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Rare factory"Options"

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Trichop, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Maybe not a factory option
    While on a trip, I saw a Superbird Daytona convertible, it was owned by a Chrysler engineer who work on the design team for the Superbird. He told me that the car was title under him and Chrysler and had to be return to the factory when the car could no longer be registered under his name and if the car was not registered it had to be returned back to the factory. It was sort of like a retirement gift. I think that he designed the convertible for himself.
  2. lumpy 63
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    lumpy 63

    Back in the 80s a buddy of mine had a 65 nova wagon with 250 hp 327 factory air and a 12 bolt posi. So rusty we parted it out. He still has the 327 nova block and the 12 bolt
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  3. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    Is this the car? It was called the "Supercharger", a show car built for the 1969 show circuit. A few engineers were given permission to take the car out for short trips. :cool:

    56560648_10158533593874762_6112730655487950848_o.jpg 57073703_10158533609474762_4659459953273077760_n.jpg 56716129_10158533609374762_4287680467370508288_n.jpg 56523235_10158533609384762_7697655286579855360_n.jpg
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  4. My first car was '65 Fairlane Sport Coupe with C4 auto, floor shift, 8" rear with 300 gear, but came new with a 200 6cyl, all the V8 stuff without the V8, go figure....:confused::D
  5. els
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    I can remember a glass prism, round in shape on top of the dash. it would reflect a traffic light down to the dash so you could see the traffic light change. if you had a large windshield visor on top of the car, you could not see the traffic light. in fathers early fifties Chrysler.
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  6. 56cadillackid
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    from new york

    1960 impala 2 door heavily optioned with factory air conditioning and an inline 6 20180804_151200.jpeg

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  7. 56cadillackid
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    from new york

    1954 Chrysler New Yorker with factory air conditioning and these cool vents on the rear quarters the owner said it took up almost half the trunk. 20180712_161052.jpeg

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  8. Dixon Bastie
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    Dixon Bastie

    Not a super rare factory accessory conpared to others, but my heavily-optioned 58 Edsel Citation was built with an "Autoluber" system. I restored it and reinstalled it on the car for looks only. When I show the car, I get, "What the hell - is that a tomato juice can on the inner fender?!" As most of you guys know, the small grease cannister looks like a juice can painted black.
    I usually chuckle and tell them it's the nitrous bottle for the 475.
    You should see the expressions that follow that .......
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  9. Boneyard51
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    Yep! Ha ... I went back and fixed it! But didn’t ruin it!

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  10. Tickety Boo
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    Tickety Boo
    from Wisconsin

    This was not the one in Manitowoc in 1972. This Daytona had a standard size windshield, with a convertible top also with a white strip and a tall wing . The tall wing made it look odd o_O
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  11. foolthrottle
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    Years ago I heard about export 53/54 Chryslers with 331 hemi, 2x4, 3 speed manual, and experimental disc brakes from a limo. the odd disc brake set up exists, but I have never seen it installed on a car.

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  12. LAROKE
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    General MacArthur's staff car on display at his museum in Norfolk has that disk brake system.
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  13. May have already been mentioned in this thread (now 22 pages!), but my '64 Galaxie had the fairly rare T-Bird "Slide-Away" steering wheel option...... cars from my past.jpg
  14. ................Do we file that in the "urban legend" tray?:D
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  15. 1953 chevy
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    1953 chevy
    from tucson

    Bought a 56 cadillac front hood support broken had a plate on there thought it was a repair but was held on by one wing nut looked at allot of caddy never seen this plate so I replaced the broken support but curiosity got me on the plate I took it off and the keys to the car were under it. I guess a factory hide a key? Not sure can't find this option anywhere maybe someone has seen this. 20190810_194935.jpeg 20190810_194922.jpeg Message_1565477106573.jpeg

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  16. Tri-power37
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    My 58 Edsel has a column lever shift instead of Teletouch - it is pretty rare. Of course it is stolen from the Ford parts bin and greatly resembles this 58 t-bird column shift (not my car found the picture online).
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