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Rusty 55 chevy gasser project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by nitrohonkey, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. This is the 55 I got back in late July of 09...I thought I would just slap a straight axle under it and an engine then worry about the rest. I WAS WRONG!

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  3. So, I got to looking at this "gem" and realized what a rusty piece of shit it was. The top and cowl were dust...if you used a pressure washer, the car would have dissolved!!! I decided the only way to fix it is to cut it in half!

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  4. I cut, and I cut...

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  5. Tony
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    Wow..I can't recall ever seeing one rust that bad in the roof area. At least not one that hasn't sat in a junkyard for 30 plus years.
    Best of luck with it. I'll be looking forward to your progress threads.

  6. Then I cut some more.
  7. What I had left to work with was this!!!

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  8. devilleish
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    from Tampa, FL

    My hat is off to you, sir. Passed on a '54 Ford Victoria that had less rot than that because I was afraid the roof was gonna peel off on the trailer ride home.
  9. So I found a 4 door parts car...
  10. Rodder29
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    Holy shit....most people would have walked away from this project. Good on you for sticking with it.
  11. Here is the doner. 1955 Belair 4 door sedan! Had rusty floors and rockers, but the cowl, windshield posts and top are very nice!

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  12. CGkidd
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    Damn thats some serious work.
  13. I cut the 4 door apart and drilled out what seemed like a 1000 spotwelds.

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  14. So I guess I will get to the point. I had a very productive Labor day and this what resulted! All that is left to do now is floors, rockers,trunk, and quarter panels...then I can start building my gasser!!!

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    Last edited: Sep 8, 2009
  15. lippy
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    from Ks

    Wow, my hat is off to you! that is a lot of work! Still fun ain't it?:D Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Thanks for the pics. I'll be following this deal for sure. Good job. Lippy:cool:
  16. Django
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    from Chicago

    Wow. That is a crapload of work. Nice.
  17. RacerRick
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    That cars in about the same shape as my wagon when I started - but from the bottom up. My roof is alright, but everything else is rusted. Yours is looking good!

    I so far have cut basically the lower 6" out of the car and am in the process of replacing it. Then I get to delve into the cowl. I am dreading that.
  18. Big Nick
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    Big Nick

    You're an animal!
  19. Tony
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    Thats f*&king badass!
    NICE work!!
  20. 60'shotrod
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    I admire your skill and determination, Great work!

  21. Squablow
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    The car looks great, thanks for posting pics. Do you have any other pics of where you cut the spot welds, or where your welds are that connect the donor roof to the 2 door sedan upper window pillars? Because I'm collecting info on how my '57 Chevy 2 door conversion is going to go down, and this is all very helpful to me, since that area of seam separation and welding are the same.

    The best part about using a donor car is that when you part the rest of the car out, you can usually get everything you wanted for free. I've parted out three cars already for my '57 project and I've come out ahead on every one so far. If you haven't already, cut out your extra left-over dash, and be sure to cut around all of the original weld seams. Those dashes have good resale value if you cut them out without cutting off any of the sheetmetal of the original dash stamping. I've gotten $265 for each of the two that I've had so far. Just thought I'd mention that.
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  22. skullhat
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    an ambitious prodject, thats for sure. when i first saw the pics, i though, look for a car rusted on the lowers and cut the roof. looks like thats just what you did.
    hat's off for stickin with it , like some of the others, i may have bailed, lol
    cant wait to see it in gasser form

  23. Big Tony
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    Big Tony

    WOW!!! Lot of work...congrats on tackling it head on. Gonna be a bad ass gasser I'm sure
  24. DAMN! nice skills
  25. ThePuck
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    from Ottawa

    That's a very odd way for one of those cars to rust. The quarters and floors must not be original either.
  26. I love it, good luck. Looks like your makin' good progress already.
  27. Butch M
    Joined: Oct 14, 2008
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    Butch M

    great work way to save one.
  28. I forgot to mention...floors, rockers, trunk floor and quarters are junk and will be replaced. Quarters used to be radiused...someone gas welded caps over the openings and then laminated with about 1/2" of mud...infact there is remnants of ladder bars that were welded to the rearend. (I will show in greater detail how the top couples up. PM me if your questions are not answered...more than happy to help.)
  29. damn!!!, my hats off to you, looks good!!
  30. FlynBrian
    Joined: Oct 5, 2007
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    Nice work, defintely worth saving.

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