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History Sam's Safe Car

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Ryan, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. wow i am old i used a car seat like that until i was about 13 and used up all the squeak in the horn ...
  2. flamingokid
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    Safety wasn't an issue as much back in the good 'ol days.I remember steering my uncles XKE while sitting in his lap.I also remember hitting the dashboard of my Moms Safari Wagon and having CAITNOP(Pontiac)stamped on my forehead for the afternoon.BTW,Sam's car is pretty cool for the family truckster.
  3. I took many a trip in my 40 over the years with the kids in back. I made a back seat for them with lap belts, but in hind sight, it really wasn't the smartest thing. But they still talk about all the trips we took. I was lucky I guess.......:eek:

  4. Toymont
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    from Montana

    My parents always drove station wagons, mostly Studes, usually our seat was on the top of the folded up rear seat right behind my parents where the bottom folded against the back of the front seat with our legs trapped between. It did actually keep us in place once when someone T boned us and ran us into a ditch, But I think the real reason my parents let us three boys ride there was because we were within reach of my mom's backhand if we got too rowdy. My little sister always rode on the front seat between my parents.

    When I had kids I installed belts in the back of my Satellite to hold the carseats.
  5. White_Attack
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    from Oregon

    I started driving at age 5. Seriously. Pa would take me out and I'd sit on his lap and turn corners. It was quite Fun actually. Same with my brother at around age 10. I kept driving into the ditch!
  6. Jonnie King
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    Jonnie King
    from St. Louis


    This was always one of my favorite issues !

    Got it, along with the rest of my "little pages", when I was a kid and thought it was neat that Sam did a "daily driver"-type custom as opposed to all of the radicals that he and George had turned out.

    Seeing him with his wife & kids in the Cover Shot, gave him "the guy nextdoor" look, and after seeing that pic, and reading the story, I always had a greater opinion of him...and a different one than the regular "kustomizer/bodyman" image with a hammer, dolly, and, torch, that he'd had from the pix I'd previously seen of him doing his builds.

    Great story, good, solid, ideas for helping to protect your family...and "Barris-Built" all the way ! (Below is a scan of the cover of that December, 1955, Issue from my personal collection.)


    Attached Files:

  7. ChappellC
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    I agree, during those days when were just kids, safety is not an issue. Though our parents would always want us to be out of danger. Today, safety is a big issue. i actually read an article and it says that the brand new survey has found that many parents do not use booster seats in carpool situations, which could be very risky. Booster seats are intended to keep kids who are too large for car seats, but not yet adult sized, safe in vehicles. I guess, for the safety of their kids, they should be well informed about safe driving. Article resource: Half of kids being transported without safety seats
  8. "Norm's Safe Car":

    Norm Grabowski - Kookie Car - LIFE pic 1.jpg
    Norm Grabowski - Kookie Car - LIFE pic 2.jpg
    Norm Grabowski - Kookie Car - LIFE pic 3.jpg
    Norman Grabowski
    February 5, 1933 - October 12, 2012
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2015
  9. Just a bump of an old thread ... 'cuz I found yet another "Traditional" child restraint system :rolleyes: in the 1961 SEARS catalog:

    Sears Catalog 1961.jpg
  10. fourspd2quad
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    5199DE43-B9FF-4056-B67F-964AC914A9B7.jpeg I can’t imagine what could go wrong with this idea.
  11. 6sally6
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    Soooooo, your saying our parents were a bunch of lunatic-dumbasses back in the day?!! Sticking his arm out to help stop a kid(standing in the front seat-WITH fold down seat backs) from going through the windshield? Standing up in the back of a moving pickup? Keeping the windows rolled up while "the adults" were chain smoking cigars/cigarettes.
    They didn't care about the safety of their children?
    Nope......they did all that stuff because that's how everybody did it! It was accepted, maybe. It wasn't just the trashy redneck families. It was everybody! Including my folks.
    And we lived through it!
    Our folks loved us just as much as we love our kids...."things" just change.
    I will now relinck-wish my soapbox to the next old coddger HAMB'er!!:D
    PS........I KNOW that ain't how you spell^^^ that word so I just winged it!!;)

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