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History Seeing Details: Period Pics of Cabriolets

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Jive-Bomber, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Jive-Bomber submitted a new blog post:

    Seeing Details: Period Pics of Cabriolets


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  2. Tim Clary
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    Tim Clary

    Fox La Brea was in LA
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  3. rotten ron
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    rotten ron

    Early in 1987 I bought this 1936 Cabriolet sight unseen--with just pictures sent to me from a shop in Minnesota. The first picture shows the first day I brought the car home. The second picture was in the glove box and according to the writing on the back it was taken in 1939 and belonged to a Virginia McNon. The photo was taken in L.A. Looking closely at the first picture you can see there are two white racing strips on the hood continuing on to the rear. The car had a fresh 21 stud engine and dual 97's along with a '39 Ford trans and juice brakes. I bought this car to drive while I was building my '36 Phaeton. When it was done about two year's I sold the Cabriolet pretty much the way I received it. Ron
    IMG_3163.JPG IMG_3161.JPG
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  4. redo32
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    @Jive Bomber Both of these cabriolets are a year newer than you stated.

  5. redo32
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    The guy in the '38 Cabriolet picture looks like Tom Medley. Notice the Model A hot rod in the background.
  6. millersgarage
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    33 is a 34
    looks chopped. Different headlights

    I have seen the car in photos without people in front of it
  7. Jungle Jalopy
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    Jungle Jalopy

    I want to know about that lady!
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  8. I'm diggin the 49-50 Olds coupe in the 34 photo's background.
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  9. jnaki
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    When I saw that old photo of the couple standing in front of the old La Brea Theater, that gave us some old memories of cruising around in the same area of Los Angeles. In the mid to late 60s, LP albums were being purchased everywhere. Rock music was the thing and we scoured all over So Cal to get the best prices. So, during that time, we thought nothing of driving an hour away visit almost the exact area in the photo.

    The Pico and La Brea businesses were flourishing during this time with weekly/daily sales of albums. The big stores in every community were still making a killing selling for $7.99 and up for the popular bands and artists. So, any time a smaller place had a sign in the window for the same album or different albums for $3.99 or less at $2.99 it was a bargain and worth the trip. Also, that area had some very cool places to have a nice lunch or dinner to make it worth the long drive to and from. We even had our wedding reception in a great restaurant just South a few blocks in the Crenshaw area.

    People not familiar with LA traffic patterns will notice that there have always been full East-West streets running across the whole city from the ocean to the inland portions of the next county. The same goes for the North-South routes, too. So, it did not matter to us that the traffic was blocked on the freeways, we took La Brea South past the three busy freeways and found ourselves on Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance. Then selecting any of the major streets running East and found our Westside of Long Beach cruising grounds, with little to no traffic to fight from LA to the OC.


    Here are some things we found in looking at the classic old photo of the cabriolet and the couple:

    A gasoline that lubricates? Golden Eagle Gas Station? There were the standards back then, but Golden Eagle?

    White walls need refurbishing and if they used this Cabriolet for bashing around, the rear tire looks like it is rubbing on the rear fender, leaving marks on the whitewalls.

    The first thing my wife saw were those straight leg wide pants on the girl. That style is now coming back after the years of tight jeans and stretchy cotton pants. But, in the 60s, girls and some older women wore wide leg pants that had the circumference of almost 14 inches in the cuff area. We used to laugh and call it “elephant leg” pants styling.

    No more below the waist jeans with skin tight grip and stretchy jeans. Normal to high waist and softer, wider leg pants for shear comfort are popular, now. Even high school girls are scouring the old antique shops for this style of jeans. Our granddaughter chuckles at the wide leg style of this time period photos, compared to today's fashion trend of going back to those comfy clothes.

    The guy’s pants are the dress pants with the pleats that my dad used to wear. It was the bottom of the outfit that most in the 30s-40 wore called a Zoot Suit. My brother and I laughed at that bit of information when our dad told us he once wore a Zoot Suit. But, there was a bad connotations in the complete outfit in So Cal, so most wore t-shirts, suspenders and the Zoot Suit wide loose pants.

    That portion of La Brea was once a thriving area that people used to flock to for shopping. But, currently it is not so great and the corner is now a church.

    During this photo time period, the whole Pico/La Brea area was a bustling neighborhood with plenty of shops and family run stores. It is sad to see the area trying to be up and coming, but we no longer just cruise in that area when in Los Angeles.
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  10. Flippers.....and that GIRL !
  11. hotrodjack33
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    What's wrong with you guys? She's too old for you...she'd be in her 90s now;)
  12. Stogy
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    When I found that pic it made my night...I shared it like I found Hotrod Gold...he probably screamed around in that beater aka Hoodlum and oh yeah he got the gal...hey I thought it was Custom's get the Gal...:D...probably lost the cap on a corner...​
  13. RodStRace
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    That 34 brings back the memory of my dad's car, which he only told a few stories about and there is only one photo of that my mom still has.
    It was a 33 that had a 34 grille swapped on, since '33s weren't cool'.
    Fully in gray primer with steelies, but still had mechanical brakes.
    It was chopped to the max legal limit, at 4" (at the outer edges, so too short).
    He would run around in the Rosecrans area near the main post office from the family home up on Pt. Loma. He alluded to doing various teenage things with it and how he and his friends were lucky they didn't get caught many times. No details, but his grin when telling this would have been enough to get a 'suspicion' charge...
    Once his dad borrowed it to go to his job on North Island since his '48 Packard sedan was in the shop. A cop pulled him (the Naval Officer dad in uniform) over. The cop asked "Aren't you a bit old for this?"
    I asked him if he wished he still had it in the late 70s, he replied "No, it was all rusty and beat to death, it was always breaking down."

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