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Projects Saving an Original 32’ Roadster Body and building a late 40’s Hot Rod

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Barillaro Speed Emporium, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. x77matt
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  2. The37Kid
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    Really like seeing as much original metal saved, might be more work, but well worth it. Bob
  3. choptop40
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    Enjoying your thread..
  4. Woogeroo
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    from USA

    fun stuff...

  5. Very cool build keep the updates coming,
  6. Fitnessguy
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    Super duper! It's crazy how the bottom of these cars get chewed so much. Looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  7. Your 32 Ford Roadster project is moving along nicely. I too have an original 32 Ford Roadster body project, that was an old race car, that I am looking to bring back. I have collected a lot of parts for it. Or, I might sell.
  8. Well after mocking up the sheet metal and getting some stuff figured out I decided it would be best to really get the subrails and floor pans finished. The back of the body needs a lot of work so now I have something permanent to attach to. I’m not worried about doing a concours style build so I decided to drill holes every 2” apart and plug weld the pans in with the TIG and not rivet the floors in. Hopefully start moving forward on this car now.

    353EB655-AA32-41B3-AE09-2B75F7B4BA18.jpeg 3B490052-1317-4983-BA27-9618649B94DB.jpeg E333E747-CAF4-4DC7-AB30-F7650A4B8DBE.jpeg 863BDAD3-3A7A-42DA-B8C6-653BC690BD00.jpeg 54FA0B3B-334A-4F53-992B-742BFF392544.jpeg
  9. Coming along good. Nice blend of old and new, good and strong. First glance at the last picture, and I thought you had some crazy clearance bump for the rear end pumpkin, then saw it was your welding helmet!
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  10. Doing some detail and repair on the firewall for the Roadster. Someone welded up pretty much every hole at some point. Luckily they weren’t welded very good so it’s not to bad. Gotta do some repair to the feet. Decided to get this totally done before it goes back on the frame.

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  11. qzjrd5
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    from Troy, MI

    Looks awesome! Taking notes for mine!!!
  12. anthony myrick
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    anthony myrick

  13. cball
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    Great project, lots of good work getting done on this one!
  14. unforgiven
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    Jim looking good
  15. Thanks James!
  16. 5435B0FD-6EB5-40BC-8B7A-09D03696CB8E.jpeg 2A427DAC-88D6-4DC1-9048-4AAE16A58EAD.jpeg 4463CD6D-12C0-4D60-9648-E9F846D84D06.jpeg E1432970-139D-40A9-BE25-11990E7F9E9C.jpeg FB3B4D86-9EFA-4220-BB64-E6733D2BA3C1.jpeg 571730A2-C707-4985-AEAC-0B88F84F6CEA.jpeg 9668E2D1-0A30-448B-9459-460BCAF8CD8A.jpeg B157E6B4-41DA-433A-852B-B71FAB7A7685.jpeg DB9F75DA-4F7D-407A-8864-ABFC12B58183.jpeg 4BEF340E-A2A8-4E21-BB95-A56CEDA5A104.jpeg Took some time to mock up the engine, trans, and rear axle in the Roadster chassis this weekend. Moved the project out of my basement and into my upper garage so I could start welding things on the body for good. My basement doesn’t have a garage door.
  17. The37Kid
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    Nice detail photos! I've never had a '32 to work on, just noticed the front motor mounts, spring mount, hand crank loop, thinks I'd never noticed before. Nice drop to the axle. Bob
  18. Thanks Bob!
  19. Looking good!
    Making progress!

  20. Pete Eastwood
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    Pete Eastwood
    from california

    Screw the '32 . . let's bust out that old red Comet & take a ride !
  21. HaHa! Need to get it out to Bakersfield this year!
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  22. How about the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green in June?

  23. We usually drive Hot Rods there and hang out with friends. We have plans of getting both cars out to some shows this year. We used to bring the 65' and the 67' fliptop car to Bowling Green but its been some years.
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  24. Nothing to exciting. Mocking up F1 shock mounts using the original side holes for the crossmember.

    CDDE3D95-85C8-4AD8-941B-0D745DC03C74.jpeg 4964CB8F-6C06-4EAC-A979-C11E650C7A26.jpeg
  25. Well last week the dream of a lifetime happened when I got a lead from a friend on an all Henry steel 32’ Roadster about 2 hours south of me. My dad always told me to strike when the iron is hot and that’s exactly what i did. My Roadster project that I’m building may have to end up being someone else’s hot rod eventually. I’m officially the owner of one of the cleanest survivors I have ever seen and it took looking past the vague ad and absolute worst wheel tire combo the previous owner could have installed on this otherwise 40 year old time capsule. The last photo is a set of wheels and tires my friend Jim Gombos let me borrow so I could save the old gold girl a little dignity. EDA96D3A-4C3B-4461-B87D-A9402650A13F.jpeg 855771C5-826E-4E2E-841C-C7F5A5099716.jpeg 647A8852-8642-4218-A21B-81A5918480D2.jpeg 02825676-71F3-4029-98E8-108FF4FA29FC.jpeg 8DFE0466-1770-4ABC-9535-98510B991FBD.jpeg 322DFC59-3168-4BEC-880B-62E45AE5AE5E.jpeg 697EE021-CE09-4164-951F-592FB2B7A814.jpeg 56842361-32F0-42FB-BCAC-5D37D79457A8.jpeg 8617AFDE-596C-45D9-B2BC-E16135F61962.jpeg F733FC27-87EA-451F-BB51-9B6E43617A03.jpeg DED2EB37-F8DF-44FF-942E-90733A8C2DF6.jpeg
  26. Beautiful Iron
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    Beautiful Iron
    from Upstate NY

    Very nice car. Looks right with the steel wheels. I think the interior is awesome. Is it ford powered? That looks like a mustang shifter. Congrats on the new car
  27. qzjrd5
    Joined: Nov 23, 2004
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    from Troy, MI

    Wow and WOW! That new acquisition deserves its own thread!
  28. Thanks, it’s an old build with a 289, C4, and a 9”.
  29. Squablow
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    That's a beauty, I even like the funky interior. I doubt you'd have any problem selling off the project one.

    I hope I get to graduate to buying finished cars some day.
  30. alchemy
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    That's too bad. I was really looking forward to the project's completion. Can't you just move it back into the basement until you get tired of the gold roadster?

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