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Projects rebuilding after the crash

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. lippy
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    from Ks

    I tell guys who are not sure, perfectly sure of themselves to start out with injected nitro. You can use the sparkplugs as fuses. :D
  2. 1F80F03E-F88B-4F5E-97EA-491C16FD8644.jpeg 39F8EB6E-3705-41A8-AFEF-A3FE268AB344.jpeg Just got my shirt from Brian,,,,,,It looks great .
    It’s a top quality shirt with an excellent quality iron on ,,,,,on the front and back .
    Front is car picture,,,back is name and class designation.
    Thank you Brian !

  3. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    I am guessing you had flipped the pump gear to take that picture. Now that the converter will fit farther in, will that put your flex plate spacing back were is was?
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  4. The pump gears can't be flipped. I brought the pump housing to bruno. He ground new gears to match the pumps depth. To get the right clearances the bellhousing was modified. The large bumps were milled off. Now that the converter seats deeper the mid plate spacer can be removed. Life is good again. I have been working on the 66 chevelle lately. It's getting a nos drivers side full quarter and floors. It's completely apart. Its past the cut off date for the hamb so I'm only posting pics one time of it. The shop is finally getting some time to. The big insulation project is mostly completed. Next race the fall out drags the first weekend in october. Rockfalls raceway. 20200914_191749.jpg 20200915_135602.jpg 20200916_212614.jpg 20200919_191106.jpg 20200919_191052.jpg
  5. ROADSTER1927
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    Looking great Brian, all project progress is what it is all about! Gary:)
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  6. wrenchbender
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    Looking good brian glad your installing quarters before taking it off the frame it is always best to do that on the frame shop looks nice too insulation will be nice in the cold winter months

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  7. Body work is not something I have a lot of experience in. I consulted a few friends before I started. I need to do the drivers full quarter and trunk floors.
    The question I had for these guys do I seperate the body and frame first. I have a rotticery and do the floors first. Or leave the body on the frame and do the quarter first. They all said do the quarter first it's on a stable platform. I will put new rubber body bushings in before it goes on. The trunk; door with new pins and bushings and fender will go on before any welding is done. The whole drivers side will be on to align everything. I will work on the floor next with the body off. It's getting a new floor from the firewall to the bumper. That's alot of work but it's the best way to fix what I have going on. Several small spots and I dont want a patched up mess.
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  8. My shop is 36x80. That's alot to heat. I sectioned it off to a 36x50 with the wall. This area has the heating tubes in the floor. I have suffered without heat for too many years. I only work out here if its 30 degrees or above. The insulating will pay off next summer when I put in the ac.
  9. Hemi Joel
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    Hemi Joel
    from Minnesota

    Did you miss the fall out?
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  10. No. Still insulating the shop. Doing the ceiling today.
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