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Rodtoberfest Hot Rod Grass Drags and Reliability Run in Round Top NY 2024

Discussion in 'Other Events' started by Robert J. Palmer, Aug 2, 2023.

  1. solidaxle
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    from Upstate,NY

  2. Last Saturday was the first meeting for the 2024 Rodtoberfest, tonight I will be picking up flyers to hand out for some up coming vintage stock car, hot rod, and swap meets.
  3. I made a run to Cario (Care-Row) NY to pick up flyers for the 2024 RodtoberFest.
    I also stopped by the old Cairo Speedway, which is about 5 and a half miles from Riedlbauer’s Resort

    upload_2023-8-25_20-40-18.png upload_2023-8-25_20-40-45.png upload_2023-8-25_20-41-6.png upload_2023-8-25_20-41-32.png


    Unfortunately, nothing remains of the track-

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  4. wheeldog57
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    On the calendar Robert
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  5. I spent Sunday at the Central New York Stock Car Hall of Fame and Mid-State Speedway reunion in Morris NY.


    I handed out flyers to era the correct stock cars...


    This 34 is the real Tommy Willson Brookfield Championship winning car!
    It was found in a swap 25 years ago and restored the sheet metal is as found just painted, I have photos of the car when it was found.
    upload_2023-9-20_17-33-59.png upload_2023-9-20_17-38-16.png upload_2023-9-20_17-37-20.png upload_2023-9-20_17-37-47.png

    ...and the general interest car show the 58 Chevy is a survivor Kustom and was featured in a few of the little book. it is currently owned by 2023 Central NY Hall of Fame inductee "Thunder" Musson.

    upload_2023-9-20_17-40-8.png upload_2023-9-20_17-40-32.png upload_2023-9-20_17-41-0.png

    And this cool 41 Ford Pick up

    upload_2023-9-20_17-41-28.png upload_2023-9-20_17-42-6.png

    I was invited to the planning meeting this Sunday for 2024 I well posts any details.
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  6. wheeldog57
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  7. If I had the room even the garage is full!

    I attended a 2024 Rodtoberfest meeting today.
    We discussed minor refinement to the show, as well as improvements that are being made to the track surface.
    I made a few photo stops, including at the old Cario Speedway.

    upload_2023-9-24_17-13-10.png upload_2023-9-24_17-13-38.png

    This 59 Ford truck was sitting in front of a well driller.


    The service station is in the middle of Cario (Care-Row). There was a 63 Chevy convertible (409 4 speed) sitting in front of the garage doors for years, my Dad remembers it sitting there when he was a teenager, I remember it as well, about 20 years ago it dissapeared.

    upload_2023-9-24_17-20-39.png upload_2023-9-24_17-21-26.png upload_2023-9-24_17-21-2.png

    The pit gate of the Cario speedway.

    The back straight looking toward turn 2.

    Turns 3 and 4

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  8. NJ Don
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    NJ Don

    Someone should buy that building and restore it, very cool!
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  10. I did Leabon Valley swapmeet last week, and Albany-Saratoga Speedway (Malta) the second to last swapmeet of the year yesterday.

    Two swapmeets in a row I sold more than I bought, and also handed out flyers for Rodtoberfest 2024!

    Senses from Malta yesterday-
    upload_2023-11-12_9-44-22.png upload_2023-11-12_9-45-21.png upload_2023-11-12_9-45-40.png upload_2023-11-12_9-45-57.png upload_2023-11-12_9-46-12.png upload_2023-11-12_9-46-30.png

    only five months until racing season starts again. Five months for a racer is an eternity!
    upload_2023-11-12_9-46-52.png upload_2023-11-12_9-47-13.png
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  11. I had another good weekend at my final swapmeet of the year, and also had a good two hour long conversation with the legendry Joey Lawance, he bought the Aeroquip in his hand from me for mechanical fuel injection he is putting together for his street driven supercharged flathead!
    This won't be his first dance with force induction and fuel injection, he built a fuel injected on alcohol turbo charged (26 pounds of boost) 300 Ford six that was very successful on high banks of Lebanon Valley!

    Joey plans on being at the 2024 Rodtoberfest! His stories are great, and after listening to them it sounds like stock car racing was one of the safest things he did!

    upload_2023-11-19_12-3-24.png upload_2023-11-19_12-3-39.png upload_2023-11-19_12-4-5.png upload_2023-11-19_12-4-36.png upload_2023-11-19_12-5-5.png
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  12. I spent yesterday helping friends of mine get there 33 Chevy stock car/hot rod project ready for

    upload_2024-4-7_17-6-23.png upload_2024-4-7_17-6-38.png upload_2024-4-7_17-7-25.png upload_2024-4-7_17-8-9.png

    Today I had a visit my friend and our host Dan Henke he is getting his 36 Knucklehead drag bike ready to July!

    upload_2024-4-7_17-12-54.png upload_2024-4-7_17-13-15.png
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  13. I couldn’t make Early Ford V8 clubs “Wheels and Wings” show and swapmeet in Fitchburg Mass. over the weekend due to it being the opening weekend for my club Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds at the historic Fonda Speedway, Dan Henke used my space to promote Rodtoder’Fest, there is a lot of interest in New England!


    He will be set up again this weekend at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds Rhinebeck NY.

    I and many of us will be involved in the will be there, please feel free to stop in, it will be nice to put names with cars and faces.
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  14. A little of Saturday night's action!
    upload_2024-5-1_16-57-13.png upload_2024-5-1_16-59-13.png upload_2024-5-1_17-2-11.png upload_2024-5-1_17-4-13.png upload_2024-5-1_17-8-34.png upload_2024-5-1_17-12-9.png upload_2024-5-1_17-14-53.png upload_2024-5-1_17-16-52.png upload_2024-5-1_17-19-0.png upload_2024-5-1_17-20-45.png upload_2024-5-1_17-22-40.png

    Rodtoberfest 2024 falls on an off weekend for the Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds I think a few of the club members will be displaying their cars.

    I hope to have mine running, however it will not be race ready.
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  15. This in me.

    This is Dan Hanke white bread long white ponytail, looks for the guy who looks like Greg Allman

    Dan's 40

    He may have his roadster, me driving

    possibly one or both of his Knucleheads-
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Another person/car to be on the look out for is Jim Torelli.

    Bill Benson

    Who could have any number of cars but these are the most likely-
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. A little local history (and maybe a little preview of something for 2024's Rodtoberfest) Clearview Speedway, South Westerlo, NY. 1/3 of a mile open wheel racing "Big Cars" (Indycars) and midgets. 1935 to 1937. 1951 Indy 500 winner Lee Wallard won here at least once.
    The track closed during WW II when auto racing stopped the track reopened 1950 racing "Hot Rods" (Roadsters) and Stock Cars the track closed for good at the end of the 1953 season.
    1953 was the year both Fonda and Lebanon Valley speedways opened, both pulled stock cars from Clearview.

    The transformation from race track to Town Park-
    upload_2024-5-18_19-57-47.png upload_2024-5-18_19-59-28.png upload_2024-5-18_20-5-28.png upload_2024-5-18_19-59-55.png upload_2024-5-18_20-0-16.png upload_2024-5-18_20-0-40.png upload_2024-5-18_20-1-2.png upload_2024-5-18_20-1-32.png
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  17. Since Rodtoberfest is all about racing and history and this weekend will be the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 let's honor the most historically important racer to come from the Capital area of NY- Lee Wallard from Altamont NY the 1951 winner of the Indy 500!

    Lee Wallard Indy 1951
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 174522.png

    Indy in front of the pagoda 1951
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 174542.png

    Lakewood Atlanta GA. 1948
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 174619.png

    Sacramento CA 1949
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 174600.png

    Showing Riedlbauer's Resort the site of RodtoberFest and Lee Wallard's hometown of Altamont NY
    Screenshot 2024-05-23 174705.png
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  18. This Saturday the merry pranksters of Rodtoberfest will be getting together and plotting this years reliably run route, more details to follow.
  19. Reminder-
    A paid admission to Rodtoberfest entitles you to a swapmeet space.

    Automotive only.
  20. Yesterday's meeting of the Rodtoberfest minds. The reliability run route was planed and a few other details were discussed, I hate being late and arrived at 8:15 A.M. for a 9:00 A.M meeting. However it give me a good chance to commune with the nature of the Catskill Mountains, of course come July 26 and 27 a completely different type of wildlife will fill the Catskill Mountains!

    upload_2024-6-2_6-48-0.png upload_2024-6-2_6-48-19.png upload_2024-6-2_6-48-41.png upload_2024-6-2_6-49-1.png upload_2024-6-2_6-49-23.png upload_2024-6-2_6-49-45.png upload_2024-6-2_6-50-10.png upload_2024-6-2_6-50-32.png upload_2024-6-2_6-51-1.png
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  21. upload_2024-6-4_4-36-39.png

    In addition to the Rodtoberfest Vintage Drags & Reliability Run we are also hosting a vintage hot rod/racecar swapmeet.
    How much for a space you ask?
    It's FREE with your $10.00 paid admission!
    Bring that Latham Supercharger you don't know want to do with, have a six two barrel Weiand intake for a Nailhead that's in your way, or a Halibrand Champ Car quick change that's just collecting dust?
    Bring it on down to the Rodtoberfest vintage hot rod swapmeet and turn it into Cash!
    Note-photos from the H.A.M.B

    upload_2024-6-4_4-38-13.png upload_2024-6-4_4-38-37.png upload_2024-6-4_4-39-2.png
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  22. wuga
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    Booked in at Crystal Brook. Can't wait.
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  23. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

    Gene Cole in Willy Wust's #43. with flagger Don Phoenix at Mid-State Speedway Morris NY, 1960.......The crowd on their feet for the National Anthem.

    Photo history thanks to Dave Conde.

    Screenshot 2024-07-04 072811.png
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  24. NJ Don
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    NJ Don

  25. Roll call!
    Everyone line up in alphabetical order according to height!
  26. Today was the final meeting before the "Big Go" no not the U.S. Nationals, RodtoberFest!
    New track surface, which was tested by Marty South, laid out the return road, and set/traced the reliability run route.

    upload_2024-7-20_15-38-46.png upload_2024-7-20_15-39-4.png upload_2024-7-20_15-39-44.png upload_2024-7-20_15-40-7.png upload_2024-7-20_15-40-27.png upload_2024-7-20_15-40-48.png upload_2024-7-20_15-41-35.png
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  27. A chance of morning showers Friday, but overall, the weather is looking good!!!

    upload_2024-7-21_18-59-27.png upload_2024-7-21_19-2-4.png upload_2024-7-21_19-5-45.png

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