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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. i did have some deck damage in the past due to steam. i solved it by upgrading the center studs to 9/16ths. the torque value increased from100 lbs up to 130lbs. going higher on a cast block can pull the threads. this seems to have fixed that issue. the failure this time just seems to be simple rod failure. the crank and bearings were not black. the rod bolts were not broken. the piston was not stuck. that pretty much narrows it down. i dont think a lifter failure could cause this damage. although in a nitro engine anything is possible. its not a matter of if something will happen but more of how bad and when something will happen.
  2. squirrel
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    Do you keep track of how much time is on the rods? They fatigue with use....
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  3. They do require service. When you call a rod company and ask when should they be replaced the answer is always the same. Hopefully before it breaks. I replace my rods before the start of each year. This year was no exeption. They can be sent back for re sizing. They ventually go out of round. Grp will resize them they do this for free. I only had a few passes on these new rods. None were full passes. I use a stretch gauge on the bolts along with arp moly lube for the most accurate bolt torque. Something caused the failure that so far i cant explain.
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  4. mohr hp
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    mohr hp
    from Georgia

    Nitro is a cruel mistress. Hats off to you for sticking with it!
  5. 20210702_103040.jpg 20210702_103021.jpg 20210702_103048.jpg 20210702_103059.jpg 20210702_103111.jpg 20210702_105556.jpg 20210702_112039.jpg 20210702_114548.jpg I ran to iowa to work on the block. First up was getting the lifter bores round again. A slide hammer was used with a ball end of the correct size. It was run through several times down 7 and 8 lifter bores. A reamer was used next followed by a rabbit turd hone. The lifters move freely now.
    The blocks sleeve register took a hit on 8. The broken piece was removed. The areas that were roughed up were ground smooth. Solvent was sprayed and blown off to get rid of the oil. You cant weld dirty aluminum.
    The head was put in the mill and the cracks were removed. While this all looks nasty it can be fixed. After the head and register are welded the register will be cleaned up with a boring bar. The block will be heated and a new sleeve installed. A line bore check will happen and the block will be decked a few thousandths. The head will get the combustion chamber welded and cut. The head will get decked and new o rings cut. These pieces will live to fight another day.
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  6. Looking at your last two pictures I can see cracks from your spark plug holes to the valve seats. How hard are those to fix?
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  7. Thats a normal hemi thing. It most likely wont be touched. It doesnt go into water. It really depends on the guy welding it. He might do it just to do it.
  8. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

  9. Thats cool. Thanks for the heads up on that. The QA-1 marketing rep was at Back To The 50s. I gave her a bunch of photos to use. With the help of their tech guys mainly Trevor i have gotten my 60 foot times consistently under 1.20 using the QA-1 Mod Shocks. I fired the car on nitro for her. She said oh my i could feel it in my chest thats cool.
  10. Stogy
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    :rolleyes:...some tools just don't reach the level of receiving a sophisticated name but they still find a position on the Hemi Repair Team fulfilling important shit...I had a chuckle on that one Brian and got it immediately...:D

    Wild what's going on here with the rebuild...containing power and controlling it has incredible challenges without a doubt...and true to this Adventure your on.

    The ball shot thru the aluminum channel seems like a coining operation...I used to do Jet Wing building and coining was part of certain hole finishing/strengthening operations on aluminum structures as well as reaming and broaching in some cases...

    This engine shares many similar operations to the winged 600 mph cousins...
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  11. I use a tool similar tto the lifter tool on valve guides. It sets the liners before they are finish honed. My arsenal of special tools is rarely used luckily but essential to have.
  12. loudbang
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    From the Instagram :)

  13. lippy
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    from Ks

    You might want to talk to Dave Benjamin about a set of his rods. Just throwing this out there. PM if you want his cell #. Lippy
  14. I have been very happy with grp rods. This is the first rod failure i have had. I dont know for sure what caused the failure yet and may never know. The rod is going back to grp for examination. I dont want to place blame on them if i dont know. Grp has great customer service. I talk to Woodie when i call. Thanks for the info on Ben.
  15. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    Is the “Instagram” pic above from the new low 60’ and is that without the wheelie bars still?
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  16. The pic is from the fall out drags a few years ago.
    At that time the four link anti squat was 44 percent. The body was rolling over to the right. The tires were getting smashed into the track. The shocks couldnt control the power.
    Last labor day i changed the anti squat to 99 percent. Bingo lower consistant 60 foot times.
    Scaling the car is well worth the effort.
    I dont use wheelie bars. The front wheels hardly come off the ground at the hit.
  17. mcmopar
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    from Strum, wi

    If you need a set of rods, I have the exact same set as you, setting at the shop by your house. Let me now if ya need them.

  18. Thanks for the offed. I have rods from last year i can use. Tbey have very little run time on them. The only parts i need are two pairs of lifters and a cam.
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  19. tricky steve
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    tricky steve
    from fenton,mo.

    HOLY SHIT BATMAN! You're a BEAST Brian ! Man I wish I had 10% of your drive. Good luck on the repairs, really, really hope to see you on drag week this year.. I know it's a stretch,and a TON of work..
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  20. While im waiting for the block to be fixed i started on the 66. I reconfigured the mounting plates for the bolt in Lakewood roll bar. This three point bar was quickly made illegal for racing. Its a rare find today. The bars were all the same they just took different mounting plates. Mine were for a Firebird unibody. The bar goes to the powder coated monday. The bottom of the plates have the original paint on them. It should make for a easy color match. The icing on the cake is that i have a original nos sticker for it.
    The 427 was stuck do to stitting 35 years. I was able to remove the pistons without damage. Two pistons had stuck rings. The dimple rods are 3/8 bolts. Im going to put in some 454 7/16 bolt rods because i know what im going to do with the car. The engine goes to the machine shop monday for inspection and acid tanking.
    The ansen safety bellhousing and four speed frame braces are at the powdercoaters now. There is no end to all the work. It is fun to see progress 20210426_093351.jpg 20210426_093430.jpg
  21. Too bad you didn’t have any tear down pics of the 427,,,,that would have been interesting .

  22. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    For a little bump. Back and in 95 or 6 me and my best friend were wrapped up in vintage drag boat tomfoolery the equivalent of street racing. One time at the shop whilst mid big jump up grade of the big block Chrysler we had Herb McCandless on the other end of the line giving us a free of charge lecture. He was quite disapproving of are lesser choice in rods given wallet constraints. It still resonates with me and my rule stretching friend till this day. He basically expressed if we refused to heed his vast wisdom or rather experience and hard earned expertise and not pause to get a superior rod set in the bottom end that we could however. Take a large marker and put a big hash mark on the wall every time we ran the engine. If we were to make it to a dozen or so we could have a foolish sense of proving him wrong and pridefully call him back to purchase a new stronger set of rods and all the other parts we broke and needed now. It didn’t matter to him how we arrived at learning what he already knew.
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  23. I had a similar conversation with Herb. It was over a stroker crank. He said no one has the money to do it right the first time. But they always find it the second time. I have never forgotten that.
    When your building one engine thats all the experience you have. When your customer base is in thousands the feed back on what is and isnt working is tremendous. Not only did he have a ton of experience when he raced he had continuous r and d going on with indy cylinder head. I had the very first raw casting prototype stack injector. I built it into what is now offered by indy cylinder head. The biggest wedge injector was a hilborn with a 2.090 bore. I built the indy to run a 2 7/8 bore. It had removable castings that held the butterflies and shafts. Different castings had different bores. It was like changing cfms on carbs. I experimented with a lot of wedge stuff. I got to the point were i split three wedge block in one summer. The wedge block in its most powerful offering was 425 hp. It was never designed for todays power advancements. Indy heads can make a thousand. After that summer i went with aluminum kbs and never looked back. I still talk to Herb when issues come up. I just listen and do what he says. I just dont talk nitro. He had a very bad experience with it and doesnt like it.
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  24. Updates on the car. I finally got the new cam this week. I also got the crank back i sent out in January. What i dont have is time. Im on call for the hospital next week for a full week. There is no time to get it back together for Drag Week. With it being so late in the year now i dont think i will run the car anymore this year. My focus is now on the 57 barn find Vette and my frame off day two 66 Chevelle. The both have seperate threads going.

    Barn find 57 vette

    Look what followed me home.
    Check them out.
  25. loudbang
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    While you are waiting, a bump with a photo found on the net. :)

    1 Brian 1.jpg
  26. Im getting ahead of the parts delays. I just ordered rods. They went up 200.00 and will take twelve weeks to ship. Im glad im starting early for next year. I will see what kind of shock is in store when i order a set of pistons and rings.
  27. Not only the price, but getting them made. Takes forever to get custom pistons and rings these days - just a fact of life I guess. Best of luck, say 'Hi!' to Randy for me when you see him - he's a heck of a solid dude.
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  28. I use off the shelf je pistons for just that reason. I have about 12 spares on hand and want to start the season with a fresh set. bearings are ordered by the tray they are available for now. I will get a few on hand.
  29. I stopped by my buddy out in Lannon and he and Jerry Newman were shooting the breeze. Fun to listen to Nitro stories for a good hour.
  30. And you didnt call me. I have stories.

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