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Removing paint from aluminum body trim

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TooMany2count, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. I have looked all over the BIGG WWW. for an answer & even asked in a couple of places yet no one seems to have an answer, so I figured I'd pose the question to my fellower HAMB brothers/sisters and see if they might have an answer for me. On my OT beater :eek: it has the aluminum trim down the side & in the center of the trim is tan paint. What would be the proper way to remove the paint?? I'm not worried about the finished trim looking like it has a brushed aluminum look to it, matter of fact I'd prefer that to it having a shine....joe
  2. redlinetoys
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    from Midwest

    I would just use paint stripper from the local hardware store. Just be careful where else you get it and rinse it off well...
  3. redo32
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    If the trim is still on the car of course you will have to carefully mask it off, then use any commercially available paint remover. Ditzler aircraft is best, Jasco etc. To satin finish the trim hit it with scotchbrite. Most alum trim is anodized and won't shine much more than it does with out stripping the anodize and polishing. Use oven cleaner with lye to strip the anodizing then polish with best technology available. You can hand sand down to a 1500 or finer & hand polish with rubbing compound & wheel polish. Lots of work. If you have a bench grinder you can get buffs & compound at Sears, Harbor Freight & some big truck stops. Start with the dark compounds, black or red, work to the lighter compounds white or green.
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  4. Aircraft stripper, its made to take paint off of aluminum.

    Make sure not to get it on paint, or skin you want to keep.

  5. Thanks folks......joe
  6. Bull
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    We do a demo at shows with our Metal Polish where we take a Coke can and polish the paint off and end up with a chrome-like shine. I assume the same principle would work on your trim.
  7. oldpaint
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    Oven cleaner will etch the aluminum. I would stick with the aircraft paint remover.
  8. N8B
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    May be more involved, but I have read where soda blasting will remove the paint without damaging or ecthing the metal.
    Can anyone cofirm this?

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