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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. as you know we run the nitro on the track. the e85 would be for the street. the big trailer can haul drums of fuel. the little trailer has very limited room due to hauling nitro and alchohol jugs. i think this weeks oiling improvements will cure the problems. the car will be driven to its limits this weekend to test things out.
  2. kabinenroller
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  3. Jim its very possible. We are changing oil pumps. The new experimental oil pump will be a two stage gear pump. This is the latest technology for nitro cars. I will be able to set the minimum pressure at idle and set the max pressure limit. This is done on a flow bench and is set and ready to go. The gears are made out of 70 series aluminum. This allows trash to embed into the gears without locking up the pump. It can handle serious trash like valve spring tips that break off etc. The drive is a hex shaft thats larger than i had before. Its custom made to clear my stroker crank counter weights. It will bolt on to a stock rear main cap. Its been flow tested against the pump i took out three days ago. If for some reason the pressure still drops it will go back for a set of longer gears for even more volume. Its alot of work to pull the pump a few times but thats part of the r and d. We are very serious about this developement and will do what ever it takes to get the results we are looking for. The pump should arrive friday. It should bolt right in. If all goes as planned then we will be at the cheaterama. Call me if you are going.
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  4. Woogeroo
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    from USA

    oh, this sounds very technically interesting. :D
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  5. I guess because of the nitro, steel rods are a no-go.
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  6. As soon as the testing is done i can get into more details and post some pics. I have asked if it was ok to post some pics and they want me to hold off for a little bit. I will say this it does not look like anything else out there. It has a shape all its own with some unique features.
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  7. The aluminim rods provide a cushion. They act like shock absorbers.
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  8. Cara Marie
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    Cara Marie

  9. jackalope
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    Awesome. That is just plain nasty

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  10. enloe
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    from east , tn.

    Definitely looks better than at the Meltdown:)
  11. My son and i took the coupe to the cheateramma show. The new oil pump works better. The pressure is still lower than i would like to see. I have alot of adjustment left on the pressure screw. So the pan will come off for a adjustment. Its a good thing cometic gasket sent me a care package this spring.
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  12. The first time out with the new pump did not produce the desired results. While better it needs more volume . There has now been a change of plans. The pressure screws wont help. The pump needs to be bigger. So the pump is back out for a return trip to michigan. It will get a new set of gears 1/2 inch longer. This will increase the output 30 percent. That will increase the pressure. That should do the job. Now that we have a baseline im confident we will get the results we desire. To make it fit the pan needed to be cut up and deepened a matching 1/2 inch. R and d can be a learn as you go kind of thing. I know we are real close now. 20170827_203405.jpg
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  13. Budget36
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    Some serious stuff you are doing here.
  14. It takes a serious effort to make this car do what we want it to do. There is no easy way to do it. Bob stephans made the pan originally so i called him up this afternoon and asked if he had time this week to work on it. He told me to drop it off. When i got there he asked if i was going to wait for it. I didnt think he was going to do it tonight. Its a hour drive to his shop in illinois so i figured im better off waiting around. A few hours later it was done. Bob is a racer he understands time constraints. With luck im hoping to have it all back together on friday. Some how in this busy weekend i also replaced the melted lexan windshield. The nitro melted it instantly when it got sprayed.
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  15. A hug for the wife and dog is taken car of. Im not sure which one is more protective of the car. A pissed off german shepard might not be a equal match for a pissed off wife. She does put up with alot when it comes to the car. Im very lucky 20160904_075156.jpg
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  16. bobwop
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    I noticed the bottle used to prime the engine with fuel. Wonder where that came from?

    I have dozens and use them for many purposes. Very handy!
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  17. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Whit this pump change you may want to keep an eye on the dist drive gear and cam gear.
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  18. Thats a regularly serviced item for me. As the gear wears the timing changes.
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  19. I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last year. Besides working on the car i have been studying for a national certification for my job at the hospital. Today was the big test day. I passed and got my ceetification. I am now a nationaly registered cadiovascular invasive specialist level 2. Thats a lot to say. When a patient presents with a heart attack myself and a team try to save them. Thats my job in a nut shell. The cool thing besides recognition is a nice immediate raise. Now i will have more time and money for the car. Its been a very stressful last couple of months preparing for the exam. The crash didnt help matters taking up valuable study time. My brain is so fried i didnt even go in the shop tonight. Drag week is coming up fast as we go on a big final push to be ready. It will be nice going into it with a clear head now that the exam is done.
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  20. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Did you get a spare front drive in the trailer?
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  21. Its on the way. I think it was damaged in the crash breaking at the weakest point that being were the roll pin was located.
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  22. Congratulations Brian!
    Reading through this, I'm always amazed at how much drive and energy you have!
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  23. I get my energy from all the sick or dead patients i have had over the years. They remind me every day to get my fun in while i can. I cant tell you how many times i have heard the golden years arent golden or if i had known i was going to get sick i would have done things differently. If you have been putting off something you always wanted to do pull you arm out of the chip bag and get off the couch and go do it while you still can. Learn from what i see every day. Life is too short.
  24. squirrel
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    That sounds like a plan!


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  25. Dick Stevens
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    Dick Stevens

    Good point, just don't burn the candle at both ends to the point that it takes your health from you!
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  26. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    I think hes sniffin the nitro :D
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  27. Its a good kind of stress. profesional growth is a good thing. Its a certification i have always wanted. It feels good to have the letters rcis after my name. I knew going into it that i was looking at a big time commitment. After the racing season is over l will have time to 20140714_192646.jpg get after some of those house restoration projects i have been putting off. It will be a nice change of pace. The house is on the national register of historic homes. President lincoln stayed over night here before giving a speach in racine. I like everthing old.
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  28. Am I in some sort of candid camera? For a year Brian amazes everyone with a jaw dropper on a weekly basis. My hat is off already so all I can say from distance is huge congrats of your latest achievement. Staying online for the next one. Youre a hero.
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  29. jimdillon
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    Congrats Brian not only for the success of your rebuild but also for your certification. Good luck with drag week.
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  30. woodbutcher
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    :D Hi Brian.Outstanding news on your new Certification.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
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