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Rock tumblers for parts cleaning question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Groucho, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Steel shot from a wheel abraider maybe?
  2. I actually saved your idea to a word file so I can try it when I have time.
  3. These will go back in, but I wanted to show you the results after just 4 hours. DSC07329.JPG DSC07332.JPG
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  4. Bought one of those vibratory tub things from Eastwood; it came with some green triangle
    abrasives. It did not seem to do much, and in fact kind of gummed up the internal threads with a rusty scum when used with water as advised. Set it a side for while; but one day tried it with the black sandblasting slag and that stuff seemed to work half way decent.

    Good for batches of stuff; but easier just to clean stuff you need right away in the blast cabinet.
  5. Small, hand held pieces are really tough on the gloves
  6. PushnFords
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    Usually until they are clean. Sorry couldn't resist. lol

    A shop I worked at had a tumbler that worked good. It was a rectangular metal container filled with some type of solvent and had a metal hexagon or octagon shaped "basket" that held the parts that was maybe 1/2 submerged. It had some type of ceramic media in it...cylinders with the ends cut at 45 angles. It didn't leave parts looking polished but did a good job.
  7. I have a variety of fixtures I made for blasting commonly blasted small parts along with a mesh basket for odd stuff, saves on the gloves.

    My kid has a '40 hub cap in his bead blast cabinet; the inverted lip on the edge keeps small parts in and they kinda chase around inside the hub cap while blasting; but come out good.
  8. K204DR
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    from Chatt TN

    you can use two screen strainers with small parts in between as well.
  9. I have and tried a mesh basket, but the parts blow out of it immediately, way before they're clean. "fail" LOL
  10. Try making the basket (actually can shaped) out of 1/4" hardware cloth, roll the top edge in and down to form a concave lip facing inward, it will keep the parts in.

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