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Technical Quick change drivability/noise on long trips

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by PurdueSD, May 1, 2014.

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    from OHIO

    I know how they work....Ive changed my share gears in 25+ years of dirt racing..... In my case...I wanted "The Look"...I built a car that in my mind had "a little something going on from front to rear"....... I wouldnt put one in a car that had a rear that was hidden.....and I dont feel Im "putting up" with anything....if done correct they dont leak....if the gears are set up right and we arent using used swap meet spur gear sets and we use a helix set theres not excessive noise......I suppose they are not for everybody..... I like louder exhaust....I like HP...I like stirring a gearbox....I like to have to "drive" a car....I like badass hotrods....and pretty girls with nice
  2. trollst
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    I think its in your point of view, years ago I thought it was a great idea to run straight pipes on my Harley, loved it around town, one three thousand mile trip later they were off the bike. The constant noise following me tired me out and I grew sick of it, and for me a quick change is the same, some like the noise, some don't. I love the sound of good pipes, but my hiway hauler (36 ford pickup), has a nice tone around town and nearly non existent at hiway speeds, perfect for me. I love quick changes, coolest looking thing you can do to your car, great around town, but for me, too much over the long haul. To each his own.
  3. Russco
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    from Central IL

    I changed mine occasionally. For long trips I'd put a higher ratio in it. I once flipped them for a parade so my wife could just idle along. I also used to pull a gear off for when I would flat tow it.
    They are like a blower. Its a noise, you'll gladly put up with.
  4. hotrod40coupe
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    Put in a bitchen' sound system with a volume control.
  5. Pewsplace
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    The question was about QC noise and that has been addressed thoroughly. The concern about the functionality of the unit is strictly up to the builder. Since this is an early hot rod forum I must agree that the looks of a early style roadster just isn't complete without a QC peeking out the back. Halibrand of old and Winters of new make it possible for builders to recreate the look regardless of the usage. Most people like AC/PS/PW and the like but they don't fit the parameters of the build……a QC fits perfectly… my 2 cents.

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  6. jseery
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    from Wichita KS

    Why run a QC is an interesting question. I guess if you have to ask, it speaks for itself! That would be right up there with why hop up an engine if your driving it on the street? Same for low gears or a lot of other things Hot Rodder do! There is little about a Hot Rod that would make practical since to most people. I'm going for a look that is a cross between early Lake cars, Drag cars, and Street driven Hot Rods from the mid 50s. A QC is one of the most important parts of that equation to me along with a hot flathead. I would think if you were just interested in a cool car to drive, go with a street rod with all of the modern extras. Easier to build and much more practical, but for me, I got to have a QC!!!
    Forgot, this is about the noise. That's another reason I got to have a QC, for the noise.
  7. 117harv
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    ^^^^ This, well stated.
  8. von Dyck
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    von Dyck

    Mine turned out to be not as noisy as I anticipated. And the mild whining sound is transmitting to the front and not hearing it from the rear. You know the sound of a Pete Jackson (or imitations) timing gear whine? Mine's not even half that noise. I started out with a 3.25:1 ratio, but the cam I'm running complained during city driving. So I changed to a 4.01:1 ratio. Changed how the engine felt about the whole set-up! (Yes, they do have personalities)
    Mine was a used Lynn that ran dirt tracks in the Dakota's during the '70s sandwiched between heavy 3/4ton housings and hubs. I upgraded with lighter weight housings, 3/4ton diff (instead of spool), and semi-floating axles with Buick aluminum drums. New bearings and QC gears, I think, also make a difference. So does set-up.

    Why do I run one? I remember the Modifieds (pre D.I.R.T.) running at Merritville, St. Catharines, Ontario in the '60s --- It's something that is imprinted in my brain. The look, the sound, the mystique. Yes, double the price of a properly set up 9", but then it is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Have we convinced you yet? Go do it!
  9. Badrodder
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    Check my tech not " winters quick change helical gear install " , just added the helicals

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  10. Keither
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    I agree with the others with open cars that you just don't hear that much noise INSIDE THE CAR with the straight gears. I enjoy the sound myself but I snore pretty bad too so I'm used to pissing people off with noise. I have an old Halibrand case and my spur gears are Winters, they fit and work fine. You can cut some of noise down by using the narrower gears used in midgets. I have also been told that if you take cutting wheel and cut a groove across the gears around the circumference of the gear that will cut the noise as well. Don't over think it, just do it!

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