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Putting a 32 Header in a 31 Model A w/Lots of Pics

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by D-Russ, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Maybe i missed it, but what exactly did you end up doing with the windshield frame. Im hoping to do this to my A coupe in the near future.
  2. I used the top and sides (one piece) from a 32 5w or sedan windshield frame, and the bottom of a Model A windshield frame (to match the curve of the A cowl). The 32 frame bolts together in the bottom left and right corners, whereas the Model A frame bolts together in the upper left and right corners. I chopped the left and right vertical sides of the 32 piece to match the height of my roof chop but kept the angle of the cut at the bottom exactly the way Ford did it in 32. Then I used that angle to mark the cuts on the Model A bottom piece and cut off the sides on the A frame. I then welded the 32 windshield factory L brackets to the Model A bottom piece in a position that would allow them to slide into the 32 channel, and so the front surfaces of the two pieces would be flush. This allowed the two windshield frame sections to bolt together exactly the way a 32 frame does – with four small screws (two on each side of the 32 frame sides). I had to redrill the holes they screw into after the 32 frame section was chopped. After that I just made a template for the glass and had it cut. The top and side rubber is 32 and the bottom rubber is model A. Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense. Good luck!
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    Thanks for all your explanations on how you've built up your Vicki. I'm curious and wondering what drip rail you used above your doors and how you made it look so perfect. Great Build...:)
  4. If you haven't got it already, Pick up a copy of Rodders Journal #75, Daves killer Vicky is on the cover and has a really good write up on it, that he wrote!
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  5. Thank you for the very kind words!
    I modified a pair of 30/31 tudor sedan drip rails. They were much longer than I needed, but I cut them to the right length. I was able to easily bend them length-wise to match the roof profile by hand, and on the ends where they curve downward, I pie cut, bent and then welded them back together. Once they were the right shape and length, I drilled holes every four inches in the flat part and rosette welded them to the body.
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  6. Thanks for the plug Jason!
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  7. Great thread.
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