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Event Coverage Scrap Drive show history

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rusty1, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. ...the "Scrap Drive" hot rod show & swapmeet was started in 2007 by the Tin Butchers club from northern Illinois,'s held (in June the Saturday before Father's Day weekend)at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Belvidere Illinois....this show was started due to the popularity of the Hunnert Car Pileup hosted by the Chrome Czars.
    This year will be our 13th event.,'s some pics from the first show;...I'll be addng more pics from all the events;..if anyone has more, please post them,..thanks.
    Scrap Drive 07 001.jpg Scrap Drive 07 008.jpg Scrap Drive 07 018.jpg Scrap Drive 07 021.jpg Scrap Drive 07 022.jpg Scrap Drive 07 028.jpg Scrap Drive 07 031.jpg Scrap Drive 07 033.jpg Scrap Drive 07 035.jpg Scrap Drive 07 039.jpg Scrap Drive 07 044.jpg Scrap Drive 07 043.jpg Scrap Drive 07 051.jpg Scrap Drive 07 050.jpg Scrap Drive 07 049.jpg Scrap Drive 07 006.jpg Scrap Drive 07 010.jpg Scrap Drive 07 013.jpg Scrap Drive 07 017.jpg
  2. a boner
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    a boner

  3. ok,'s some shots from 2008, our 2nd show...
    scrapdrive 08 001.jpg scrapdrive 08 003.jpg scrapdrive 08 004.jpg scrapdrive 08 005.jpg scrapdrive 08 006.jpg scrapdrive 08 009.jpg scrapdrive 08 011.jpg scrapdrive 08 014.jpg scrapdrive 08 013.jpg scrapdrive 08 017.jpg scrapdrive 08 020.jpg scrapdrive 08 022.jpg scrapdrive 08 023.jpg scrapdrive 08 024.jpg scrapdrive 08 025.jpg scrapdrive 08 026.jpg scrapdrive 08 027.jpg scrapdrive 08 030.jpg scrapdrive 08 031.jpg scrapdrive 08 032.jpg scrapdrive 08 034.jpg scrapdrive 08 035.jpg scrapdrive 08 036.jpg scrapdrive 08 037.jpg scrapdrive 08 038.jpg scrapdrive 08 043.jpg
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  4. jim32
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    1. Hamb & Eggs

    Rustyl, like to see the poster or schedule of events for this years show. I have wanted to attend for years but have had conflicts in my schedule, but this year sure I will be there! Jim
  5.'s the flyer for this year's show, far as a schedule the gates open at 6 AM for everyone, cars, swappers & spectators,...we have a live band that plays usually two sets starting at about 10-11:00 AM,...the Belvedere High School engine team tears down an engine and re-assembles it twice in the day,...if you arrive early you won't miss anything. If you want an event shirt, I recommend that you grab one early as they usually sell completely out by early afternoon....hope to see you there in June.
    2019 scrap drive.jpg
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  6. gene-koning
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    The swap meet part always makes the show for me, both as a buyer, and a seller. The rides in the show and all the other activities are icing on the cake. Gene
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  7. yup, the Scrap Drive is well-known for it's swapmeet ,...we try to keep the parts from the 60's and older. The show actually turned into a swapmeet with a car show on the side.'s pics from 2009...
    Scrap Drive 09 009.jpg Scrap Drive 09 007.jpg Scrap Drive 09 010.jpg Scrap Drive 09 008.jpg Scrap Drive 09 015.jpg Scrap Drive 09 018.jpg Scrap Drive 09 026.jpg Scrap Drive 09 032.jpg Scrap Drive 09 035.jpg Scrap Drive 09 034.jpg Scrap Drive 09 039.jpg Scrap Drive 09 046.jpg Scrap Drive 09 001.jpg Scrap Drive 09 020.jpg Scrap Drive 09 022.jpg Scrap Drive 09 029.jpg Scrap Drive 09 024.jpg Scrap Drive 09 017.jpg
  8. continentaljohn
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    I think the scrap drive is hands down the best show of the year . It’s such a laidback show and run by a great bunch of guys plus a great swap meet and carshow. The scrapdrive reminds me of the Hunnert Car pileup days . Bunches of friends meeting new friends with Hotrodding in mind having fun.
    This is a must go to show for those who have not been to it.
  9. ^^^John,...Thanks a bunch for your comments, means a lot to us....our show grows a little more every year even with crummy weather,...the guys who support our show are diehards,
    ...this will be our 13th show this year, the Pileup only went 10 years,...we have no plans to stop putting on our event....our show isn't as big as the Pileup got, but everyone seems to like it,...we've heard very few complaints in 12 years....and it's one of the cheapest shows to attend either as a car entry, swapper or spectator,...something we are proud of also.
    ...we also donate several thousand dollars to the Belvidere High School auto shop classes and other not for profit charities.,...a few years back we donated $1000 towards the Boone County Fairgrounds grandstand rebuilding project....without all of your support this would not be possible, should all be proud of that.
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  10.'s some pics from 2010...
    scrap drive 10 008.jpg scrap drive 10 009.jpg scrap drive 10 010.jpg scrap drive 10 011.jpg scrap drive 10 006.jpg scrap drive 10 014.jpg scrap drive 10 017.jpg scrap drive 10 018.jpg scrap drive 10 023.jpg scrap drive 10 025.jpg scrap drive 10 027.jpg scrap drive 10 029.jpg scrap drive 10 028.jpg scrap drive 10 031.jpg scrap drive 10 033.jpg scrap drive 10 019.jpg
  11. ...some from 2011...
    scrap drive 2011 001.jpg scrap drive 2011 002.jpg scrap drive 2011 003.jpg scrap drive 2011 004.jpg scrap drive 2011 005.jpg scrap drive 2011 007.jpg scrap drive 2011 006.jpg scrap drive 2011 008.jpg scrap drive 2011 009.jpg scrap drive 2011 011.jpg scrap drive 2011 012.jpg scrap drive 2011 013.jpg scrap drive 2011 014.jpg
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  12. from 2012...
    scrap drive 2012 001.jpg scrap drive 2012 002.jpg scrap drive 2012 006.jpg scrap drive 2012 007.jpg scrap drive 2012 008.jpg scrap drive 2012 009.jpg scrap drive 2012 010.jpg scrap drive 2012 012.jpg scrap drive 2012 013.jpg scrap drive 2012 015.jpg scrap drive 2012 016.jpg scrap drive 2012 017.jpg scrap drive 2012 018.jpg scrap drive 2012 019.jpg scrap drive 2012 022.jpg scrap drive 2012 021.jpg scrap drive 2012 027.jpg scrap drive 2012 029.jpg scrap drive 2012 031.jpg scrap drive 2012 036.jpg scrap drive 2012 038.jpg scrap drive 2012 039.jpg scrap drive 2012 040.jpg scrap drive 2012 041.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  13. ...from 2014...
    2014 scrap drive 001.jpg 2014 scrap drive 006.jpg 2014 scrap drive 007.jpg 2014 scrap drive 009.jpg 2014 scrap drive 010.jpg 2014 scrap drive 012.jpg 2014 scrap drive 013.jpg 2014 scrap drive 014.jpg 2014 scrap drive 015.jpg 2014 scrap drive 016.jpg 2014 scrap drive 020.jpg 2014 scrap drive 025.jpg 2014 scrap drive 029.jpg 2014 scrap drive 030.jpg 2014 scrap drive 035.jpg 2014 scrap drive 041.jpg 2014 scrap drive 005.jpg
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  14. 2015 scrap drive 009.jpg 2015 scrap drive 011.jpg 2015 scrap drive 012.jpg 2015 scrap drive 017.jpg 2015 scrap drive 018.jpg 2015 scrap drive 020.jpg 2015 scrap drive 022.jpg 2015 scrap drive 027.jpg 2015 scrap drive 030.jpg 2015 scrap drive 036.jpg 2015 scrap drive 032.jpg 2015 scrap drive 034.jpg 2015 scrap drive 039.jpg 2015 scrap drive 037.jpg 2015 scrap drive 043.jpg 2015 scrap drive 045.jpg 2015 scrap drive 041.jpg 2015 scrap drive 047.jpg 2015 scrap drive 051.jpg 2015 scrap drive 052.jpg 2015 scrap drive 055.jpg 2015 scrap drive 056.jpg 2015 scrap drive 077.jpg 2015 scrap drive 080.jpg 2015 scrap drive 082.jpg 2015 scrap drive 083.jpg 2015 scrap drive 074.jpg 2015 scrap drive 066.jpg ...from 2015...
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  15. cs39ford
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    Great show will be there like always. Just have to come in the truck way to many buys.
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  16. a boner
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    a boner

    How much does a swap space cost? If I remember correctly, it is quite reasonable. Probably why the swap gets bigger every year!
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  17. Aboner, it says on the flyer above,..swap spaces for vendors are $10.00 per space, that includes the driver, if you have passengers/helpers they pay the $5.00 spectator fee. You get all the room you need for your swap stuff.
    ...we do have some inside spaces but are more $,...these are usually sold out early every year..'s some pics from 2016,...we honored local sign painter/pinstriper Tom Wojahn from Rockford Illinois, here's a couple of his cartoons,...and the event shirt,...sorry, no pics from '16 show...
    2016 scrap drive 004.jpg 2016 scrap drive 005.jpg 2016 scrap drive 009.jpg
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  18. ...and last, from 2018...
    2018 scrap drive 019.jpg 2018 scrap drive 023.jpg 2018 scrap drive 026.jpg 2018 scrap drive 024.jpg 2018 scrap drive 030.jpg 2018 scrap drive 035.jpg 2018 scrap drive 033.jpg 2018 scrap drive 042.jpg 2018 scrap drive 050.jpg 2018 scrap drive 028.jpg 2018 scrap drive 036.jpg 2018 scrap drive 037.jpg 2018 scrap drive 051.jpg 2018 scrap drive 054.jpg 2018 scrap drive 055.jpg 2018 scrap drive 010.jpg 2018 scrap drive 012.jpg 2018 scrap drive 011.jpg
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  19. bobwop
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    one of my favorite events! Put on by a great bunch of guys. I have never missed, but you need to get there very early if you wish to say hello. I have to get back to work! Thanks to the Tin Butchers for hanging in there and prevailing. Even when another club scheduled an event on top of this one.:mad:
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