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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. I dont have a answer for that. I do know whenever a valve pulls through a retainer we check for stretch. If its over .050 its junk.
    The spring rate on my set up is 340 lbs at 1.950 when a spring goes below 300 lbs its replaced. This is normal blown hemi alchohol or nitro specs. There is alot of pressure pushing on the back side of a big intake valve trying to keep it off the seat
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  2. 20211218_104108.jpg A ridgid hone cleaned up the sleeve bore. A torch heated the block. Wd-40 on the sleeve helps it go in. After lining up the index marks it was driven in. It was then pushed outside to cool. When it returned to a normal temp the sleeves were hit again. If its too hot the other sleeves can move up. Now they are set. Its time to surface the block. Here a few pics of the tools of the trade. 20211218_092433.jpg 20211218_093734.jpg 20211218_103917.jpg 20211218_104034.jpg 20211218_104043.jpg
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  3. Going through the process. .002 coming off. The new sleeve was brought down to deck level first. Then a pass was made over the whole deck. 20211218_115725.jpg
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  4. Johnboy34
    Joined: Jul 12, 2011
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    from Seattle,Wa

    How much can you keep taking off the deck & heads before compression changes or different pistons are needed? Thanks for taking the time to share all this.
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  5. That’s why there are so many different thickness head gaskets .
    A lot of tuning in a fuel engine is with the gaskets .
    And also,,,they are only milling a few thousandths off,,,,,that can be done many times .

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  6. Its only .005 total. Its not enough to make a difference. Once you get over .010 then thicker head gaskets can be used. The compression is only 6.5 so the pistons wont be a issue.
    Lowering the head that little bit wont effect the pushrods. There will be enough adjustment.
    O-rings seal the intake to the head so they can take up difference. The manifold bolt holes are slotted for many different combinatiins of deck heights.
    The parts used in these engines are designed to come apart and go back together easily. They also allow for tuning changes regarding deck height changes. Its not uncommon to run different thickness gaskers side to side. A thicker gasket will reduce heat on that side if the whole side is picking on the pistons.
    If one cylinder is getting picked on that hole can get a piston thats lower in compression. These measures are only taken if larger nozzles in that hole arent achieving the desired results.
    To run these nitro engines sometimes you do unconventional things that seem wrong yet they work. They are done by teams everyday.
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  7. Controlling cumbustion chamber heat is everything. Everyone has seen picks of firey explosions. This can happen when a piston gets a hole burned in it allowing oil to hit the chsmber. Other damage can occure to. Porcelain can burn off the plug. The trash gets under the valve or on the seat causing a big leak. The pistons can have their rings pinched again causing a leaking cylinder. Torched out head gaskets can occur to. Careful examination of the plugs can direct the tuner to make the right changes to make the engine live.
  8. Joe H
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    Joe H

    Years back when Nitro was starting out, what was the repair and daily operations like. Was it really different compared to todays work? I would suspect the materials and quality of parts have made life a little better.
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  9. The iron stuff was thrown away because it was hard or impossible to fix. Thats the beauty of a aluminum block. Repairs can be made.
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  10. Heres that nasty combustion chamber now. New o ring receiver grooves have been cut. Its a very delicate procedure to get them in correctly.
    The seats in the repaired chamber need to be replaced. They wont clean up unless the valve gets sunk. Overall lookin good. 20211218_210906.jpg
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  11. Nicholas Coe
    Joined: Jul 5, 2017
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    Nicholas Coe

    Beautiful work! Prettier than a new paint job. Thanks for the great thread. I'm learning so much here.
  12. fresh hops
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    fresh hops

    Very nice milestone, thanks for bringing us along.
  13. nrgwizard
    Joined: Aug 18, 2006
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    from Minn. uSA

    Thanks for posting all this. While I personally can't use the info, it's still very interesting to see & learn. Glad you're getting the hemi back together.
  14. I think that describes the majority of this thread for most on the hamb.
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  15. Johnboy34
    Joined: Jul 12, 2011
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    from Seattle,Wa

    It's just so interesting (amazing) to see what you have to go through to run something at this level! A level on the street that's mind boggling.
  16. nrgwizard
    Joined: Aug 18, 2006
    Posts: 1,614

    from Minn. uSA

    While there are some very good threads, & I do mean very good, on this board, I think this one is the most interesting & detailed one here. Partly due to the way you write, & the good detail of the pics, it feels like we have a seat right next to you, & are getting things "live". :) . & no matter what anybody says, there's nothing here that's "cookie-cutter", or "seen-it-all-before", or boring, :) . Meeting you in person during the Btt50's just reinforced the perception into reality. :D . The neat thing is, the thought process + detail/quality you manifest into reality can be applied to anything else.
  17. im very fortunate to have some friends that have some great skills. my buddy roger performed his machining magic. my other friend scott did the welding. these guys were part of the dale shur orange crate crew based in cedar falls iowa. we all spent many hot days working together on the dragster. when you spend time like that with a top team life long friendships are made. as a crew we fought side by side to field a dominate car. We all had our individual talents. so when a large project such as this presents itself the challenge is met with the same determination to succeed. we are still a team.
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  18. My friend and neighbor Jim Barton stopped by a few weeks ago. I mentioned i needed a wrist pin checker. He is a tool and die maker so he said let me see what i can come up with. Today he stopped by with this. Its so nice. He said Merry Christmas. All the flat surfaces were ground. Its a piece of jewelry. The pics dont do it justice. 20211222_175914.jpg 20211222_175907.jpg
  19. mohr hp
    Joined: Nov 18, 2009
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    mohr hp
    from Georgia

    Wow, you've got good friends there! So tired of flimsy tools. That ought to do it.
  20. GearheadsQCE
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    Alliance Vendor

    That is a really ugly pin :D
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  21. And its bent .003 i have new pistons and pins on order.
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  22. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    As a retired machinist I can say unequivocally that this took much more than a couple hours of work.
    Some good friends you have Brian!
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  23. He certainly went above and beyond what needed to be done. He is very proud of what he made and im very proud to own it. Jim is 76 and still works part time at a machine shop. He takes pride in everything he does. This tool will last me a life time.
  24. Great when you find people that take pride in their work! Doesn't happen enough today.
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  25. DaveyJonez
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    from Houston

    Are you looking to do Chaos w this combination? Exhibition? Fun w/ nitro in and of itself? Drag racing is goal oriented, what are your goals with this?
  26. The goal has been achieved. That was to build a six second street car on nitro. It needed to be able to go from gas to nitro then back to gas without shutting off the engine. It can do this seamlessly. The only goal left is to go 200mph. Its gone 189 so far.
  27. loudbang
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    Did you not read the whole thread and Drag Week coverage last year???
  28. I am sure with the right track conditions and everything working the 200mph is obtainable. Merry Christmas Brian.
  29. Dick Stevens
    Joined: Aug 7, 2012
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    Dick Stevens

    It's just a matter of time! No doubt in my mind that you will achieve that goal as well.
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  30. Well I'd go with time and money, Nitro racing ain't cheap or forgiving.

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