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Technical Question on air cleaner(s)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 13, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I have an dual carb. Offy intake on my 48 Dodge flat motor, and would like to put the stock style oil-bath air cleaners on. My question to you is, which make/model vehicles would have a unit that was no more than 7-1/2" diameter? The smallest I've found so far is 8-1/2". This because the carbs. are that distance apart. I am running the stock B&B (Carter) carbs. Need this info so I can start hunting them down. Thank you!

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  2. 59Apachegail
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    from New York


    My $9 specials are on 2bbl rochester carbs but carter made carbs for rochester. The openings are 2 5/8 ths.
    If you want to get really fancy check out dicks carb repair here on the hamb, he has really nice ones.
  3. Thanks, but I want to go with the stock style (as pictured) which I will convert to use paper elements. Hoping for 6"-7" diameter
  4. 270dodge
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    from Ohio

    Oil bath cleaners are good. I wonder if you could use the available units and offset the intake portion? Many older cleaners were like that. A little offset adaptation would get what you want.
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  5. Yes
    if you have a pair of 8-1/2" but need 7-1/2" for Clearance center to center you might be able to just offset the bases 1/2" each, or one of them 1"
  6. 270dodge
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    from Ohio

    Offset one, less work. Keep them oil bath. Just my opinion.
  7. Check out some of the Dodge and Plymouth truck air cleaners. Or, maybe some of the other makes too. {Ford, G.M.C. etc.} Ford truck sixes used an oil bath cleaner up till 1967{?} Check some of the truck wrecking yards.
  8. Rusty O'Toole
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    Rusty O'Toole

    I saw a Hudson Twin H-Power that had a similar problem. Solved by making air filters out of Walmart sauce pans with paper filters inside. Something to keep in mind if all else fails.
  9. I may end up doing something like that if I cannot locate some of the smaller units. I'd rather not mess around with trying to offset, may end up doing something like the Hudsons. I want to keep a traditional look, plus the oil bath catches a lot of crud.
  10. I also found that the VW type are already offset, may be another option
  11. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Look at the filter assemblies from a tune port Firebird from the mid 80s
  12. Interesting, I will give it a look
  13. Fenders
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    What I was going to say. Good decision.
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