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Folks Of Interest RIP ... Pete Chapouris

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HEMI32, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Very sad news....seemed like a great guy....RIP Pete....
  2. So sad, A great Hot Rodder. We will miss you Pete. 1532.jpg
  3. We shared a birth date, and I had a nice conversation with him at SEMA a few years back. Always struck me as a down to earth guy, though highly driven in his passion. I'm getting tired of seeing my contemporaries pass away, but that's the way the script is written. See ya around some day ahead Pete..........
  4. metalman
    Joined: Dec 30, 2006
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    Oh man, really sorry to hear this. Met him in the late 70's, Jake and him had just pulled into a Sonic in the Kid for lunch while traveling thru, I pulled in with my 37 to check out the 34. They invited me to join them, found out I had a hot rod shop and offered me the NM dealership to their "new" hot rod parts they were starting . Gave Pete my business card, couple weeks later I got a box of catalogs, T shirts and a dealer banner. No paperwork, no buy in, just a handshake, simpler times. RIP Pete.
  5. Henry Bennett
    Joined: Jul 26, 2008
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    Henry Bennett

    God Bless, R.I.P.
  6. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    Life...twists and turns...always moving forward and we can only keep up for so long...Condolences to the Chapouris Family and Friends on the passing of Pete...
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  7. Muffy Bennett
    Joined: Nov 26, 2015
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    Muffy Bennett
    from Arizona

    Apparently poor Pete had a stroke late yesterday, and passed a short time ago. Rest In Peace, dear man...the hobby will miss you. [​IMG]

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  8. AHotRod
    Joined: Jul 27, 2001
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    Dear Lord..... prayers to his family.
  9. sorry to hear this.......R.I.P.
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  10. AHotRod
    Joined: Jul 27, 2001
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    Dear Lord.... prayers for his family.
  11. WiredSpider
    Joined: Dec 29, 2012
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    That sucks,all the good ones are leaving us.
    Prayers to his family
  12. e1956v
    Joined: Sep 29, 2009
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    Alliance Vendor

    Rest In Peace Pete
    Prayers to the family
  13. RIP, Pete,
    A really nice guy, condolences to his family and friends.
  14. Cyclone Kevin
    Joined: Apr 15, 2002
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    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    These above of course have been published before, but below are my personal pix . IMG_8860.JPG IMG_8859.JPG
    This is the shop,Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Repair, (Look down the side of that building to the rear as that's where it all took place).

    These were taken the day Pete Chapouris 3rd passed.
    The signs in the double exposed pix below hung in those sign boxes. IMG_8870.JPG There is a photo that has been published of Jake's 34 at "POP'S PARADISE" Drive-In. Arcadia,CA.It was a movie set with a Bomber on top of a Hut. My 34 3W was in it as well as my 55 T-Bird, I talked the Transportation Captain (Pat Carman) to get Jake's 34 in the movie, so we blew off the Real Wheels And ET III's and put the wide whites off of the Tub on the Coupe. The Kool thing about this shot is that I took the original pix in June 1990 at Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts in Grandview,MO. 3Mos later I thought that a had a unused roll of film as the leader was still out of the 35mm roll and shot our cars on the set, when I developed the film the ghost image was Jake's coupe coming through a Pete & Jake's MO. Back shop area. Couldn't have done that if I tried. IMG_8872.JPG
    The next shots are pretty damn special to me. They're Pete and "Kid Coupe" and him clowning around for me to take a shot. IMG_8876.JPG IMG_8878.JPG
    And Pete driving "The Kid" down the road from Grandview to Springfield in the Pouring rain!!!! We took shelter under a gas station canopy waiting for Jerry & Jason to show up, they were on HD's. IMG_8880.JPG IMG_8881.JPG IMG_8882.JPG
    WE MADE IT!!!!!!
    And never before shots of Limefire being built at Pete's Arcadia Garage with both of the guys under the car at different times.... IMG_8867.JPG IMG_8869.JPG IMG_8868.JPG I was originally going to post the above on Harms Way "Before They Were Famous Post". As I was looking through pix to post of this and Jake's Tub I got a Text from Stovebolt stating that PCII passed. Yes, that was back in 85, but Sharon looked on Social Media and I hit the HAMB, It was PC3. Damn, What a tragedy...

    He had a lot of builds left in him......Yes, I shed a tear knowing that someone that called me a friend and part of the Re-Pete & Jake Group has passed and now there shall be a HUGE VOID left in the world of HOT RODS as I knew it!!!!!!! :(.......
    Thank you Pete for building your dreams and mine as well.

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  15. What a complete shock.....he'd been on here a fair amount lately.
    God speed Pete.
  16. Very sorry to hear, Rest in Peace.
  17. falcongeorge
    Joined: Aug 26, 2010
    Posts: 18,341

    from BC

    It was a HUGE thrill to see his T at Deuce days, I have been in love with that car since it was built, a real tour de force. RIP Pete, and thanks.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  18. Cut55
    Joined: Dec 1, 2007
    Posts: 1,978

    from WA

    Jesus. I feel like I've been punched in the stomach. Rest in peace Pete and thanks for everything you did for the hobby.
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  19. Heaven is sure filling up with iconic Hot Rodders.

    I met the famous duo,Pete & Jake along with Jim Ewing of SuperBell axle fame at the N.S.R.A. Nationals South way back when the were held in Winston Salem,N.C.

    All three of them were regular guys and as friendly as could be,I only met them once at the show and later that evening we were seated at a table close by and continued to talk hot rods.

    God Speed Pete. HRP
  20. Oh no!...say it ain't so...such a shock;...Pete (& Jake) were heroes to many of us guys on the HAMB,..the world needs a few more Pete (& Jakes)
    condolences to all.
    fri art 107.jpg
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  21. So sorry to hear this. RIP
  22. bigm
    Joined: Apr 11, 2008
    Posts: 61

    from Orange, CA

    I lost a friend. Can truthfully say he was like family. Very, very sad.
    Condolences to the Chapouris family.
    God speed buddy, old friend,
    Manuel Reyes
  23. Harms Way
    Joined: Nov 27, 2005
    Posts: 6,869

    Harms Way

    Fair winds and following seas Pete,..... You will be missed more than you know
  24. Tbomb428
    Joined: Aug 18, 2006
    Posts: 506

    from SoCal

    What a loss. My heartfelt and sincere condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace.
  25. PONTNAK123
    Joined: Jul 10, 2008
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    Very, very sad. R I P pete...
  26. Kan Kustom
    Joined: Jul 20, 2009
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    Kan Kustom

    I don't have words. What a kick in the stomach !
  27. One of the real movers and shakers in an industry that we now take for granted. Thank you Pete, for giving us the inspiration and pieces to do what we do.
    May God comfort your family and friends who loved and miss you.
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  28. Sad day indeed.Godspeed Pete.
  29. redd
    Joined: Aug 23, 2010
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    from akron

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