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Technical Reverse offset wheels on ball bearing hubs

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by 59IMPALER, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. I'm thinking about putting Supremes or chrome reverse wheels on the '59, but I've heard that reverse offset wheels are especially hard on ball bearing hubs. Any actual experiences out there?
  2. C'mon gang..
  3. Check this out....My 57 has the hubs from a 63 Biscayne on it that are tapered bearings.If the hubs fit mine they will fit yours. Easy and cheap swap! I had to remove the rivets that hold the drums to the hubs to reuse my 57 drums.
  4. 325w
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    If you do use the reversed wheels. Repack the bearings yearly. We used to do that with stock wheels.

  5. chubbie
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    40 years ago i remember guys selling thier chrome reverse wheels because they couldn't keep ball bearings in their cars. I ran them NEVER had an issue. You need to run ball bearings LOOSE, if you run them tight like a taper bearing you will run them out !!!!
  6. Mike VV
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    Mike VV
    from SoCal

    Yep...a "small" offset might not be too bad. But forget those 60's/70's deep offset wheels.

    I recall one day (a really...long time ago!), while working at an autoparts store, we heard this screaming sound comming down the street. We walked outside to see a 63 or 64 Impala with deeply offset chrome wheels and smoke comming from the wheel we could see (the right side)...!

    I'd say no more thAn 1". Now a "wider" wheel with some outside offset, that's a different story, because there is still some load/angle on the inside as would be closer to the OEM design.

  7. Lost me.... your drums were riveted to the hubs?
  8. squirrel
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    yeah, the drums were originally riveted to the hubs.
  9. Brain fart .. I was thinking rear axle.
  10. Jcox68rt
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    ^....what they said!! Don't crank em down and repack and inspect em yearly, done...
  11. 5559
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    from tn

    62-68 chevy imp- belair-biscayne-cars & wagons will work
  12. Chuck-A-Burger Ryan
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    Chuck-A-Burger Ryan

    I've never heard of a problem with bearings while running a reversed wheel. Could be, but considering lowrider guys have been running reversed offsets since the late '60's I don't think its too much of an issue.

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  13. This is exactly the information that I was looking for! The reverse Supremes are a pretty deep offset, but that's why the look so great.
  14. gas pumper
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    gas pumper

    you will never regret the change to roller bearings. I thought 61 was roller, too. I could be wrong on that.

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