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Projects R. Seghi's 55 Chevy gasser build.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Kiwi Kev, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Still trying
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  2. Got my rear wheels

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  3. racer756
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    This thread never gets old. It inspired me to get Kiwi Kev to do the same front axle treatment on my 56 2door Wagon. Stand by for pics.
  4. 55 gasser pickup
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    55 gasser pickup
    from utah

  5. Well, WHY would it get old after a mere FOUR AND A HALF YEARS?? LMAO
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  6. Getting it done,.... in my time. Not yours.
  7. If you really want to see what I've been building in the meantime while I wait for others to be able to finish some fabrication on my 55 go see R. Seghi's 57 Nomad Custom. And no I don't listen to the nay sayers. I do what I want.
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  8. A long time build to me is much more satisfying than a quick write a check transaction. I think it's about the build process first, and if I'm satisfied with the results that's all I need. Never have worried too much about what others think. This is a great looking car. I don't care how long the build took. For the instant gratification folks.... plenty of other's stuff out there for sale.
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  9. Exactly Corn. I'll get it done. You can't rush art.
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  10. All good things take TIME! And if it was quick and easy to build one of these, everybody would do it. The time and the hard is what makes it GREAT!
  11. waterhorse
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    Did you have to cut the trans tunnel to fit the Tremec? Btw, nice 55.
  12. Thx, no it's supposed to fit. Haven't decided to use it yet. Might need a stronger trans.
  13. I know, I know. Need to get back on it. Found some extra money so the saga continues.
  14. hey Robert, any updates......
  15. Yes my motor is fixed and in the car. We did start it and are building some longer ladder bars for it. We're working on it at my friends engine shop in Bakersfield. Performance Head Development. I've known Greg since 11th grade Auto Shop. Very good engine builder. While I was serving in the U.S. Army he was honing his skills building engines and has been ever since.
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  16. cool deal, thanks for the update, any pics to add ?
  17. Not right now
  18. MY 55 ROOF.png MY 55 Gasser.png It does run. Sounds nasty.
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  19. MY 350.jpg 500hp 350 Muncie 4spd olds Pontiac rear end
  20. SAVAGE
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    Alliance Vendor

  21. We are building Ladder Bars and a new driveshaft now then it is done.
  22. THX SAVAGE !!!
  23. davidh73750
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  24. It's been a long, long time I know. But I'm trying. I'm a Disabled American Veteran and it's getting harder and harder. I can barely walk now but I'll get them all done. KEEP THE FAITH PEOPLE !!!
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  25. I was Dave but it was easier to just go with the Muncie for now. My friend made me a good offer for it so it went away. If I need a tougher trans. I can buy one later.
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  26. Thank you for your service sir

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  28. MY 55 Gasser.png Bigger pictures
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