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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. if you have a experienced crew a sleeve swap can be done before the block cools. the first thing that is done to my car after a pass is a leak down and plug inspection. this will give you a good idea of the health of the engine. to get a idea how much a aluminum block grows due to heat i set the cold lash at .016 because hot it becomes .026 a iron block won't do that. the sleeve bores also expand when hot. thats why the sleeves can get pulled out. the sleeve bores are honed to size. trying to remove them cold is not only hard on the crew but also hard on the block. the bores could be damaged. if a sleeve needs to be replaced its all hands on deck for a crazy well choreographed thrash.
  2. sololobo
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    hoping the best for your rebuild, love this hot rod
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  3. there is a big difference when it comes to late model racing hemis compared to a regular engine. the hemis are made to come apart and go back together fast. the intakes are 6 or10 bolt. this allows the intake to come off with the blower attached as one unit. the manifold is also o-ringed. no gasket scraping needed. same with the oil pan. the heads come off using a impact wrench with the zoomies still attached. if one guy works on getting the pan off and a guy is on each side of the engine on top it goes real fast. a fourth person can be helpful to clean parts as they come off. the guy on the bottom has the crap job. not only does he have hot oil dripping on his face its not uncommon to be stepped on or kicked a few times. it takes real team work to pull it off. after the new sleeve is in everyone can relax a little. this may sound like a lot but its normal nitro racing stuff. luckily it doesn't happen too often.
  4. I always am watching this go down if I can.
    It's amazing to watch the crew get after it and get it done.
  5. wrenchbender
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    Brian I can attest to the hot oil bath and getting kicked or stepped on as I am the chassis guy on our bonneville team and that means you are either changing gears in the quick change, adjusting the chassis and removing the bellypan to get to anything underneath but you get used to it after a bit lol though we usually have more time to work on stuff than drag racers do the crappy part is when you have only 4 hrs to completely disassemble the car and go through the engine so you can make a backup run the difference is the engine is not out in the open like on your car lol

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  6. rooman
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    I have been a "diver" for around 30 years. Started out full time on the NHRA/IHRA tours in the late 80's and as recently as a couple of years ago I ended up under Tony Pedregon's car at Route 66 for the weekend. (The young smart arses on the crew told me that I was the oldest guy that they had ever seen do bottom end on a pro car). With a good crew you can turn a fuel car around in about 40 minutes--blower off and serviced, heads serviced, any dubious sleeves replaced, new rack and clutch. In a thrash it can be done a little quicker but 40 is about the norm.

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  7. henryj1951
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    from USA

    That's where I started.
  8. a big show team also has a dedicated tire guy that mounts new tires every pass. a dedicated blower guy that completely disassembles the blower and restrips it. a dedicated clutch guy that puts on a set of asbestos gloves and services the hot clutch. usually replacing it with a fresh one. a crew chief thats inside the trailer down loading the run and making adjustments. everyone has a very specific job to do. seasoned crews don't really even need to talk to each other during a thrash. they just do their job and get the car turned around. its just how its done. its a cool thing to be part of. i don't think i will ever get to this point with my car. drag week only allows for the driver and two crew guys. when i ran my awb car i usually did it with one other guy. but that guy knew what to do. it was better to have that one guy than four that didn't know what was going on. its hard to find guys that are good. i have been lucky to have guys that are eager to learn. as long as they take instruction well they can be trained. after that its just repetition.
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  9. bobwop
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    hey, what about the hospitality guy? Can somebody make me a sammich?
  10. Johnboy34
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    Na, just grab a bag of chips and one of those free cans of mello yello......
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  11. I havent posted much in a while but that doesnt mean we are not busy working on the car. After the pri show work began taking advantage of all the good deals there. Rods; pistons; cam; tools; sleeves and safety equipment were ordered. Anticipating faster speeds and lower ets i ordered several things from dj safety. Two 12 foot parachutes will replace my single 10 footer. Two chutes are required over 200mph. Burn down tubes by sae will go on the valve covers to prevent a fire if a piston is burned. If a piston gets a hole in it the crank case pressure will push out gaskets. The resulting loss of oil can hit the headers starting a fire. The tubes allow the pressure to vent into what is called a puke tank. I got the fire bottles recertified. I also picked up some dj safety driving shoes; head sock and under wear. This will up my protection to 40-50 seconds before burns. Fires are a real threat to nitro drivers. A big pile of parts was ordered from john dunn racing. Bearings; rings; spark plugs; ignition wires etc were bought in large quantities. Its a million details that make this all work. 20171222_091641.jpg 20171222_091901.jpg 20171222_093225.jpg
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  12. wicarnut
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    Have said this before, admire your dedication/obsession, love of the sport/hobby. Have at it !
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  13. Thanks for following along. I think its just the normal progression for the car. We can now fight it out at drag week without one arm tied behind our back. The iron block had become the limiting factor in all of this. It would be fun to beat up on the turbo guys with some old school nitro.
  14. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    You going to go with double wall headers now that you are steppin up?
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  15. For sure. I talked to chris from hedman during pri about them. They are in the mail. Not only do they offer some fire protection they also provide additional safety if a weld should break. The chance of running over a pipe is greatly reduced. While they are not vissually correct for a sixties car i feel the safety concerns dictate they be on the car.
  16. I got the crank out and this is what i found. Three of the main caps webbing were completely broken. This is on top of all the other cracks posted previously. I was only a hit of the throttle away from re enacting the magic muffler car. This is why the kb block is a safer way to go for me. 20171222_102550.jpg
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  17. squirrel
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    That block died with it's boots on!
  18. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    Good gawd Brian, I think you won the lottery, really dodged the bullet on that one.
    You must be living right!
  19. I got lucky. Ussually this kind of damage is found after a on track incident. It gives me the chills to think about what could have happened.
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  20. David Gersic
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    David Gersic
    from DeKalb, IL

    Damn. Surprised that it was still running with all that disconnected metal. Lucky indeed that you didn’t try to make one more pass.

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  21. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Got your money worth out of that one.
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  22. The pieces were all in place when the crank was in the block. When i removed the crank i pulled them out with my hand. Im surprised at how thin the casting is. I will save the block for a conversation piece.
  23. Gammz
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    from Lincoln Ne


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  24. I got the new chutes mounted today. I still need to add a second handle and cable. So do two chutes make my cars ass look big? 20171223_171310.jpg
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  25. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Yes it does.....butt that's OK. :D
  26. Blues4U
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    from So Cal

    Haha, baby got back! :D
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  27. TerrytheK
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    Yeowwww! :eek:
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  28. hotcargo
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    after seein' the pics of your broken block reminded me of a fuel racer here in Australia , West Australia in fact , that built his own Hemi blocks outta 3/4" and 1" plate , all hand fabricated and welded , I'm talkin' more than 40 years ago , they stayed together too .

    your doin' good ............cheers
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  29. 20171222_091909.jpg The gear drive i got with the engine had a flat cover over the cam. I run the dual drive off the cam so a different cover is needed. John dunn came through with the correct part. Some details to notice are the large radiused relief in the casting. This is for clearence when a large lower pulley is used and i will be using a big one to generate 25lbs of boost. The other thing is the support bearing in the cover for the drive spud that runs the dual drive. I received it already polished so it will match the block.
  30. saltflats
    Joined: Aug 14, 2007
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    from Missouri

    Looks nice.
    The machine lines under the cam gear look sharp could be a stress riser.
    Maybe a ball mill tracing the line.
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