth it to me. Snowman
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  8. Ive bought and sold a lot of vehicles and other stuff. You gotta have a thick skin. and you gotta have the correct additude. You need the don't care if you buy or sell position. If I cant buy or sell at my price I walk Away. If I have the money something else will come along. And it don't cost a penny to be nice.
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  9. I met a dick at a supplier I used to buy work stuff from, who would advertise rare NOS stuff, at ridiculous prices, only to tell the prospective buyer that the stuff is super rare, and it isn't really for sale. What a waste of time & effort! So now I have changed suppliers, and the original bloke is still a massive plonker.
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  10. Buying can suck just as hard as just can't GIVE some people your money sometimes. I always try to have a backup when traveling far for parts. I just went 65 miles one way through L.A which is like going across a state to buy some parts and the guy wouldn't get back to me. Granted it was shaky to begin with (Offer up and he didn't want to give a number or address until I was in his city). I had cash in hand, no low balling, he just had to give an address or number. I waited for over an hour and nothing so I left, messaged me when I was eating lunch with a 9 digit phone number........hey retard phone numbers are 10 digits....I told him in a nicer way. Nothing until I got home a few hours later and his message was "Sorry dude, I sold it". People F'ing suck.

    My back up plan was I got to drive my Panel around L.A looking at old buildings/places, eat some good food and spend time cruising around with my it really wasn't a total loss. I could have used the parts though.
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  11. BTW, don't buy stuff from Rick from San Fernando, Ca. on OfferUp chump.
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  12. trollst
    Joined: Jan 27, 2012
    Posts: 1,565


    What I've developed a bad attitude toward selling things is because not so long ago, we'd deal with like minded people, guys who had an idea what it was worth, so face to face you'd do a little dance that was kind of fun for each to get the best price, handshake and done. NOW, it seems the potential buyer seems to think the seller automatically owes them something just because they've responded to your ad, and the seller should do something extra special just for them. Its not the sale that drives me insane, it's the sense of entitlement people have these days, in my case, having me deliver the car three hours halfway so the fool could look it over cause he can't be bothered to drive this far, the car is still in my barn and he can get f....d. Seems every time my land line rings, its some scammer telling me my credit card is compromised, this morning at 7 o clock it happened, scamming is rampant these days, literally everywhere you turn. We should be outraged these people exist, but its becoming so common now that the onus is no longer on the scammer, but on the seller or honest buyer to be aware of being scammed. As said in an earlier post, I've gotten to the point where I've stopped selling shit because I'm tired of the "you should feel sorry for me" stories.
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  13. my neighbor asked me to sell a set of OT wheels for a friend of hers. Every meth head in the five state area, wants to know if they will fit their (subaru), They want to know if winter tires are ok for winter driving. How many lug holes there are (the pics, & description tell the story) I even had one guy ask if he could put them on in my garage, just to make sure they're the right fit. Nope, not gonna happen
  14. Im parting out 16 OT square cab chevy trucks. Got a add on facebook. Price stated is $100 for most parts like hoods & fenders ect. I get messages wanting to know if the $100 truck runs. I get messages wanting a rusty worthless cab with a title. They must not read or comprehend what they have read? Or they want to know about something that is barely visible in the background of a posted picture. I try and be nice. I state I don't sell titles and vins. I tell them the barely visible vehicle is not for sale at this time. If it becomes for sale I will list it and post pictures. I like those who offer a lower amount when they haven't even looked at the item. I tell them the only way to find out if I would accept that offer is they come here and show me the cash. So far not one lowballer has ever done that. Then there are those who will send their shipper with a certified check. for more than the amount. Im to subtract my asking price + $50 for my trouble and give the shipper several hundred cash. I tell them cash only and I will check to be certain its not funny money. For me its kinda fun that folks think am desperate to sell or stupid. You gotta have the right additude and have a real thick skin. Then there is a carload that show up and want to roam about willy nilly. The kids want to see my animals. I tell them Im not running a museum or zoo. That the one who is buying is the only person getting inside the gate.
  15. I used to believe that 90 percent of people were idiots. Recently, I have had to modify that number.
  16. I am reminded of a similar deal a couple of years ago. Two guys showed up in a really nice black '57 Chevy to look at some mounted tires on polished aluminum Torq-Thrust wheels that used to be on my '55 Chevy. The guy brought a jack and a battery operated impact wrench and asked to try two wheels on his car to see how they looked.

    Since I had nothing else to do I ok'd his plan. He, then, wanted to put the other two on the other side to see how it looked. Now I was paying attention but curious and cautious. Now he had all four on his car and wanted to drive his car around to see how they handled. No, sir, that is not going to happen. He offered to leave his wallet as a form of bail and I told him his wallet and his friend would stay or he couldn't go.

    I now had his friend, his wallet, and his set of wheels/tires. Off he went and he was gone about 10 minutes and returned. The asking price was $1,100 for the set. Upon his return he stated " Well, I like them. Will you take $850 or do I have to take them back off?" I told them he had to take them off and he could stack them right where his old tires were. He ended up offering $1,050 which I accepted. He paid cash after I told him that the ad indicated cash only and would not take his check.

    Now he wanted me to load up his old tires/wheels and take them to his residence about 40 miles away. No, that didn't happen. He ended up loading his old wheels/tires in his nice '57-two in the trunk and two in the back seat and off he went.

    Two weeks later he left a phone message that he noticed that the date stamp on the tires indicated that the tires were 7 years old and he wanted a rebate for old tires. I never did return the dip shit's call.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  17. olscrounger
    Joined: Feb 23, 2008
    Posts: 3,534


    I get many calls from folks looking for 40 parts. Some are very nice and I will sell them something if they are going to use it. Others are absolute jerks with big wallets (some are shops) and really grind on me to sell them parts at well below what they are worth-those I tell to get lost. Some almost act like I owe it to them to sell/give them a part they need--assholes abound. Have dealt with many HAMB members with no issues. I never let them come to my house unless I know them well. There are too many flakes out there to deal with--I never use Craigslist either.
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  18. hotrodlane
    Joined: Oct 18, 2009
    Posts: 55


    On the other hand You may of been the one to miss out here. As by refusing to give him something as simple as your phone number, To him You may have already displayed that you might be hard to deal with. As maybe This guy is like alot of us older guys and don't type well Nor do we see as well as we once did trying to poke at the tiny letters. And don't even get me started on the damn "Auto correct". lol. Anyhow maybe he did not want to type out every model of 32-34 ford he had sitting around his 40 acre lot and not had a chance to post for sale yet. (You never Know what kind of stuff guys have until they tell you) Bottomline is we may see this 2 different ways, But for me if a man can not speak to me on the phone then I will always dismiss him as shady. Call me "Old school" if you like, but I come from a time when a phone was a phone! and people actually talked to one another. Just my 2 cents
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  19. hotrodlane
    Joined: Oct 18, 2009
    Posts: 55


    One other thing I think is annoying as hell is when someone has a ad posted with a phone number. I will call them and not get a answer. So then a hour or so later I will call again and not get a answer. But 5 mins aftet the 2nd or 3rd time I have called and not got a answer. These fuckers will send me a text asking "who is this?"
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  20. Most people have got barely enough brains to work out what "For Sale" means, let alone enough to actually read the whole ad. I put in my ads "don't send texts or emails, I don't sit next to my computer all day", only put in a landline number, and right down the end I put "If you have read down this far, you can have this for $xxx (about 80% of the listed price). I have only had 1 person ask me if that price is OK.
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