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Folks Of Interest Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Fargo, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. I have a little story I want to share, mods, if to far off topic then no hard feelings.

    Last night and this morning we took a group of 23 students from our local school on a mission to help them understand the sacrifices our veterans have gone/ go through so we can live the lives we have! These students, ranging from grade six to grade twelve, boys as well as girls, signed up for this experience.

    We started at 3:30 pm and split the kids into three platoons and proceeded to March about half a mile to a spot in a field where they were required to work together and dig six trenches like they would have in ww1. After digging for six hours we marched back the half mile and had a supper of black beans, rice and canned beef. Did I mention that it's now -15 degrees Celsius out?

    After super they were give orders where they had to locate and spy on enemy bases and report back to a group of Canadian Rangers who were on hand to help out. This mission required them walking a total of five to six miles and finished at about 4:00 Am. After they thought they were done they planned an ambush on enemy forces and took prisoners before finishing at 5:00am.

    They then sleep in the trenches they dug earlier until six thirty am at which time they get up and fill them in and march in for breakfast and then attend our Remembrance Day ceremony at our local legion. Did I mention it's -15 degrees Celsius out?

    The whole point is to make them realize nothing about war is glamorous or fun as movies and video games show.

    They all take quite seriously and I am extremely proud to attend the event with my 11 year old daughter for the second year now!


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  2. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
    Good reference manual...along with Chilton's of course.
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  3. The37Kid
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    Thank you for posting that, teaching history like that really helps people understand it.

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  4. cosmotiki
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    from SoCal

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  5. loudbang
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    Awesome stuff. How did they react when it was done?
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  6. It's really interesting, they really come away with not only a small taste of what vets go through or have gone through but a sense of accomplishment and pride. Nothing about the night is easy or particularly fun, but that's the point. We always tell them that this is one night, imagine weeks or months or years of this being your life. It opened my eyes dramatically as well! I reminded my daughter last night that she got to take part in it and come sleep in her bed because there are people braver than us who are willing to lay down their lives so we can... much respect to all that have or that are serving. Our own principle of our school served in Afghanistan. Thanks again

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  7. Stogy
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    @57 Fargo I remember back in school we did Remembrance Day events but you have taken it to another level and you can't do enough for those that have and those that haven't come back so that is great what you have done. In respect to Remembrance all places I have worked or been at, at that moment I take the time to pause for the 2 Minutes...Its the very least that they ask of us. I have over the years and to this very day thank and think of those every day and posted this below elsewhere here...and since you have posted a Remembrance thread I will share my bit with you all. Being an international Site I extend as I always do to the Allied Forces Worldwide that worked together for our freedom...Remembrance.

    I take this opportunity to
    Those who have made Sacrifices
    The Ultimate Sacrifice
    for The Freedom
    I have Enjoyed
    My Whole Life

    Thank You



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  8. Stogy, our two min of silence is at 11am on the eleventh. I also need to say that other schools were doing similar things here in Alberta before us. We have traveled to another school the last couple years to take part. This year we decided to host it and I think we took it to the next level, by far the hardest the kids have had to work!

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  9. i.rant
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    1. 1940 Ford

    More than interesting, thank you for sharing your story.
  10. good work there Fargo.....and tell those kids as well........
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  11. Thanks and I'm extremely proud of all the kids who came, they worked hard and stayed positive through the whole night!

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  12. Blue One
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    Blue One
    from Alberta

    This says it all.
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  13. czuch
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    from vail az

    Good job.
    You for being there and orchestrating, them for the participation.
    Its enough for them to go through it.
    Tell them, nobody's shooting, its not raining, nobody's yelling, and your not picking up mates who are screaming,
    or not.
    I like it, Remembrance day.
    Never forget.
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  14. Thanks blue one, that does about sum it up, we are trying to keep the history alive with our kids so they don't forget the sacrifices made for us.

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  15. That's the lesson all's a long hard night and just a tiny fraction of what soldiers go through.

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  16. czuch
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    from vail az

    They'll never forget that.
    Minus 15 Celsius, looks to be about 0 degrees.
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  17. Fortunateson
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    We don't have the ability to dig up fields at the school where I teach. Every year we have a very solemn service, read the roll of former students that died in WW II, and honour all those who fought. One of my former students who now teaches next door did a tour in Afghanistan. We actually had about six students server over there. A recent poll stated that of the various generations the millennials were the highest at 37% who attended Remembrance Day services. When I was young my mother made sure we observed it in honour of my grandfather who was in the British Medical Corps in the Boer War as well as WWI.
    Now I just remembered I have two or three families of the boys I taught that have potato and cranberry farms. I may enquire availability of some land for this exercises next year. Of course in BC it WILL rain!
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  18. We used the farm field next door to our school, with permission of course, we go no matter what the weather does, war didn't wait for nice weather....

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  19. By all means if you have questions let me know, we are hoping this will spread!

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