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Projects Rex Rods: Roots and a '29 Touring

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Ryan, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Ryan
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  2. vtx1800
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    As I look at the pictures I'd say the car is perfect other than maybe a little better upholstery. Something worn though. As I look at the pictures I think of the touring car (never saw it, just know it was a Model A) that the father of one of my wife's staff owns. He is divesting his cars and the touring car was in parts. I tried different times to at least go look at it but..........I found out that "dad" doesn't want a hot rodder to get it. His son knows that I am not a restorer. I ended up buying the Studebaker in my avatar having given up on the Model A. I suspect that now he would just like to move all of the parts out. I have no room for another car, even disassembled plus I am getting old and don't like carrying parts to the attic of the shop for storage. I think that touring is perfect!!!!
  3. Rolleiflex
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    Man that thing is sweet! Wouldn't change a thing.
    Hopefully the new owner is on the HAMB and can share more?
    @Ryan what became of the hood from a few posts back?
  4. Oh, hell yes.
  5. seatex
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    Yes,! Just tell us he kept the hood with the toon's!
  6. TexasSpeed
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    I asked Keith about that a while ago and he said he was holding onto it for a future project.

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  7. fortynut
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    Several months ago, another '28-'29 Ford Touring was put in the spotlight on the Jalopy Journal. I remember it had swinging pedals, but definitely was a driver, with a Flathead. A very impressive survivor, that I thought of as being a perfect example of what you want to have in a dry climate for getting in and going places. Maybe taking the dog, or the kids. This build appears to have been inspired by it. As a matter of fact, if my memory is not playing tricks on me, Ryan was responsible for putting that on the Journal. Wonder if he was so impressed, we are seeing a version of the best elements being used in this one. I know Mister Tardel's son is building it, but who do you reckon will drive it? Fess up Ryan. What do you say to that. Or, am I just whistling past the old car boneyard? Even if I am wrong, it's another car that turns me on, being damn near as close to perfect, for what it is, as it gets. Well done, both of you!
  8. thommoina33
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    from australia
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  9. HelmuthBrothers
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    from New Jersey

    Where is this car headed?
  10. cracker head
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    cracker head

    Daily driver duty?!?
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  11. Rolleiflex
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    That's sure what I'd do with it!
  12. pscalz
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