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Removing Stuck Flatheads, Any Tricks?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Richard D, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. I got all 24 head nuts off on both sides real easily, is there a trick to pulling the head? Tried a small prybar, and a rubber mallet, and a sledge with a block of wood for a softener, no luck.:mad: Hit harder? Get someone with more ass?
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  2. Topless Ford
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    Topless Ford

    Put some nuts or bolts back on and spray inside the intake with some starter fluid and toss a match!!!! :eek: :D
  3. Stick rope down the spark plug holes.....rotate crank.....
  4. The rope trick makes sense, but I'm guessing you are kidding!:eek:

  5. 53ash
    Joined: Sep 9, 2005
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    from Plano, TX

    Old time deal that they really did, and some still do.
    Don't try this at home!!! Unless the Fire Department is next door and ready for action......
  6. If it has compression, I don't know why you couldn't put some of the bolts back on so it doesn't fly off, put the plugs in, and just crank it over a few times.
  7. I couldn't get enough rope in there(lack of patience?). Looks like this will work, I'll have to fab up a plate. I tried to bring that thread back up for others to see, it won't work.
  8. Zerk
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    I'd try this if you're just pulling the heads off a runner. If she's stuck or won't crank, maybe you have a problem with aluminum heads corroded to the steel studs? Try soaking the studs with Kroil or something and be kinda careful applying brute force.
  9. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
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    from Burton, MI

    Since you stated 'bolts' instead of studs, I'll assume they are cast iron stockers. Big prybar, a piece of wood and some muscle. Put the prybar under the 'flat' at the front of the head. PLace the wood between the intake and prybar. Put some ass behind it (slowly) and see if they pop.
  10. Sorry, I took the nuts off the studs, stock iron heads.
  11. R Pope
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    R Pope

    Got a pressure washer? Shoot it in the plug holes, push hard to seal it against the head. This will also sometimes free up a stuck piston. You'll probably get soaked though!
  12. I wasn't able to post on the old thread, so I pasted it in here in case it could help anyone else. Elrod gets the credit for this:

    Step 1: Find some old spark plugs for that head that you don't plan on using anymore. DESTROY THEM! They are evil and stare at your woman too much anyways. Remove the centers and run some 6 inch long bolts up through them, threads on top. Make sure the bolt head doesn't slide through the spark plug, but is also small enough to go into the spark plug hole when you screw the spark plugs in. You might wanna go with some nice quality bolts here if this is a tool you are going to use a few times.

    Now screw these into the head.


    Step 2: Using the head gasket you are going to put on the motor with your cool new heads (or the one you're replacing that's been blown for a while but knew it would suck to change..) Mark the location of the stud holes on a heavy plate of steel. I would go with at least 1/2 inch thick plate. Also, mark the holes for the SECOND and THIRD Spark plug. If you've got extra time, pinstripe the plate while you're at it for that extra touch of cool. Now, Drill the holes in the plate that line up with the studs and spark plugs.

    Step 3: Slip the plate over the bolts sticking out of the hollowed out spark plug bodies. These bolts will have fallen down a little ways into the block, so lift these bolts up, snug to the spark plug and load them up with 8 or nine large flat fender washers. Now put the nut on top and tighten down until the bolt is above the nut a little bit.

    Using more 6 inch long bolts that are no larger in diameter than the head studs, (they should be able to go through the head) Place them in the holes in the plate that line up with the studs in the block. Put the nuts under the plate, making "table legs" for the plate above the head.



    Step 4: Now, using a box wrench to hold the "table leg" nuts on the bottom of the plate, Use a socket to tighten the bolts on the plate. Make sure that your bolts are staying over the head studs and not slipping off, ruining the threads on the studs in the block. Also be careful not to damage the end threads on your "table leg" bolts, or they will be stuck to your plate, making storage of this new tool a little more awkward. Work around the plate keeping the plate generally level, or parallel with the deck of the block. The head should start moving up and away from the block! Soon this cast iron freak of nature will be out of the way! No longer will your flatty motor be like all the other kids on the block.



    Try to get the head as high as possible away from the block. This makes your life easier. I still had to stand over the engine compartment and lift straight up once I removed the plate. But once the head is off, you can inspect the engine, put down a new head gasket, and install that new speed head that will be the envy of all your friends!!



  13. After thinking about it, instead of drilling out a piece of steel plate, I can use a spare head and do the same thing. Also, get some bolts the same thread as the spark plugs(maybe the hardware store doesn't carry that size?). I'll try this tomorrow and let y'all know how it works.
  14. I wish you the best of luck!

    I remember seeing Elrod's post, and I have been waiting for my chance to use it.

    Luckily for me, the rope trick hasn't failed me yet!
  15. Topless Ford
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
    Posts: 560

    Topless Ford

    Elrods post is cool and should work great. Good luck.
    I am partial to fire though, I watched my uncle use the starter fluid trick on some old tractor with a flathead in it several times through the years.

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