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Quick question about Unilug wheels

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Tugmaster, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I just picked up a set of Supremes for my Belair. They are unilug style which I have never ran on a car before. They came with shanked lugnuts and washers. The washers are sort of "rolled" so one side is concave and the other convex. The convex side is stamped "Wheel Side" I assume this is so when you tighten the lugs they act as lock washers?? Am I correct? Also, I was not sure of the how much to torgue them to so I used my torque wrench and torqued them to 75lbs. Enough?? I'm sure I am overthinking this but I don't want any surprises.
  2. birdman42
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    I torque my wheels to 100ftlbs and then drive around the block and retorque.
  3. I've always been under the impression the between 75 to 95 foot lbs. HRP
  4. mink
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    from CT

    You should take precautions to not over tighten wheel lugs. Make sure you torque to the spec range based on your thread diameter and quantity. When a lug is over tightened, additional stress occurs to the bolt as well as to its mating surface region on the rim.
    I remember driving home from high school and seeing a guys 1980's Dodge Truck on the side of the road with tire pinned flat on the ground. When I pulled up, I notice that his wheel pulled through from the lugs and studs. The wheel surface region yielded. I would what caused that. Truck must have been 20yrs old.

  5. eppster
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    Uni-lugs allow the wheel to be used with different bolt patterns. Some Uni-lugs have the stud holes in the center and some kits have them offset depending on what car you're installing them on. This allows one wheel to be used in many different applications. I have installed a lot of aluminum wheels and have always torqued them to 100 lbs.. Always, always re-torque them after the first 100 miles of use, you will be amazed at how many will need to be brought back to 100 lbs..

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