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Features RARE flathead heads Let´s see some

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Dusters swe, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Full Edmunds dressed 60 & a Simca Vedette 60

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  2. 99BB0840-EEC3-4A01-87DE-C1CFD88E23BC.jpeg How about this conversion on an English Ford 10hp flathead 51A7D827-C23C-4C24-838F-DEA5F6BCAE8B.jpeg 51A7D827-C23C-4C24-838F-DEA5F6BCAE8B.jpeg

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  3. 93BC8579-5AA1-41FB-9B49-26B84E89451B.jpeg 543C1D90-D6D5-4092-A592-59660E888EFD.jpeg FC57AA20-D5C0-4762-B227-AC6051528A62.jpeg But wait there’s more
  4. The above cam pic is Not an L100 but a hand made cam that came out of an engine in New Zealand no known info on it
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  5. 5FC139C0-64D4-4409-8588-F04658F6593C.jpeg 5D05A24D-BCB4-412A-834E-006819AD9AFE.jpeg A7292F27-4E88-481A-8E25-472766CCF6E4.jpeg Different
    NOS on the Parker heads
  6. 75E3F7AB-73B5-41AC-8115-16F82B0C45CA.jpeg 1ECA8F6C-8E10-4354-B0B8-AF7C3E406342.jpeg 06CB8C2A-7CF6-442E-B01D-13832AD4F918.jpeg This shit seems piled every where
    I know I have a bad sickness
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  7. joe1932
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    from ny

  8. V860too
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  9. V860too
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    I know where that 60 is now.
    Will soon be replaced with a BIGGER BADDER 60
  10. V860too
    Joined: Apr 20, 2016
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    Unless you have a TIME Machine, Vic Sr passed away in 1962...
    So hiw could he have built a 60 using modern AN fittings????
    Why must people LIE to feel important?
  11. Joez
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    What a sleaseball scumbag piece of shit. Guess he had a SOB story to buyer he needed money for bail, to get Mom out of jail too!. Wow.
  12. Joez
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    All these are beautiful! This site killing me time wise so much to look at and not enough time to look feel like "Crazy Eddie" going Insane.
  13. Idlewild
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    from Denver, CO

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  14. dmdeaton
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    I have a older set of Offy's with the shallow tapped plug holes. What is the proper plug depth on a aftermarket head? H10C's screwed into the head and the electrode seems to me a little short in the hole. Reason for asking is I am about to Timesert all 8 holes as a couple have older helicoil repairs. I will take a pic of the heads and post in a few.
  15. I haven't followed this entire thread but these Federal Mogul's are fairly rare.....
  16. ETriggs
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    from Alabama

    My Fenton heads. Not many of these around anymore I believe.

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  17. 97
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    Ted Thompson had something similar , he thought it was either a Ron Hogan or Mundell and Slaughter experimental cam. I saw it in the 70s at his place in West Auckland. I know someone who got a load of his stuff after he passed, I will ask if that camshaft was in the pile. It had ES 2 or FS 2 or something similar stamped in the timing gear end of it. ... and had the fuel pump lobe ground off. Jeez the 70s feel like a long time ago.

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