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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Its not all of the way done. There are some pieces of tape on the side of the car and on top of the cowl. We were going over some ideas to use some gold leaf on the body lines. That would be crazy cool. The pin up chick is no longer. The forward look triangles from the late 50s will be replacing it. One gold leaf the other silver leaf. We will also use the chrysler fire power engine logo in that area. Only a chrysler used the fire power logo. That ties in my chrysler car and hemi. To pay some respect to the orange car the new car will have a razor thin orange outline that will go around the black outlines. This was johns idea. He says it will make everything jump off the car yet it will hardly be noticed. Its wild to see a pile of gold scraps laying on the bed of the trailer.
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  2. mutant55
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    Beautiful work all around, its a thing of beauty! I am a huge fan of the color and the details on the car, keep up the fantastic work...
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  3. jerry
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    As Jim said, Damn!

    This is coming together as one beautiful car. Thanks for taking us along.

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  4. I just received a message from one of the most famous drag photographers ever. Bob mclure said he has received the contract info from car kulture deluxe. The photo shoot he did just a week or two before the crash will be published in the september or october issue. That orange car just wont go away. its still hanging on. Thanks everyone for your interest and words of encouragement. It means alot as i work through the rebuild.
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  5. I got the car back today. It needs to go back after i get it all together. The fire power logo needs a black out line. John couldnt do it while it was on the trailer. The silver leaf looks good against the green. john and i decided not to add any more to the car. we want it all together first. we will then see if the car wants more. john has the dash and my helmet now so he can do his thing. The front end was all set up today. The hair pin mounts will be welded on wednesday. We will then be able to see how the torsion bar works. It will be the first time since september that its on all four wheels. While im in bowling green they will put the body back on to finish the interior. 20160614_141036.jpg 20160614_141017.jpg
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  6. The orange was added to the s/fc. It jumps off the car now. From a distance the orange cant be seen. We are trying to find a balance with some details smacking you in the face and having some details kind of subtle were you have to look for them. All of the details cant jump off the car at once. in the photo above the orange outline can't be seen. i think thats really cool. when its done out in the public it will be interesting to see how many people make the connection to the orange car. thats another reason why we used some orange here and there. imagejpeg_0.jpg
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  7. bostonhemi
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    Talent! I agree
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  8. 20160614_165455.jpg Its sometimes hard to get the right pic of the details. The gold and silver leaf looks like paint in the last few pics. The light angles change the look. In this pic the burnishing can be seen. Each swirl is done by hand. Its very delicate work. It needs to be performed while the leaf is not completely dry. If too much pressure is applied it rips it off. It takes alot of patience and skill to pull it off. Putting vinyl leaf up against the real thing will show there is no comparison. The real stuff has a unique look.
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  9. BigDrag
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    from Milwaukee

    I loved the orange car I hope it never goes away. The new green car is just plain KING but the orange was non the lesser. Congratulations on the feature, even though the king is dead it won't be forgotten.
    Symco 2010
    They would look nice together maybe you should build Orange#2
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  10. squirrel
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    one of the last times it ran
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  11. dearjose
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    Can't wait to see this car on 4 wheels again. Really excited to see the stance and how it all comes together. The car is so badass and the time frame combined with the engineering and problem solving is nothing short of amazing. As a longtime mopar guy it has also been cool to see some of the people involved in pulling this off. Looking forward to seeing this monster getting thrashed at the meltdown this year.
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  12. What he said..... Squared!


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  13. Thanks guys. Its fun to see it coming together. Now that its painted and lettered we are all pumped up again. It could not have come at a better time. We have been burning the candle at both ends for months. Any one who has built a whole car knows the grind. It doesnt help any when i came up with ideas that complicated a already complex build. The suspention; wheel; fuel ;ignition etc choices certainly put a delay in its completion. Im ok with that
    I will be happier with the end result. I will have a life time to enjoy it.
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  14. Big drag im always on the look out for another one. This body is just beyond rare. I have only seen one other one. I was on my way home from work south bound i- 94 and a complete stocker was on a trailer. I almost put the truck in the ditch. That was four years ago. Remember this car was built at the height of the depression. Few had money to buy the more expensive chrysler. The few cars made then had to survive the scrap drives of ww- 2. Mopar made around 34000 cars over a 18 month run for 1931. Out of that there were i think 36 different bodies. Mine while fancy for the day was the cheapest car offered. Just a little back round on the rarity. A 34 dodge would be cool to. Thanks for postings some old pics of the car. I will have to give you a ride when we cross paths again.
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  15. Okay , it's been a week and I need my fix, any progress?
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  16. I know how you feel about the rarity of those early Chrysler's. I have been watching this thread closely since I am currently building a '32 Plymouth 2 dr Sedan Convertible Hot Rod ('58 325 Dodge Hemi and all). The best I can tell is Plymouth only made about 690 of the 2 dr Sedan Convertibles. Making it considerably rarer then the vaunted '32 B400 Ford. Hell, I only spied 4 or 5 '32 Plymouth's (and one turned out to be a miss labeled '31) at Back to the 50's last weekend out of 12,000 some cars.

    Keep up the good work. This is an awesome project, and I love the green.
  17. I have been very busy over the last week. I went to bowling green to sell parts in the swap meet. that went great I sold a crazy amount of parts. a lot of the parts I sold were from the car that im no longer using. then I started my emergency call rotation for the cath lab that I work in. im done with that friday morning. as far as work on the car goes I purchased a pit pal tool tray. I have been modifying it to suit my needs before I start my shifts. the 16" dot legal street tires were ordered. the switch panel that mounts to the roll bar came in. I installed the blower restraint straps on the engine. I ran to speedy metal to get some four series stainless so the steering rods can be made. some more tin work was done so the body can be fit again. this is just some of the things that are going on while still working full time plus several hours of over time. I plan on stopping at the shop before work tomorrow to get some fresh pics. I also plan on picking up the dash from john. he should have it pinstriped. I hope this update gets you by. every spare minute is directed to the car to get it done.
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  18. it pays to have connections. my son is a Chrysler engineer so he gets info on all things mopar real fast. the mopar roadkill race will be held on woodward ave this year. last year it was at the Pontiac silver dome. how cool will that be to race for $10,000 on the most iconic piece of street racers pavement. while I was at work today registration opened. knowing how fast it sells out he got me preregistered before it was full. a second trip to Detroit may happen soon. there is a chance the car will go into Chryslers wind tunnel for testing. we have some concerns about some things that the wind tunnel could shed some light on. that would be bad ass. some where along the way this build got serious. i don't know how it happened but it did.
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  19. 2MNYTYS
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    from MN

    Are the '31 and '32 bodies the same? There is a guy up here in MN selling a '32 body and I looked at the photos of it and a '31 and didn't see any notable differences.
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  20. volvobrynk
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    from Denmark

    I believe they are, except small change around heater intake and dash.
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  21. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    I'd have some concerns about that area as well...
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  22. I believe the 31's had a single piece windshield and 32's had a 2 piece split windshield. However, I am sure that varied depending on the body type or builder.
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  23. the 31s were made for 18 months. my car is titled as a 32 which is not uncommon. the main difference in the bodies is the front windshields. the early version has a one piece swing out. the later version is a dual swinging windshield. there is a split down the middle. they kind of look like a armored car to me. the other big change is the suicide doors on the later version. a rumble seat with a roll down rear window was a option on both early and late versions. the Chryslers had a rectangular rear window. the others had a football shaped rear window. starting in 31 the grilles were no longer flat. they started to look like a auburn.
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  24. im mostly concerned about air flow through the radiator. we want to know if there will be high or low pressure above the trunk that could result in a dead space over heating the engine. we also want to know if a drop down hinged scoop would help direct air under the car. a scoop that could be retracted for racing. we want to look at the visor to see how that effects things. the center of gravity is good. its right behind the dash. we want to see if there is lift at speed for both the front and rear end. the Chrysler wind tunnel has the capability of wind speeds up to 145mph before the tiles start getting blown off the walls. gms goes to 130mph.
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  25. There "should" be low pressure above the trunk lid, but see the quote below from Mr. von Braun for the caveat. I have been inside of Chrysler's wind tunnel. It is definitely an incredible piece of engineering hardware (and not that badly priced from a contract testing standpoint). Of course you have family on the inside, so hopefully they are willing to do it for the "marketing" benefits. PLEASE Post pictures if you get the opportunity.

    Good Luck
  26. yes with should being the key word. unfortunately no photos can be taken on the grounds is the general rule. I will ask the operator if I can get a few. there just cant be any secret stuff around. the guards at the gate put a foil sticker on your phone. when you pass through on the way out they look at the phone. if the foil is damaged or removed they go through your phones pics. we are looking to do the friends and family plan.
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  27. I stopped by johns after work to get the dash and helmet. It just amazes me what he can come up with. It looks like i will be in the shop tonight putting the gauges in. 20160624_173512.jpg 20160624_173521.jpg 20160624_173534.jpg
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  28. jerry
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    This just keeps getting better and better!

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  29. thanks jerry. visit the site tomorrow. things will look very different if we don't drop the body.
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  30. Having contacts on the inside certanly helps. When travelling on i- 75 in auborn hills mopars world headquarters can be seen. The big penstar is were the executive board room is located along with sergios office. Its a locked floor with only a few high level security guards having a key. People just dont get up there to look around and take pics. Its off limits. Thats were knowing the right guard comes in. This pic was taken inside the penstar with permission. It was early morning and dark outside thats why there is the strange reflection. Yours trully standing in the center of all things mopar. I have been to mecca. 20141101_082910.jpg 20150306_061325.jpg
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