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scrap yard in Georgia

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by mrjynx, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Are we talking about Waugh's at LaGrange? I was by there yesterday (traveling on business and had two co-workers with me so couldn't stop), didn't look like anything has been touched since I was by there a year ago.
  2. thunderplex
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  3. 46achers
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    There was two yards near me that were very similar, both owners wanted to sell al as a unit, one guy wanted a Million bucks for evrything! In the meantime both guys died and relatives brought in the crusher.

    So sad
  4. BigMikeC
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    I called him about a year ago. Every thing I was interested in he either wouldn't sell because it had sentimental value, or it was priced WAY high. And I believe he wanted to charge me 20 bucks to just walk thru it. I just said no.
  5. chopped
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    $20.00 is right. I got a free tour last year, I should get a gold star or something! You can meet him 4th. sat night at the Wendys, Hogansville exit about 6-8 pm. He's usually there with an interesting ride. Except for not selling he's a good guy, lots of oldtime info
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2009
  6. -DMC-
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    from Ohio

    <P>Sunbeat or not, thats a lot of damn cars...If only we still had yards like that up here. Once they started doing the e-checks, it totally killed all the old yards...</P>
  7. mrjynx
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    Fair does... thanks for the info....
  8. BStoltz
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    wish i could just steal them all in the middle of the night....................
  9. chopped
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    The sad thing to me is that he goes almost nowhere so he can watch the place, worried someone's going to do just that.
  10. bibb86
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    im gonna be going up to montgomery al next weekend and gonna try to go run and see him but i cant get a hold of him. It seems to me that it wouldnt be worth it because he want $20 to look at them and then inf he will sell sounds like the price is outrageous. any one who knows him think its woth it for me to try and buy a few from him.
  11. sloppy_J
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    i called twice, it rang a couple times, guy answered "mack waugh enterprise". when i started to talk there was a loud beep and nobody ever responded. that happend both times i called.:mad: oh well......
  12. bibb86
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    ok so i talked to mack for a while today basically the guy doesn't know what he wants to do. he told me that he wants to sell them all but wont let me come look at them. he also told me he has about 1000 vehicles and has $1000 in each which i find very hard to believe. so he want $1,000,000 for the whole yard then another $150,000 per acre that they are on which is 20 acres. so thats 3,000,000 which is a total of 4,000,000. basically the guy is really unreasonable. he eventually told me that whe would sell me a 49 ford i saw in a picture that was pretty rotten for $1000. overall he was very nice and wasnt mean or rude but i dont think he is willing to do anything. basically he doesnt want to get rid of anything but if he is it will be bending somone over.

    I will say he did have a few good tales to tell. but dont waste your time. amybe someone who knows him can talk to him
  13. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    I've known Mack since 1967 when he drove a few races at the Zebulon, GA race track in my '55 Chev. This was before I gave up on hiring drivers and decided to learn to drive it myself, and I think I eventually did as well as any of the "hired guns".
    Later I ran against him @ the Lagrange, GA track and he always showed up with something he had obviously cobbled up from parts from that junkyard.
    Last time I saw him was 8-10 years ago at a car show, think it was in Lagrange or Newnan, GA.
    He had been building a few hot rods out of stuff from the yard and selling them. I understand the yard was originally started and operated by his late father.
    "Bout all else I can say is he marches to his own different drummer.
  14. There is another old yard on US 27 south of Lagrange, between Lagrange and Columbus, don't remember the name of the town, but it's right next to the road, very overgrown, nothing in there that I could see newer than the early '60s, nothing has moved there in a long time. Anybody know anything about this place???

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