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Technical Radir slick opinions

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TRENDZ, May 18, 2020.

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    Interested in hearing opinions on Radir slicks.
    Would you consider them a serious drag slick or more of a “correct look” type of tire?
    Could these tires be expected to work on a 8 or 9 second drag car?
    Are they well made? Balance out OK?
    Circumferences consistent? Sidewalls stiff or soft?
  2. there are many threads about this. the radir can be a serious drag tire if used correctly. first don't mount them with tubes. this allows the sidewall to flex. get the tire flat this requires a nice big burnout or two. run the tires at the lowest tire pressure you can without having the car get loose. the use of a tire softener is highly recommended at the track. do a big burnout to get some heat in the tires before a run. they made good street tires to. I have put thousands of miles on these tires. they are not recaps and are the best on the market.
  3. badvolvo
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    I love mine, but I don't consider them a real slick. Cheater slick they are, but a good set of modern slicks are a whole different beast. I have put quite a few miles on them, work well with the bias front tires.
    I don't have tubes, but 7" wide is not enough to hook my 377" Vette.
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  4. Mike VV
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    Mike VV
    from SoCal

    8 or 9 second tire...not on your life..!
    I'd say 12, maybe 11 second at the most. You need...traction to go that fast. You aren't going to get that sort of traction with that tire, not even on an NHRA prepped race track..!

    You want to go that fast, get a real tire.
    You want some type of nostalgia, get an M&H tire. Old name, should take you to an 8 or 9sec. e.t. and be safe at the same time.

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  5. I think that the problem is that we want the look of a period piecrust slick with the performance of a top fuel rated tire. They work fine if you expect them to perform like they look. If you are expecting a modern racing tire you are whistling in the wind.

    I better stop here I feel a rant coming on. LOL
  6. With the issues they have had filling orders...Has anyone actually ordered any lately and was the order filled promptly? And what was the mfg date on said tire?

    Just curious....
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  7. badvolvo
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    Get your rant on, what else we got to do today.
    My Vette goes a best of 12.25 on Radir, 11:90's on Hoosiers (1" wider - 1" taller). All made up in the first 60'. It is 356 hp to the wheels, per local chassis dyno. The Dyno operator tells me those are the loudest "slicks" he's heard on the dyno. HAMBDRAGS2019.jpg
  8. I went 8.96 with a set of 10 inch tires on my 65 dodge altered wheelbase car. they work just fine.
  9. 1971BB427
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    from Oregon

    Just get two sets of slicks if your car is a street/strip car. That's what I've done as I love the pie crust look, but my
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  10. no tire regardless of the style used will never make a car go fast with a improper suspension. the modern slicks will hook harder that's a given. with a properly set up suspension and prepping the tires like I said a set of radirs can give most guys a run for their money. the simple fact is most guys have never taken the time to get their car right. the modern slicks have been acting like a band aid them. they then put on a set of radirs and whine that they don't work good. its not the tire its the car. as far as statement saying they are unsafe is complete b.s. i should add garlitts went over 200mph with the wedge powered dragster.
  11. Here is a look at my no hooking non wrinkling non safe radirs. Let's see your picks to back up the trash talk. 20130717_102449.jpg
  12. Super/Stock Poncho
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    Super/Stock Poncho
    from Missouri

    I wanted to place an order for 8.5" cheaters back in March. Rich said non were available and he would call me when being produced. I called a month later and he said still not ready to take an order. Lost my business. Got mine from Towel City two weeks after ordering.
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  13. TRENDZ
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    This will be a more tunable chassis than most cars. I can make a chassis work. My last (OT)car was a high 8 sec street car on 10.5s
    My concern was more with being a quality tire that I don’t have to send back and forth because they are lumpy or come apart, wide range of rollout etc...
  14. adam401
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    Fuck yeah!
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  15. And the car in the pic was a stick
  16. TRENDZ
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    This will be a clutchflite
  17. When they get mounted and balanced find a shop that has a hunter brand road balancer. It's worth the effort to set them up using that equipment.
    The tire softener ingredients I use to make one gallon is the following recipe.
    1/2 gallon of diesel fuel
    1/4 gallon of lacquer thinner
    1/4 gallon of dextron trans fluid
    Do not use synthetic trans fluid
    Do not use the safer enviro friendly lacquer thinner. Use the regular shop line.
    Jack up the car
    Pour into a rag. Or use a squirt bottle
    With gloves on work into the tire wiping it in
    When the tires stop absorbing the juice usually after a few applications let them sit overnight. Wrapping them with plastic intensifies the effect. This is good for a few passes. I personally retreat after each pass with a quick wipe down. Durometer readings will go from high forties to high to mid thirties. A new set of m and h sticks is at a low to mid thirty reading. The nice thing is after a few passes the tires return to their original hardness for good wear on the street.
    I was the tire tester for radir and this tire prep was the best for them. The go cart guys use similar preps. It also works great on old used slicks to put some life back into them. Wear gloves when applying and wash your hands after your done.
    Other chemicals added to the brew can include brake fluid and nitro but I wouldn't recommend it unless you have experience. A durometer is helpful to keep track of the brews effect. Once the tires are treated the only downfall to them is the weight. They are heavy compared to a new slick
    Disclaimer: I can't be held responsible for broken axles; driveshafts; burned out clutches; ripped off wheel studs or any other damage to the car or persons using tire prep. It does a amazing job improving traction.
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  18. I have used Brian's formula many many times when I was running the Radir 10 inch slicks. My coupe went deep into the 10's with them. It works, and Radirs work. I now run a Modern slick, mostly because the coupe has evolved into a low 9 second machine. However I still have the Radirs, and use them occasionally . Great tire period.
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  19. wrenchbender
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    I wondered how long it was gonna be before there was another one of these threads I will add my opinion here the radir slicks are the best pie crust tires on the market and I can personally say I watched Brian run well over 150 mph on them in his afx dodge and I have seen his coupe pull the front wheels using radirs I have run pie crust tires on all the cars I have built in the last 10 years and tried them all I wouldn’t use a hurst on my lawn mower I would be afraid it would come apart and kill me I’ve used the towel city ones too but they were on a street car but if you are wanting a actual tire designed for racing and are all new then radirs are the one to use I will also use Brian’s tire brew it really helps them hook and I think if you want a period correct tire that will hook then the radir is your only choice

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  20. Now you sound like my old man. He always said if your motor won't go 10 make your chassis go 10. Tuning a chassis is like any other tuning it is an art and takes a little patience.

    I didn't read the unsafe statement, maybe I should but I didn't. I think that a lot of people who grew up with modern tires grew up with speed ratings. I don't pay much attention to them, ya know what they say ignorance is bliss and I am the blissest you are ever gonna meet. (someone please tell the boss I cleaned that one up. :) )

    I am not a driver as most people already know, I drive better than probably 80% of the people reading this so not a driver is relative. I have driven tires that have shook apart and others that were like driving on ice. Not safe, in any situation is pilot dependent as much as the equipment. I can build a car that will stand up and cut a straight line, anyone can, its just nuts n bolts. The driver still needs to be able to hang onto it.
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