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Customs Sam Barris Mercury grille question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Pro Stock John, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. carbuilder
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    I would tig weld them, cleaner weld, less grinding & you can control your heat better equals less warpage at least that is the way we would do in in my shop.
  2. This car from the 2011 Mooneyes Yokohama thread has this style grille I think, maybe the bullets are positioned a little different:


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    from CA

    Ys the same grill and bullets are turned a different way. It looks good both ways. Just make sure you mold the inside of the grill bar to the shape of the bullets. That way it looks cleaner.
  4. Yes I can have my buddy do that. It's interesting how clocking the bullets differently changes the look of the grille so much (to me).
  5. Okay so i bought another center from a member on here, thank you Dave!

    It has a long crease in it, and I'd like to try my hand and getting most of that out prior to having my buddy cut it up. Can anyone tell me what tools I should buy/borrow? I'm guessing some sort of hammer with a rounded head?
  6. Bump.

    Long time Merc friends, one last question on the grille.

    Should I keep the visible seam in the horizontal grille bar? Or have them welded smooth?

    Would love as many of my Merc buds to chime in as possible.
  7. Which seam are you refering to John? The one between the grill bar section and the ribbed section behind it?
  8. I believe the center grill bar here is one full one in the middle, and another one cut up. I think that the end sections are the two end parts of another full grille (I have 2 to use)

    These seams:

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  9. So you mean the vertical seams as it the two end pieces connecting to the center piece? I am a little confused as you said horizontal seam above.
  10. Yep

    I'm planning to keep them unless you, matt, rik, bob, jeff n, mn48chev and the other regular merc guys convince me otherwise.
  11. I think it would look fine either way. Way less work to leave the seams.
  12. jerseymike
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    i'm not a merc guy but you've smoothed out every other inch of the car, why not make the grill as seamless as possible also?
  13. mazdaslam
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    I like the seams in mine. ImageUploadedByTJJ1356907329.989690.jpg

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  14. Interesting comment, thank you. I hadn't thought about that.
  15. Matt Towsend has a nice pic of a grille he made on FB, here it is:


    I wonder if Matt would see this thread, Matt, did you use two center bars? Any advice for the Midwest crew on making the bracket?
  16. Guys, I need another center bar, the 2nd one I got is too beat up.

    I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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