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Hot Rods Rocket Sled II Model A Roadster build

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wingnutz, May 26, 2014.

  1. This for the muscle... IMG_3947.jpg
  2. It was fun running against you... Run you again in 2019?
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  3. Progressing right along... Ive remodeled 2 bathrooms... 1 kitchen... Painted every single room and closet of a 4 bedroom... 2 1/2 bath house plus landscaped a 1 acre lot moving 74k lbs. Of rock... Removal of the deck... installed Aluminum facia and soffets as well as maintained a fleet of junkers and finishing off with three heart surgeries! Oh you mean the Roadster... My hobby car! It's going as fast as my hobby money and time! As far as the Freakn A coupe... That belongs to Ryans Dad and he finished up his 55 Chevy and now rebuilding a 66 Chevelle and is selling the coupe. Man ... Life just gets in the way of fun things! I'll get my car on the road and that coupe will get there as well... but Ryans bustin his butt with other customer projects as well. Follow him on Instagram as @ von_hartmann and see. Fun stuff!
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  4. IMG_4144.jpg Well I messed up my hands this week
    but Ryan at Hartmann Specialties kept wrenching away on the sled as I mend. First he blasted the car apart...
    And the had it blasted!
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  5. I'm getting sleepy.... Gnite....
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  6. Looking good Mark. Ouch, hope the finger heals fast.
  7. Tim
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
    Posts: 9,644

    from Raytown Mo

    Damn man. You lose some digits?
  8. Think I might loose the index and possibly the thumb.

    That photo was taken after they were able find enough skin to cover the hamburger and broken bone and placing a foil thumbnail replacement!

    Not bad for E.R. work! But the index was mushed together just to stop the bleeding. It took eight hours for that to happen since I'm on a bunch of blood thinners for my last heart surgery 6 weeks ago!
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  9. Great news.... First surgery and they were able to put together enough pieces to save my fingers!

    Bad news I'm going to need more skin grafts! 20180913_110447.jpg
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  10. Wow Mark, that's good news! Hope you heal up fast my friend.
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  11. Damn brother, get well soon.
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  12. Well it's been about a month since I was last here but wanted to thank all of the people that wished me well and to heal .

    Well the doctor saved my digits... About a 16th of an inch of bone are missing from the index finger!

    Meanwhile the build is still at Ryans going nowhere!
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  13. Great news on the fingers Mark. :cool:
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  14. Holy farg I just saw what I posted when I was heavily medicated! Now that I'm off the meds and only just drunk... There's been no work done on this pig unless Ryan isn't telling me the whole story!
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  15. IMG_20181124_005657_405.jpg Ok... I got a peak where she sits right now....
  16. Blasted and with the mint doors hanging on it.... I'm excited to see it at this point. Ryan is doing the fit and metal finishing to match the stellar work done on the floors! IMG_20181124_005848_810.jpg IMG_20181124_005848_810.jpg
  17. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    I just poked my nose in here and a belated hope things are going okay...I'm not going to ask about what happened just heal as near to as you were as possible and Happy New Year to You and the Family.
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  18. Roothawg
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    Looking good!
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  19. Hollywood-East
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    Damn!!! $)
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  20. Ryan Hartmann told me about an estate sale at my friend Ken Klazura's house and I dropped everything to make it there... Although there had been an auction there previously and the place was picked over pretty good I was able to find a JC Pennys upper chest which really is a Kennedy Box sitting on top of a bunch of cabinets in the basement as well as a couple of his trophies! So i picked them up.

    Ken and I've been friends since 82 and we worked together on a couple of cars and my current Roadster is running the last Turbo 400 he ever built! So it was nice to buy these items that I personally remember using with him at Great Lakes Dragway!

    Miss you buddy....! 20181230_163025.jpg 20181230_210723.jpg

    Adding my history to this box was done with everything mounted on Magnets and then filling it to the brim with my tools was so cool....!

    20181230_222002.jpg 20181230_222010.jpg 20181230_163025.jpg 20181230_210723.jpg

    The I.S.C.A. trophies were for Kens Supercharged Red 32 three window.
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  21. I'm not going to edit the last post... Too much trouble to tweak it to perfection!

    But I want to thank Ryan personally for revitalizing this old Hotrodder and inspiring a whole new generation of Hotrodders. It's been 18 plus years that I've been following the HAMB and I've built many friendships through this site!

    Thanks Ryan... Hoping for another 18 plus more years of inspiration!
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  22. Thanks brother.... and Happy New years to you and your family as well!
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  23. Thanks Chris... By Gods Grace I'll be active in a "Crossmembers" cruise....!
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  24. :cool::cool::cool: Cool beans Mark!
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  25. Hi Jim.... Hope everything is going well for you. Are you all settled in your new place?
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  26. Move in day is January 2nd Mark and it can't come soon enough. :D
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