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Hot Rods Radiator cap part number?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Michigander, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. This is driving me nuts. I want to walk into Carquest, NAPA, etc. and buy a radiator cap, but without a part number they are lost. It would be a Ford pass-car radiator 1937- 48 (not pickup) with either a 4 lbs. or 7 lbs. rating. Stant or whomever. Any part numbers?

    Otherwise, it's ordering through Mac's and waiting.
  2. Have you lookd at rockauto's? They usually have the parts's numbers.
  3. squirrel
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    probably the reason you can't find it at the parts store, is because they don't sell them any more. Rock Auto doesn't list it either.

    Happy waiting
  4. Try Bob Drake #78-8100-B.
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  5. Ordering is always on option, but walking in and buying one locally is the question. Perhaps the correct part will cross to a newer application, say farm tractor or something.

    All online part numbers are the old Ford PNs suppliers like to reuse that don't cross to a common generic part number.
  6. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
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  7. you sure it's not a pick up....or industrial Ford radiator....?
  8. thorpe31
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    from nor-cal

    Stant R5 4lbs and R6 7lbs fit a 1" deep neck
  9. The pickup uses the smaller ID cap, for the 'A' size neck. Pass cars thru 1948 use the 'B' size neck. Just can't find one with a seal deeper than 3/4".
  10. Budget36
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    My buddy had the same issue, I'll see if I can track him down, but he put something in the neck so a "modern" cap pressure thingy <<<tech term there, would seal.
  11. I believe those are for the smaller 'A' size neck.
  12. I suppose a flat rubber washer/seal would help, as long as it doesn't block the overflow pipe.
  13. thorpe31
    Joined: May 4, 2011
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    from nor-cal

    Stant R7, 4lbs, 3/4 deep 2.1 dia neck in on my 39.
    I can only vouch for the last 20 years
  14. cometman98006
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    you might try a good radiator shop. I just had my '41 chev pickup radiator recored and they gave me a new 7 lb cap.

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