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Hot Rods Seeking the most active Hot Rod / Custom Culture area in the USA

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BigO, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Thanks.
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    You should plan a trip to the Lone Star Round Up if you have never been. It's coming up in April. Would give you a chance to check out the lay of the land.
  3. Thanks, that answers a lot of questions. BigO
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  4. Thanks, thats a good idea.
  5. Thanks, thats a big help.
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  6. Where ever you go, good luck sometimes the grass just might be greener somewhere else. HRP
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  7. Taboo56Chevy
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    As far as the moving west ideas, southern Oregon is an option, lots of cars and activity down there. I live near Portland and there is always something car related going every weekend starting in March till September/October. When it comes to the old stuff that we like here traditional is probably the biggest trend. Lots of good road trip roads if you like just driving as well.
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  8. Hot Rods Ta Hell
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    Since you haven't been West of Memphis, I can tell you Texas and Oklahoma are probably more like Memphis than Los Angeles and Las Vegas are. That doesn't mean one is a better choice than the other. What I'm saying is you won't know which suits you better until you see them in person. Gather all this good info, do some additional online research, then book a flight, rent a cheap car and spend a week in one of your top 3 picks. Maybe a couple of week long jousts if you can get the vacation time.
    You could time a visit that coincides with several events in that week. For example, hit Socal in June and hit LARS along with all the Rod Shop open houses. This would give you plenty of time to mingle with the local folks and check out the regional cruise scenes, people, culture, etc. Cost of living/taxes, housing, politics may or may not be huge factors but may factor into your final decision. Sure, your company will help on your housing, but when you retire in a few years will you be able to afford to stay? If you did a 9-10 day trip incorporating 2 weekends, you could drive to Las Vegas for the second weekend, then fly home from there. Same double up could be done with Texas/Oklahoma.
    You can take a week or so and make a drive to Florida, looping through a couple of areas.
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  9. nugget32
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    Lake Havasu City, AZ
    A motorheads paradise, great weather, many car clubs, shows etc.

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  10. manyolcars
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    I've never been but over the years, I've heard a lot about our kind of cars in Missouri. Texas has always been good for me but it can be long drives
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  11. klawockvet
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    I grew up in Socal but I have a real problem dealing with what the state has become. That being said, its really hard to beat LA, Riverside, San Bernadino and San Diego counties for anything dealing with cars. You might try looking at the fringe areas on the north side of the San Gabriel Mtns (Apple Valley>Victorville>Palmdale>Lebec) Reasonable real estate, moderate property taxes if you buy right, decent four season weather, and less than an hour to the weekend shows and cruises when traffic is still an issue but better than week days. My second choice would be Austin/San Antonio.
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  12. lumpy 63
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    lumpy 63

    Lake Havasu AZ Is what I'm hearing.
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  13. nugget32
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  14. wheeldog57
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    I have family, friends in Orlando, Tampa.
    They are constantly sending pictures of car shows in January and February.
    Florida not for me but maybe for you.
    Austin seems to have a lot going on over there too. Good luck, make your own scene when you get there and tell us all about it!
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  15. Fat47
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    I live in Indiana. Yes we have Winter but that's the time I do most of my car building. It's 150 miles to the nationals in Louisville. About the same to Columbus, Ohio for the Goodguys, 180 miles to Evansville, IN for the Frog Follies (4,000+ pre-48 rods) , 250 from Bowling Green and the hot rod reunion, a longer drive but not bad to Back to the 50's in Minn, 75 miles to the Ducktail and James Dean Run (1,500-2,000 rods) and so on. Hope this helps.
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  16. guy1unico
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    Guys in Prescott Az are telling me this is THE HOT ROD Heavan!
    You might want to sync up with a really great hot rodder from there.
    Research Billy Vinther.
    PM me and I will give you his contact info.
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  17. I live in Van Nuys (Los Angeles), I have no problems with any of the gripes listed about LA, these things go with any big city. Nothing is perfect, Los Angeles isn't the only town in SoCal by a long shot!
    San Bernadino is awful, but San Diego and surrounding areas is great. Bakersfield has Famosa if you want to race. Kinda very rural though.
    I'd suggest you narrow down what you want more, make a "pro" column and a "con" column. Be realistic about your finances, make a "money" column too.
    Then Google the hell out of various places. Don't just look at car stuff and sites, I think you'll get a better sense of what a place is really like with a wide variety of subjects.
    SoCal has:
    Sun, warm, beach, desert, mountains, city, boondocks, Pomona drags, Famosa, Dry lakes, The NHRA, The Petersen, Nethercutt museum , an almost inexhaustible supply of cars, people, shops, products and services. I LOVE the scene here.
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  18. Arkansas is the best kept secret in the country. Any place on Crowleys Ridge in the area north or south of Paragould Ar. George Rays every Sunday thru the season. car shows in neighboring towns like Jonesboro, Malden Mo. ect. Other drag strips at Sikeston mo. Carsile Ar. Newport Ar.. Not too far from Memphis. Make a trip to the Event scheduled for the third weekend in May at George Rays and have a look see. Cost of living is low. There are plenty of jobs.
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  19. RDR
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    Have lived in 4 Western States.Oregon, Wash, Calif, and Utah. Grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Moved for jobs and am back in Oregon. Lots of Hot Rod/ Custom stuff goes on in the Northwest. Not a terrible trip to Bonneville, Drag strips, or even GNRS.
    Heard this summer 'Great Race' will be coming from San Diego to 'LeMay Museum' in Tacoma, WA.

    If you have vacation time coming, plan for a trip to somewhere that you think sounds like a place you might consider...Make some contacts in the area you choose (Hambers, Custom guys or hot rod guys, this site or others if you are on ) I did this on a trip to Australia back in 1989, wrote to about 4 Auzzies who had written into R&C magazine. They sent me letters, said to come by and every one of them introduced me to other blokes showed me around the car scene, etc. Made some great friends and have had some come visit over here too.
    The car thing is NO FUN without comRODerie...It really is the sharing with like minded friends.
    Good Luck on your search for Hot Rod Heaven, you ain't out there Alone !
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  20. bigloser
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    from Mesa,AZ

    AZ has a lot going on like was mentioned before. SoCal has a shop in Phoenix, Goodguys is here twice a year, local drag strip, NASCAR track, 5 hours to Southern California, literally 6-10 shows every weekend, not to mention the beautiful drives through the mountains and deserts. I love it out here (we moved from the Midwest about 8 years ago.

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  21. Thanks, thats a place to keep in mind.
  22. Thanks, your right on with what I'm trying to do. BigO
  23. Thanks, I'll check that out. BigO
  24. Thanks, I'm considering Austin at the moment. BigO
  25. Too many hurricanes in Fla. for me, but Austin is starting to look good. Thanks , BigO
  26. Yes this is very helpful, thanks. BigO
  27. P.S. I like you dog.
  28. Thanks Gary, what do you know or have heard about Rancho Cucamonga. Thanks, Michael. BigO
  29. Thanks, this is very helpful, thats why I came to you guys to help me along on my journey, most of my old friends have died or moved away or married with young children so not many to to talk about this with. Thanks again, Michael. BigO

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