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Technical Rusted body mounts on 51 buick

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by John Wayne Customs, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. John Wayne Customs
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    John Wayne Customs

    Ok so I went out last night and started breaking my body mount bolts loose. Snapped two of them two of them out successfully. So, I sprayed them down with pb blaster, although I really don’t think that’s doing a bit of good. Because all I’m getting is the head of the bolt from underneath. I heated them up with a torch after I snapped the very first one I tried. Then the next two were successful after using the torch. But then the last one snapped even after hearing it up. do I get these others out without snapping them and how do I now fix the two that I have snapped?
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    from okc

    I usually grind the heads off and buy new bolts.....saves a lot of time for one
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  3. Hnstray
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    from Quincy, IL

    Continue using heat method, if they come out, great! If they don’t, snap ‘em off. This stuff comes with the territory.

    Once the body is separated from the chassis the broken bolts will bolts will be easier to access. If pieces of the bolt shank remain, use a cut off wheel and trim them as short as possible.

    Drilling out the remainder of the bolt is ‘traditional’. It make helped if you hear the remaining hunts cherry red and let them cool down, do not quench them, as the heat should take the temper out of the bolts, though not so much you.. They will drill easier.
  4. vtx1800
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    I too would suggest using the torch to heat 'em red hot. On the Studebaker there are threaded inserts in the frame for some of the body mounts and when you roach out one of those that means you have a job replacing the threaded portion. If the bolt goes through the frame with the nut exposed, all you are out is an antique bolt that is readily replaced. Somehow I am afraid you have some "Studebaker" styled mounts????
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  5. I would do what I had to in removing the bolts, they need to be replaced with new ones anyway. HRP

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