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Post up your pictures of the "Worst Hackjob" you've come across.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by venturesomerite, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I love this thread, when things arnt going right in the shop, it always lifts my spirits lol.

    Gonna have to add to it soon, my cars PO loved screws and sheetmetal to fix rust. Rust stops when you cover it up right?
  2. Here's some quality work of the day....
    ...HOW much to fix it?

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  3. jazz1
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  4. dubie
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  5. falconsprint63
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    from Mayberry

    if that wasn't so scary it'd be funny
  6. This was in my current 63 Facon 2 door sedan when I bought it:


    Early SBF V-8 (pass side outlet pump) radiator adapted to fit a late model SBF (driver's side outlet pump) with custom bent 1 3/4 exhaust pipe and hoses from somthin', I dunno.

    Also note the trans lines that were goin' to the 91 AOD and the "cooling fan" that was mounted on the front of the radiator.

    I won't bore y'all with a picture of the 8" long piece of rusty 5/16NC all-thread I found threaded thru the timin' cover and in'ta the block that held the leaky water pump on....
  7. 50jeepster
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    Jeepster frame "repair".
  8. impala631
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    from INDIANA

    I wish I would have snapped pics of some of the crap I came across over the years, I have seen some bad bad work, here my old Datsun truck that had floor board made up of plywood, spray foam and silicon


    New floors and raised tunnel:)
  9. txturbo
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    What a moron...he should have used ALL galvanized fittings....
  10. Fenders
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    My 30 Ford coupe has plywood floor and toe boards .....
    but I forgot the foam and silicon, I better get back into the garage !!!! :D
  11. Kerrynzl
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    On another forum, this truck was lengthened to make a vintage ramp truck.
    When you go to this much trouble ,it wouldn’t be that difficult to get some “C” channel folded up in a press brake [plus maybe a longer inner “C” channel to fit inside to “box” it.]

    Over here a mod like this would get your vehicle “written off the road” and need a “repair cert” to undo it.

  12. heres mine!!! The steering gearbox was attached to this area!

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