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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rockin rebel, May 15, 2013.

  1. I have an account with them and they had lots of parts for my '59 Ford. I just got my headlights from them @ $8.45 each. The shipping was only a few bucks. They shipped my gas tank (big box..) and sender for only $20. The tank there was $157, everyone else was $200 and up.
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    My friends are retiring and I no longer have the auto store discounts I used to enjoy. I have been using Rock Auto for a couple of years and am happy with everything I have purchased from them. When I figure gas driving to the stores in Omaha and sales tax the shipping doesn't bother me. I have not run into the multiple shipping location either.
  3. Always had good luck with them, recommended!
  4. 57JoeFoMoPar
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    Shipping from 2-3 places CAN be a deal breaker, but not necessarily. For example, when I did the brakes on my OT daily driver 2008 Ford Escape, even factoring in shipping from 3 different warehouses, the parts from Rock Auto were still $75 cheaper than Napa, Autozone and Pep Boys, and were Raybestos versus the offshore junk the local stores were offering. As mentioned, you just need to be cognizant of the shipping cost, but often their prices are so low that even with shipping they're still the better option.
  5. tubman
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    I get a lot of parts for my O/T cars from them; like everyone says, they usually have the best prices. A real plus for me is that they know what kinds of old cars you have, and at the end of each year, send you a listing of close-outs that might interest you. This year,I bought a set of con rod bearings for an 8BA I'm building. They were 8.63 each, and when I got them, they had obviously been around for a while from the look of the boxes, and were the Sealed Power brand. I am planning on replacing the valve seals on my 327 Corvette, and was able to get the gaskets, etc. at less than 1/3 the cost of NAPA. Again, name brand close-out stuff. They're almost too good. I have 8(!) Wix cartridge oil filters for the Corvette in stock because they were closing them out at $1.50 each, and more 8ba name brand tune-up parts (points, rotors, caps, condensers) than I will probably ever use because they were so cheap on close out.

    Needless to say, I luv 'em.
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  6. Lone Star Mopar
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    Lone Star Mopar

    Yup, RA is my go to store if I have a couple of days to wait. They have plenty of selection, parts for everything and they're price is usually signifigantly cheaper than the local chain stores.
  7. oldsjoe
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    I've tried to use them but with the price match at my local parts store it just wasn't worth the shipping costs. Parts were less expensive till I added the shipping.
  8. Vet65te
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    I've been ordering parts through RockAuto the last couple years mostly due to the local parts places (O'Reillys, NAPA) no longer carrying the older parts (as expected) so to eliminate driving out to order and again once the parts comes in I'll order up from RA.
    Mike T - Prescott AZ
  9. Inked Monkey
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    Inked Monkey

    Plus you get a free magnet with every order...........
  10. My last order they put in TWO magnets... how can it get any better? RA is the place where if you know what you want, they are often the best source. I do love my local NAPA and buy enough there too, especially if I'm not sure on what I need.
  11. drtrcrV-8
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    RA : TWO THUMBS UP !!!
  12. marioD
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    I use them all the time and i live in Germany.......

    excellent service - reliable - top quality parts

  13. fuzzface
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    another one that is happy with them and been using them for a few years already.

    if you need the part today, no then buy it local but if you can wait 3 days to a week for the item, yes, you can save.
    I just ordered a part for an off topic truck. $92.00 total, local price is $171 plus tax.
    another part I order in groups is $90.00 each locally. I buy them at rock auto for $10.00 each for the Chinese part or I can buy the USA one for $25.00 each

    Quite often you have multiple choices on what part you want by brand name and/or USA or foreign made, with different prices reflecting that.

    Once you order a part from them and anything that fits that vehicle and goes on clearance sale, you get notified.

    I 've never been disappointed with them. couple of times yes I had ordered the wrong part because of lack of description and the wrong angle view of part on the web that didn't help me or my lack of understanding actual part name but I was always able to resell my mistake on ebay and make money on the part and just reordered the correct part. I never pay to return it but I can see that might be a drawback to some if they don't use ebay or have a source to resell items that they can't use.
  14. unkledaddy
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    That's the case with most everyone, isn't it?
  15. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    I use rock auto too, parts for modern cars and vintage ones too, excellent pricing and good quality ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1426285104.678434.jpg
  16. fsae0607
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    Another vote for Rockauto here. Plenty of parts for all my vehicles. Only downside is the wait time, but selection is awesome.
  17. fuzzface
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    those car pictures that Moriarity posted are the refridgerator magnets that they throw in on each order.

    I used to like a different site better years ago but they were brought out by one of their competition and now rockauto seems to be the best price place I found to replace that other site. Once in a great while, they are not the best deal like for spark plugs or certain bolt type parts because their shipping kills them but for bigger parts I haven't found anyone that can beat them yet anymore.
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  18. unkledaddy
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  19. HarryT
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    Always had good luck with RockAuto. Highly recommend.
  20. I bought all the wheel cylinders and master for my 51 ply. was cheaper than if I took the time and went to the local napa and that was with the shipping too. I love the place and havent had any quality issues yet.
  21. frosty-49
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    But from them a lot. Just did my brakes over on ol FROSTY, old stock Raybestos wheel cyl USA made 2.30 each. Got all four. Never had a problem
  22. Yep, me too. A lot of money to save on "hard parts" for both the hot rods and the family fleet of daily drivers. In my opinion they seem especially cheap on wear items like brakes, shocks, sensors, wheel bearings, hubs, u-joints......And don't forget stupid stuff like wiper blades, dirt cheap compared to auto stores, and as others stated watch the warehouse.
    Advance Auto and others offer some better discounts when ordering on-line, with delivery to the store, or your door. Look for free shipping and discount codes and you can save some cash.
  23. Model T1
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    Model T1

    I also agree Rock Auto is fair and prices much cheaper. Plus we bought several new gas tanks and sending units at maybe half what others wanted even if they did have the parts. Shipping didn't seem bad in the boonies and was here within reason. If we need parts right away we buy locally. But items like gas tank don't matter.
  24. jazz1
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    They also track your purchases and send notices of sales related to your purchases..I got some parts at huge discounts on discontinued stock... I pick up parts at my US shipping address but i see they have billboards here in Ontario
  25. chopolds
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    from howell, nj
    1. Kustom Painters

    I think the best part, second after the great prices, is that they tell you what manufacturer the part is from. I recently ordered some components for a Chevy HEI dist. I had a choice of, say, 5 different ignition modules, including the AC Delco one. Of course the AC was more expensive but a lot cheaper than a local supplier, if they even carried them!
    Oh..and about the magnets...I sent in a pic of my Watson-style 61 Dodge to them for "magnet consideration", I got a water pump, intake gaskets, and full tune up from them. If anyone gets a magnet with it on it, please tell me!!!!
  26. wheeler.t
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    I ordered cab mounts, floor pans and e brake cables for my 60 gmc, cheap and with no issues.
    Got brake drums but the ones I got were the right part number on the box but wrong drums, called and they refunded me the cost, told me to keep the wrong ones and I ordered the right ones. Lots of stuff for off topic cars with no issues too.
  27. itsacool32
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    Never used them for old parts but for lake model parts they can't be beat
  28. Malcolm
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    from Nebraska

    I'm another happy customer, among many it seems. Rock Auto is also a great resource for finding part numbers before checking local parts stores -- if it's something you need right away.

    Advanced Auto Parts seems to always have at least a 30% discount available when placing an order online, and you can pickup in store shortly after placing the order. That's without having to deal with a parts counter person that may not know much about cars! I'll often compare Advanced discounted prices with Rock Auto. When factoring in shipping for Rock Auto and local tax for Advanced, it can be a toss up at times.

  29. Don's Hot Rods
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    Don's Hot Rods
    from florida

    One other thing I like about RA is that their website is very easy to navigate. It keeps giving you drop downs so you can put in your specific information and get to just the parts you need. Once you are there you have a choice of a bunch of different brands and prices, but most parts are name brands.

    But, as I mentioned earlier, not every transaction may be the best deal. That is why I go to their site, get their price and part number, then call a local guy to see how much he wants for the exact same part. If it is close, I go local, but if I am going to save maybe half or whatever, I order from RA. Parts come in about 2-3 days and always packed well.

    My one Son buys cars to flip and he uses them a lot and saves a bunch of money over local.


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