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Folks Of Interest R.I.P. LEE IACOCCA

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by JNKYARDDOG_1, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. The Mustang was so off-the-shelf perfect. It made customising superfluous for a lot of people.
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  2. Had a hell of a life! RIP
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  3. The shelby truck came with a 318 a high stall converter and 391 gears with a sure grip. They only came in red or white. They had a rool bar looking thing in the box. The interiors had shelby stitched on the seats and floor mats. The steering wheel was special to. The wheels and stripes were shelby only items. All trucks had shelby serial numbers. The glhs chargers and omnies were 13 second cars.
  4. Clyde Walker
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    Clyde Walker

    My first job working on cars was at a Kmart tire and service (only the finest!). We did all the service for a local rental car company that had all K cars. Might be the most dangerous car ever to work under and or set up on an old post hoist as well. Sooo light in the back end. Wouldn't take much at all to flip the whole thing ass over teakettle. Never did it. I will also never forget those top end rattling assed 2.2/2.5's. What a racket. Never see them anymore. When i do I'm like COOL a K car... Unreal. Being from the Detroit area, Lee Iacocca was a BIG deal. Time marches on...
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  5. Ziggster
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    I was coming of age during the release of the K cars and marvelled at the front wheel drive tech articles in Popular Science. After university I owned both a Shelby Charger and Shelby Daytona Z, and l'm still Mopar guy at heart because of these two cars. My cousin competed in a "Shelby" only SCCA event with his 87 Shelby Charger, and took first place, which he has kept to this day. The Ford Shelby guys were none too pleased, and that was the end of that. RIP Lee.
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  6. Thanks for the Caravans, Lee, say what you want, it’s the most comfortable vehicle that my wife has ever owned. Keep laughing at them, I had two of them in a fleet in St. Louis that went over 600,000 miles before they were gotten rid of. These two vans went from St. Louis to Tulsa and back everyday.

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  7. BamaMav
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    from Berry, AL

    We had two of the Plymouth Voyager minivans, first had the Mitsubishi 4 cyl, second had the Chrysler V6. Both were great vehicles. Had one of the Chrysler Laser sports cars, 2.5 turbo 4 cyl, that thing would scat when you could keep a head gasket on it, lol. Somebody had screwed with the wastegate, no telling how much boost the turbo built. Iacocca took Chrysler from rusty cars with V8's that drunk gas to lightweight 4 and 6 cylinder gas sippers at just the right time in history. His ideas would never have worked in the late 60's early 70's when V8's were king and gas was cheap. He put GM and Ford on their heels for a while playing catch up.
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  8. Deuces
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    from Michigan

    I was thinking about going to the funeral and pay my respects.... I wonder how many other Mustang owners will be there???....
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  9. ramblin dan
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    ramblin dan

    It's funny you mention that as I had a neighbour who thought he would have to turn in his man card if he purchased a mini van. After his wife and he started having kids they caved in and bought one and haven't been without one for twenty plus years. Windsor assembly is currently building 1500 a day and is retooling for an all wheel drive model this summer.
  10. 34Larry
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    I admired Mr. Iacocca so much, the last of the truly great CEO's in my time. It was truly disappointing when he decided not to run for President. He was something totally lacking in this would today, a truly honest, caring, decent American leader of mankind.
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