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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Spooky, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Spooky
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    Howza my Friends/Fiends!

    On June 10th, at All American Classics, a counter legend will answer the phones for one last time. Forrest A. Lee started at AAC in 1994, he was tapped by Connie “CT” Toedtli to come aboard and work the yard. AAC was five years in by then and growth was becoming rapid. Fresh from Lackamas Valley Milling, “FL” was used to hard work and with his work ethic it was just what AAC needed.

    Working in a wrecking yard is especially hard and the tasks at hand in a newly developed company provided many challenges. Cars to be stood upon wheel stands, then the expansion and tree to be planted around the perimeter to create a barrier between the surrounding properties and AAC. To make the yard more consumer friendly, gravel was laid down for the cars to rest upon and again more endless days of work, 6 days a week in the early years were not uncommon and in between these tasks, there were parts pulls for customers to perform.

    “It’s like you say, “says Forrest, “in the early days we really did not have the space between cars to, say, pull a rear axle, a transmission. We did not have the space to get the forklift to the cars either. “

    “Oh no, in the early days the car would be lifted by a jack and then a pair of us would bring the parts out, hoisted above our shoulders to the main road before being able to move it easily.”

    Then one day, Todd asked Forrest to come up front and become a counter man and his second chapter began.

    Anyone who has called All American Classics know the voice on the other end when they hear, “Forrest speaking,” because he has done so for 2 decades. 24 years at the same job. Diligently doing so as his dedication to the Toedtli family business and his appreciation of the hobby have kept him driven to do as such.

    One of my first encounters with “FL” was in 2004 when I was in search of a set of poverty caps for my ’63 Econoline pick up truck. I wanted a set that had some wear and looked the part of a working truck. I signed in as I was instructed and made my way into the yard and after about 30 minutes came up front with some mediocre ’61 Fairlane hubcaps. Dings, scratches, etc. When I placed them upon the counter, Forrest looked them over then said,

    “Could you have found any that were damaged more? $20!”

    That right there is Forrest.

    “He has been the most loyal and conscientious employee that any business could ever hope to have. We have been very fortunate to have him for 26 years. “said Todd, manager of All American Classics. “He will be moving to the other side of the country. Forrest does not do any social media, and will probably not be very impressed with my post, but I know that we are going to have a lot of customers sad that they did not get a chance to wish him well before he leaves. So here is your chance, come in and wish Forrest well before he leaves.”

    He is moving way down south with his beloved family. We all wish him the best and if you are nearby, drop on in and shake his hand and give him a thank you-

    Thank you Forrest, you will be missed.

    -Written by Mark Karol-Chik

    June 5, 2020

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  2. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    Known and dealt with Forrest for decades. Good man, very knowledgeable, straight shooter.
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  3. BuckeyeBuicks
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    from ohio

    It sounds like you were very lucky to have such a great guy and loyal employee all these years. I am sure he will miss working at your place as much as you will miss him. I hope he will enjoy his retirement as much as I do, after packing mail up and down the streets all those years I have to say retirement is the best job I ever had:D
    Here's to you Forrest, I am always happy to hear another working man made it! I never turn down the chance to raise a glass in salute and I am honored to toast your retirement!!!
  4. Nicholas Coe
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    Nicholas Coe
    from Tontitown

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  5. Congrats, Forrest. Enjoy your retirement. fl.jpg
  6. catdad49
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    Spooky, Thank You for the Tribute to your Friend Forrest! Forrest, Congratulations on your well earned retirement. Stay Happy, Stay Busy and Enjoy!
  7. Cool......ran yards as well as a Saturday hats off for the counter time - enjoy your time off !
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  8. Wow, I remember when he first started. A clean shaven nice young man. Look what happened to ya. 26 years, dang did that go fast! Looks like I'm going to buddy up to a new counter man. You'll be missed my friend, there's only One Forrest, (Thank God).
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  9. saltracer219
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    I had the honor of working with Forrest for several years and I have to say that he is one of the most honest and loyal people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with and call my friend. Best of luck to you Forrest, all the best to you and yours in your new adventure!

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