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Hot Rods SBC Head Identifcation (again)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by nd_siouxfan, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. nd_siouxfan
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    Found these on a combine at my fathers farm in ND. Combine is a 510 Massey with a plate that states GM 327. Thoughts on intake/exhaust diameters?

    Didn't get to pull the valve covers off to check casting #'s: It was -15 with a 20mph wind :)

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  2. Key Cast Marks Cast Nos. Description
    A Rectangle 460 ‘55 & up 265/283 low comp (8:1) 1.72/1.50 valves
    Narrow triangle over rectangle 520, 896 ‘58 & up 283 PowerPak/’57-’60 Fuel Inj.,9.25:1 CR, 1.72/1.50 valves, 59cc chamber; could be good replacement on late 305 but no accessory bosses.
    Vertical bar over rectangle 997 ‘57 Corvette 270HP, 9.5:1 CR, chamber similar to PowerPak but with sharp corners in plug shroud area
    2 vert bars over rect 997 ‘56 Corvette 2X4 bbl, 283; ‘58 pass car FI; chamber same as ‘57 270HP Corvette
    E, F
    Large “camel humps” 291, 461, 461X, 462 Original hi-perf or “fuelie” heads; chamber sizes are 62-64cc; both 1.94/1.50 & 2.02/1.60 valve versions available; 291 on 327’s thr ‘68; 291 have temp sender hole; 462 don't
    Left-facing right triangle 041 ‘69-’70 350/300HP, accessory bolt holes, most have 1.94/1.50 valves
    Small “camel humps” 186, 492 Later hi-perf or “fuelie” heads, some 186 (‘69 & later) & all 492 have accessory bolt holes; 1.94/1.50 or 2.02/1.60 valves; 64cc chambers; ‘70 LT1/Z28 use 492; avail as PN3987376
    Large triangle over rectangle (“crown”) 882 Large chamber (76cc), hardened exhaust valve seats, compromised intake port(‘71-’76 350/400cid), best of lightweight heads
    NONE 113 ‘86-’90 Corvette/ present 350-HO aluminum, no exhaust heat, 58cc chamber, 1.94/1.50 valves, centerbolt valve covers; good street head, ‘88-on have raised D ex port, 3/8 screw-in studs
    3 right-facing “stairs” (“bench” on intake runner) 487 ‘71-’76 76cc, best large-chamber head; 1.94/1.50 & 2.02/1.60 valves available; latter machined for screw-in studs & guideplates
    Right-facing “bench” 993 Common big-chamber head, not a lightweight casting; sim to 487; may have steam holes
    One triangle 882 Alternative marking for 882; see I, above
    2 triangles 624 Late-model lightweight casting version of 882
    “Saddle” and vertical bar 416 Late-model 305, conventional valve covers, intake port not restricted; lightweight; 57cc chamb
    Double (Captain’s) bars 193 Mid-’80’s style centerbolt cover with restrictive vane cast in intake port (hi-swirl); not recommended for high-performance applications
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  3. BigDogSS
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    from SoCal

    Probably low compression and 1.72 intake/1.50 exhaust valves.

  4. Looks to like E/F which makes them "camel hump" fuelie heads, unless I'm missing something. Mitch.
  5. slowmotion
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    I never seen a camel hump head where the humps were flat on top. If I was guessin', I'd say 'D'.
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  6. SLOW, probably right I was looking at the slanted leg on the rectangle shape, doesn't really match D either now that I really look.
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  7. 56sedandelivery
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    Member Emeritus

    How about that; a Corvette powered Massey-Ferguson combine. RARE 997 heads. Seems to me they were also used on some trucks (???). I am Butch/56sedandelivery/.
  8. 01mikep
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    from California

    My grandfather had two massy combines and both had 327's with 461 heads. Both combines were parked and awaiting to be hauled off when scrap steel was high. I took a look to see if the 327's would be good cores. I was surprised when I popped the valve covers and they were 461's.
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