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History Richard Heathfield: The Same Old Story

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ryan, Feb 14, 2022.

  1. 6inarow
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    but there may be one hero @Ryan Evidently some lady found him to be worth her time. Maybe there is a great grand hero after all. Just something to think about
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  2. Ryan
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    Staff Member

    Solid point.
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  3. I didn't think of that either Tom, but you could be absolutely right. My little woman sometimes feels like an anchor but that's a good thing because I'm sure she has kept me from killing myself or going bankrupt many times the last 50 years! In Richards life, she may have been the reason that it all worked out for him.
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  4. X-cpe
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    I would lean more towards the birth of his first child. (I know that the birth of my grandson had a huge effect on my son's driving.) The article states that the judge stayed the beginning of his sentence until after the birth of his child. He was 22 and his wife was 20. Evidently, at that time she was not having a great effect on him. She may have been his rock later. He died at 68 so we can figure 46/47 years of marriage. The obit says 4 children and 14 grandchildren. I would like to believe he got squared away rather than be an abusive SOB.
  5. **** I apologize for the technical interruption. ****

    Here's what probably happened. For some reason you had square brackets around a letter 'S' before the first "S" where the line starts. A square-bracketed 'S' starts the 'strikethrough text' function. A square-bracketed 'S' with a forward slash in front of it ends the function. It looks like this, except with square brackets: (S)text you want to strikethrough(/S)

    That bracketed 'S' disappeared. The way to get rid of the strikethrough function, since you can't see it, is to put the cursor just before where the strikethrough line started and press backspace three or more times. In the test example below (at the end) I wrote 'te(s)ting' but with square brackets. So, the 'te' shows, the 'S' disappeared, and the 'ting' (and anything text that would follow it) has a line through it.

    Or maybe there's a strikethrough text icon (I don't see one on the HAMB's editing toolbar) or command that was accidentally activated.

    **** I stumbled upon the 'Use BB Code Editor' icon, pressed it, and the strikethrough code in your comment showed in the (yellow) window (see screenshot picture).


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  6. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    17yrs old, channeled 'A' Coupe. Built it for a bud, who sold it to another bud, 3 years in, USN. He sold it to me for $1, providing I kept it up 'til he got out. I installed a rapid overbore 283 (292) with Seevers heads, Duntov solid cam, 3 Strombergs, Weber alum. flywheel, Bear super clutch.
    Chose by a '59 'Vette on Bascom Ave., ate him alive, thru a radar trap. Cop said 125 in a 25, (laughable) told Judge my Moon discs made radar go haywire, (popular misnomer at the time) jailed me for 30 days! Adult county jail, my age (a minor) prompted judge to lock me up where there were 'NO OTHER MINOR MALES TO INFLUENCE'!
    I had that ticket for years, framed it. When I married my wife (third wife) I still had hot rods, and my shop.
    My wife's solid character, beauty, and mechanical abilities eclipsed my previous interests (raising hell on the street!) and we were very active at Fremont (Baylands) Old Time Drags...
    But I had my 'times'...
  7. fabricator john
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    fabricator john
    from venice fl.

    I read that Dean Moon was the first person arrested and jailed for "street racing" in california
    fabricator john
    miss you dad
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