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Hot Rods Racing at George Ray's who's interested

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Blacktop Graffiti
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    Blacktop Graffiti

    I can't freaking wait!!!

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  2. 1083 miles. I hope I can make this workout.

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  3. We hope to see you there. It will be worth the drive. You will go back home with stories.
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  4. loudbang
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  5. He kept cows in the fieldsduring theweek
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  6. lake_harley
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    When I was in my teens, about 50 years ago, our (somewhat) local dragstrip, Ste. Genevieve Dragstrip was about what George's track still is today. Eventually Ste. Gen. got a Christmas tree, but the first couple years when I could talk my sister into taking me they still had a flagman, and somebody at the finish to indicate the win.

    I only live about 2 hours or less from George Ray's, and have been past it several time picking up some steel from my supplier what is just down the road. I have always wanted to go to races there and this might just be what I needed to make the trip.

    Several years ago, 10, 12, maybe more, Hot Rod Magazine did an article about George Ray's and it being perhaps the last of the "old time" dragstrips. The article mentioned there was hardly aever any drama about who won and who might have been cheating. It said there was supposedly only one recollection of a teardown over a protest. After a head was pulled off the protested car to check for a suspected "big" engine, George came over to the pit and after checking the engine's stroke with a yardstick said "nope, he's legal". End of protest. What's not to like about a place like that?

    Hope to be in Paragould in May '19

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  7. The hot rod george ray story appeared in the January 2001 issue of hot rod. They also did a story on the track in the early 70s I have been told. I have never been able to find it. The story from 2001 was photographed and written by Geoff stunkard. Geoff got George; myself and some locals into his car for private inerviews. To hear the stories first hand was priceless. His original unedited story can be found at his web site quarter milestones. Its under the nitro hallucination title.i dont know how to go to his site and copy it here. Maybe someone can do that for me. It's a great read on the history of the track and George himself. If you are on the fence about attending after reading the story it will be the shove you need. I'm working on some surprise guests that originally raced there.
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  8. Thanks for doing that. I was trying to do it on my phone and it wouldn't work. Enjoy the read.
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  9. loudbang
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  10. Nicholas Coe
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    Nicholas Coe

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  11. It worked fine for me.
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  12. manyolcars
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    The link works here
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  13. I spoke to herb mcandles at the pri show last weekend. He raced at George Ray's along with several others from Tennessee. He might come down with one of his original cars if his schedule allows. He is very active attending various races throughout the year.
  14. Such a great story of a great place. The owner seems to be a quite character. He's sewing operation gave me chills:p Thanks for sharing all this.
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  15. Nitro Pontiac
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    Nitro Pontiac
    from Wisconsin

    Brian, I have one of your fire burn out posters on the wall in the garage for inspiration.
  16. bill are you bringing the pale rider Pontiac to George rays? because you are such a fan of beswicks I will tell you this story. I was talking to arnie at the grove about what it was like back in the day running awb cars. he told me you cant get the true feel and appreciation of what it was like running on todays modern tracks. he called the old tracks he ran on cow pastures. because of that conversation I started to seek out those tracks to experience what it must have been like. you really need to bring the tempest out for this. bring a bucket of rosin and a silver fire mask to complete the look.
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  17. Ottomotive
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    from Arkansas

    Do you have a copy of George's book. 100 pages? About George and his dragstrip. A lot of pictures. I'm not selling them just have a copy. I have no idea where one might be had. George Ray book.jpg
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  18. Todd's Rod's
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    Todd's Rod's
    from MInnesota

    ok sounds like fun is there camping at the track?
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  19. I dont have a copy of the book yet. They were just sold locally I'm told.

    You can camp at the track. It's a race track not a camp grounds so there are no amenities.

    I have been on the phone all night talking to some very connected people. I cant release all the info yet until a few things are approved. More to come on that soon. This is starting to really take off.

    My VCR broke a few years ago. I finally located a working unit. For something that was once a common item is hard to find today. I hope to post some action from 1963 around Christmas or new years. Check back here around then for that video treat.
  20. Theres also some history of George Rays on this fantastic site for all vintage drag fans Just select state.
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  21. Nitro Pontiac
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    Nitro Pontiac
    from Wisconsin

    A lot of upgrades happening to the car over the winter. It may be a bad time of the year, but I'll try, it sounds like a must go.
  22. I spoke to chuck jolliff tonight. He told me about a Facebook page he set up about George ray and the track. It's called in memory of George ray. There are pictures and video posted there.

    If you are coming early to the event and want something to do there is a huge car show the same weekend. Its located about 40 minutes from the track in the town of pigott Arkansas. It has drawn in as many as 5000 cars. Its held at the fair grounds.
  23. For those needing the address for the track it is.
    George Ray's
    485 hwy 135 south
    Paragould, Arkansas

    Here are a few updates.

    We can run as a group between time trials. If you want to just make passes that's fine. If you want to run eliminations for money you can do that to. Just have fun doing whatever you decide to do.

    We have been approved to do flag starts. The flags that will be used are the original ones used by George when the track opened in 1961.

    We will have our own special parking area. It will be located on the right side of the track. It will be under the row of trees. This is the prime spot on a hot day.

    There will be special parking for original cars that raced at the track back in the day.

    We have been approved to do rosin burnouts. Bring your own rosin. None is provided.

    The cost to get in is 10 dollars and race for free. If you want to enter the money program it's another 10 dollars.

    The pay outs in all classes will be substantially increased for this particular weekend.

    There are no dial in brackets. This track doesn't do that new stuff. Everything is run heads up on a index.

    Improvements have been made to the track recently. The return road has been paved. There is a new consesion stand. The cat walk at the starting line is in the process of being rebuilt do to the original rotting out.

    A special event t-shirt is being made. Hamb member race car artist Joel Naprestak is coming up with a knock out design.

    Union groves track photographer Peter Ores is coming down for the event. He will be taking photos all day. He can print copies at the track for you to take home. Who wouldn't want a pic of their ride on the starting line of this historic track. Pete is a hell of a action photographer.

    We are in the process of getting Geoff Stunkard to the track to take pics for a story in hot rod magazine and mopar action. Geoff took my famous fire burnout photo.

    A photographer from car culture deluxe will be shooting for that popular magazine.

    We are in the process of getting Urban Hill Billy video to cover the event.

    The chances of seeing your ride in print or video will be high. I'm calling in alot of favors to get great media coverage for this event.

    This track was no prep decades before no prep became the new cool thing.

    We will be turning back the hands of time. You dont want to miss this.

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  24. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    Sounds like a real hoot!
  25. I hope everyone attending appreciates the amount of effort Brian is putting in to make this a historic event!

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  26. I need pics of cars attending. Tyler wants to do flyers. He will select a few cars to put on it. I need them asap.
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  27. The midwest super stockers will be at sikeston on Saturday. I have talked to some of them about coming down for Sunday. Several of their members are from Missouri so it would be a short ride to George Ray's. If you know any of these guys help spread the word.
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  28. J.Ukrop
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    Staff Member

    George Ray's has been on my bucket list for close to a decade now. This could be the perfect excuse to make the trip out to Arkansas. I'll be watching this one closely.
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  29. I would be interested in getting some of our club members to make to the ride up but what's the call on cars that aren't there to race? Limited to spectator parking?

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