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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rainhater1, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. Doc Watson is right on both of his replies. We had a couple of dirtbags get a bit "touchy" at a show, when an older guy told them where we stood, the guy puffed out his chest, so a few of us went over and backed him up. The situation was handled and nobody got hurt.

    Make some friends at a show and enforce politeness as a group. It works for us.
  2. 48FordFanatic
    Joined: Feb 26, 2011
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    from Maine

    Hey watch those throat punches. When I was a freshman in high school I was small ( height wise smart ass ) . There was a guy who kept taunting me ( bullying today) . One day I had enough and threw my first ever punch. Not only was I short , I was a bad shot as well. I was trying for the jaw but hit the guy square in the adams apple area. He went down like a sack of shit. He ended up in the emergency room ....I ended up in detention hell.

    The upside is that he stayed clear of me for the next 4 years.
  3. Racewriter
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    And what's the downside to this story?
  4. magoozi
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    from san diego

    This is the results of kids being brought up by the tv and video games and not their parents, they are too busy making money to buy all things they don't really need, funny, the one thing money can't buy is manners, it has to be nursed.
  5. Racewriter
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    There are lots of ways to solve problems. A few years ago at a ballgame, some young parents had their charming little whelp right behind me. Said kid was waving his bag of cotton candy around, hitting me in the head, and then started tossing popcorn on my head. The first time I turned around, I was polite. By the third, I said, "Control your fucking kid or I will." The father, wanting to be Billy Bad Ass, stood up and started some threatening motion. I still don't know what he was going to do because when he stood up, I reached out and squeezed his nuts Tony Soprano style. When my wife and I left our seats he was barfing into Junior's popcorn bucket. We found some other seats and watched the rest of the ballgame.
  6. Boeing Bomber
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    Boeing Bomber

    I have an EVIL EYE stare that can freeze a kid in his tracks. My Girlfriend caught me using it once on a noisy kid in a dept. store, and now she uses it on ME.
  7. Racewriter
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    Don't fool yourself. Women are born with that stare. They just choose when to reveal it.
  8. ffr1222k
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    The wrong guy was punished....
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    There is an old biker saying,....LAWS & BONES ARE MADE TO BREAK. (enough said)
  10. jipp
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    im the son of a single mom. oldest of three.. i was the result of a rape.. i will admit to being umm a wild child.. but i can tell you my mom kept me under control around her... if i did not do what she said she had this 2" wide leather hippie belt with butterfly's and cute little things. haha.. and yeah she would use it on my back side.

    i doubt many kids have had a deserved belt to the back side in 20 years cause of fear of jail. crazy times. worse part about the belt, mom would make me go get it for her to beat me with it,t hen ask me why i was getting t he beating.. then to top it off id have to put it back in her closet. i did try to get smart and hide it once.. that made things way worse instead of a sorta soft leather belt i got a coat hanger.. safe to say thte belt never went missing again.. and i love my moms. no disrespected or remorse or ill well.. for how she punish me i deserved it.. id probably be in prison by now if it was not for her keeping me some what under control.. motorcycle accident is what cut my balls ( figure of speech women :D ) off and im a good little cow now.
  11. My ass still hurts from my childhood discipline....and I am pushin' 50! :) We had the same problem a few years ago at our show. The company that supported us handed out free frisbee's..WTF! We immediately created the frisbee toss! My wife had two hula hoops for my girls to play with, and walla...a very cool game for the kids at the show was born! Us car guys cringed when we saw frisbee's and kids at a car show! The very next show we roped off an area for the kids! We introduced the fan belt toss, pushrod drop, valve cover races, face painting etc...Kids today need positive parental involvement (short attention spans) and cool stuff to do at shows. Of course, when we were young you could gave us a Tonka truck and a dirt pile and be good for the day! Our goal should be to take a negative and turn it into a time get off your chair and be creative with the little ones! :)
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2011
  12. I'd a had to explain to him that the only thing that was saving his ass was that I can't chase him. ;)

    Not all young people have there heads up their ass, but yes there is a certain faction that need an extraction before they suffocate. If your car came out unscathed you should probably just calk it up to some of us not being good parents, and the next generation learning parenting from those of us that had our heads up our ass.

    Life goes on.
  13. Demon Seed
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    Demon Seed
    from BF-AZ

    The Run to the Pines show has its problems. To begin with its run by the host club "Rest Stop Rodders" who aren't really a club at all. They're just a bunch of unorganized guys who put on a show once a year. That said, what you should have done was talk to one of the staff and let THEM handle it. There is no way they want someone to lodge a complaint because they allowed someone's kids to damage your car. Knowing most of those guys, they would have stopped it or kicked the offending participant out.

    Unfortunately there was a total lack of "following their own rules" at that show. The "no dogs" rule was a joke. That came about because a small girl was bitten in the face two years ago by some joker who brought his dog to the Show Low Days show.

    Now, if you want to attend another show where I guarantee that crap won't happen, come to the "Cruisin the Rim" show next June during Show Low Days. That show will be run by the "Rim Country Cruisers" and will be in a new location that can hold up to 700 cars and 200 vendors. Most importantly... its no longer associated with the local Chamber of Commerce so instead of a bunch of pencil pushers running things, real car people will be in charge.
  14. 94hoghead
    Joined: Jun 1, 2007
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    Best answer so far.....
  15. brad chevy
    Joined: Nov 22, 2009
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    brad chevy

    The best way to take care of bad parents like that is to make them look really bad in front of their little unruly,undiciplined brats. Respect is taught at home. Without consequences to doing something wrong most will end up just like their parents. The comment about just leave at the 1st sign of trouble.What a wuss.
  16. 94hoghead
    Joined: Jun 1, 2007
    Posts: 1,290


    . i was the result of a rape..

    Whoa, Dude....too much information...
  17. When I was in my teens I lipped of my Mom one time. I got an open handed slap across the face big time. Wanting to get in the last word I said, "why don't you slap the other cheek". Bad move on my part. Taught me to think before I speak. Parents today are too lax with disciplining their kids. They aren't helping their kids.
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