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Technical Questions about Mallory YC Pertronix Conversion

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Saxman, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I've got a really clean and tight 4-lobe Mallory YC Double-Life distributor with a nice flat top two-piece cap. I've always been a traditional "points" guy but I'm thinking about doing a Pertronix conversion on it.

    My question is what ignition wires should I run on this? It seems that most folks recommend running solid core copper wires with the flat top cap but it sounds like you can't run solid core copper wires with the Pertronix. What are you guys doing in this situation? Also, I see that Pertronix recommends one of their coils (45001,45011,45111). What are the differences between these coils?
  2. I just went through the Pertronix/plug wire deal. I converted my Mallory with a Pertronix Ignitor III. I had been running Accel copper wires. It ran great, for a short time. Then it started dropping cylinders. At that point, like all good hot rodders, I then went back and read ALL the instructions and learned that the Pertronix unit needs the resistance of carbon core wires. I switched the wires, and, bingo, it runs better than ever, starts instantly, and, since I had to set the idle down about 200 RPM's, I'm thinking the engine is burning more of the fuel charge. I am also using the recommended Pertronix coil. It is important to have the coil matched to the module's requirements. I changed to a point less ignition because the blower is so close to the firewall it has to be removed for ignition servicing. The Ignitor III has solved all the problems earlier units had. I have always been a "points guy" too, but the maintenance free excellent performance has sold me.
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  3. I'm running the Taylor wires on both my Deuce pickup and the Ranch wagon.

    The Pertronix conversion has worked great for me. HRP
  4. Hey Dean and Danny, thanks for the info.

    Danny- Are the Taylors carbon core or spiral wound?
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  5. Jimmy2car
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    from No. Cal

    Are you planning on running 2 Pertronix units with that 4 lobe rotor?
    Seems like a cool idea, if you could get it setup on a distributor machine
  6. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was wondering specifically about the ones you are running. It sounds like you are happy with them. What kind of distributor are you running? I guess my concern is that I had heard that the carbon core wires might not work well with the old Mallory flat-top, two-piece caps.
  7. It doesn't look like they have an Igniter III kit for my application, only the Igniter II. Are you running the flat-top cap on your Mallory?
  8. Pertronix makes a kit specifically for the 4-lobe rotor in the Mallory YC.
  9. Okay, thanks. The old Mallory flat-top cap only takes 7mm wires. I know Taylor makes good stuff but could only find 8mm and above on their site. I believe Pertronix actually makes an all black 7mm wire set. I may have to look at that. I just need to figure out whether I can run them with this style cap. I sent a PM to Jim Linder (GMC Bubba), he may know something about this. Thanks Danny.
  10. alphabet soup
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    alphabet soup

    I just talked to a Pertronix tech Thursday about this same conversion. I have reproduction solid core Packard 440 wires and want to keep them. The guy said he would only try it on a Igniter I. A II would need better wires. And the plain black 7mm wires they sell would work. Also they would like to see their coil. But I could use the Mallory if it had no more than 1.5 ohms of resistance. I have never seen a III listed for the flat cap Mallory so I didn't ask about that.
  11. I'm running a Mallory YL. It's not a flat cap.
  12. fordrule
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    sorry about bumping an older thread I am going to be running a mallory YC-449-HP. I also have the marine 2 piece cap. I was curious about the wires and the petronix setup that you are running.
  13. fordrule
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    anyone with some information. I am looking at boosting the 260 that I have and want to try and use this distrubitor. I was able to get a MSD 6462 boost ignition module box and not I am looking at the petronix really hard or just scrap it and go with a newer style dizzy. any help will be much appreciated
  14. My Wizard says to run Pertronix wires if you can. I have them on my Falcon and my Roadster, Both running Mallory dizzys with Pertronixs conversions.
  15. fordrule
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