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History Redheaded stepchild

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Hey Don, I see those TENN plates. Is that a Chestnut Hill backdrop? Could that 2 lane be 411? Really cool pics.
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  2. .........Good eye! It's actually Rt. 92 just 1/2 mile off of Rt. 411 in the tiny hamlet of Chestnut Hill in the shadows of the Bush Bean conglomerate.:D
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  3. daddy_o's_diner
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    Here was my "Ugly Duckling". Built it about 9 years ago. It went to the west coast for a while and is now back on the east coast from what I hear. Loved to '52 - '54 body style.

    My '54 from Street Rodder.jpg 283.jpg favorite pic.jpg
  4. My very first car was a '53, my dad bought it because it was the last year of the flathead V8 (239 c.i.). I drove it around the dirt roads behind the Esso station but had to sell it before I was old enough to drive so I never got to take it out on the road. I have too many "irons in the fire" at present but, perhaps, the day will come when I'll chase that memory.
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  5. sunbeam
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  6. BamaMav
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    from Berry, AL

    When I see a 53-54 4 door, I think of Joe Friday driving one in the black and white first edition of Dragnet from the 1950's. See it every once in a while on one of the stations that play old stuff like that, way before my time.
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  7. phat rat
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    phat rat

    I've had a number of 52-54 Fords. Never a 4 dr, cpe or convert, anbout 50/50 sedan and Ht. The first one in 61 and the last in 13. This is a pic of the one I had for about 3 months in 13 and what the new owner did after he got it. It have a Nova sub and a 350/T-400

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  8. I always liked '54s as they were the smallest and lightest body that you could bolt a larger Y-block or FE into. I owned a convertible 50 years ago, but never got it on the road as I was 19 and flat broke; though I had an Olds 303 and Hydro mocked up in it.
  9. Boneyard51
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    085ABCF8-5D06-4D2D-867B-10650F57CAAB.jpeg Drove the wagon to a couple of cruise ins yesterday, gotta 100 miles on it. Saw this at one and thought of this thread.

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  10. i.rant
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    from Illinois
    1. 1940 Ford

    A few from Kalamazoo this weekend

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  11. It is a 1953 Ford Ute from of course Australia, I bought it to run XO Production at El Mirage and Bonneville, but things change, I grabbed sheet metal and dash from a 53 Merc to convert it to left hand drive, but now I am looking a straight axle and a gasser for something to do when land speed sucks, like now.
  12. Come on HRP it is a 53 Ford, Ford sent down convertable frames with running gear, front clip and doors, the rest was made in Aus, it has 40 Coupe oval rear window and weird Austin tail lights.
    53 Ute.jpg
    I could find a donor car for the front clip, but found a really cheap 53 Merc for the metal and dash.
    So I guess you could be right,,, its not 'really' a Ford anymore,,,, sorry
  13. upspirate
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    HRP replied to my was not about your ute


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