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Projects Rear T spring on A

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by chiliman, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Groovybaby6
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    from Denver

    Doane Spencer used one on his '32 so it must work!
  2. jr9162
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    What did you use to adapt the Merkcruiser to the 86 F100 tranny?
  3. RainierHooker
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    from Tacoma, WA

    Just for a visual, here's my tub with 650-16 tires and 3 1/2" Drop Axle up front, and 700-17s and the stock A spring out back...


    ...and the same but with the Model T spring minus the second-to-largest leaf in back...


    ...It is a small but noticeable drop.
  4. I used a T spring under my A bone. It did require some work. Firstly I had the main leaf shortened a tiny bit and the eyes re-rolled as the spring was bit wide for my diff and the shackles sat at a steep angle. After the shortening the shackles sit at a nice 45 degree angle. This may or may not matter in your case as my spring perches had been welded on.

    Next we machined up a set of spacers on the lathe to accommodate the difference in spring width when using the stock A shackles. I also had a set of brass spring bushings pressed in at the spring shop which we reamed to fit the A shackles.

    Then we milled up a small pair of spacers/spring pads that where rosette welded into the rear crossmember under the U bolts to correct the difference in spring and crossmember arcs and afford a nice solid place for the spring to rest inside the crossmember and bolt up nice and snug as it should.

    Lastly I used a set of stock Model T 2" spring retaining pads on the U bolts as they had a provision to hold the spring centred and the correct angle to fit nicely on the spring and worked perfectly with the Model A U bolts

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  5. orangeamcs
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    I'm getting ready to lower the back of my roadster and have been thinking of a t spring. Which one do you use? I see a bunch of different spring packs listed for the t that are different number of leaves. Do you just use whatever you can get then remove leaves until you get ur tons it where you want?. The other option I have considered is possibly reverse eyeing my stock a main leaf or purchasing a reverse eye main from a-springs. Then assembling pack with a few less leaves. From what I can tell it should do the same thing. Is my thinking correct on this.

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