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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by H3O, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. H3O
    Joined: Jul 12, 2008
    Posts: 597


    what are the pros and cons of using port-o-walls? i have them because i don't have the money for real whitewalls. just want some info. mine measure out to be 1 3/4".
  2. Dick Dake
    Joined: Sep 14, 2006
    Posts: 788

    Dick Dake

    Pro's = none
    Con's = they are shit.
  3. HMS PH
    Joined: Mar 12, 2008
    Posts: 9

    HMS PH
    from Idaho

    If you use port-o-walls on radial tires they often have wrinkle on the bottom side when parked. Secondly, they are difficult to install if there is any moisture on the port-o-wall or the tire bead. thw moisture will cause the wall to slip out of place, so make sure they are dry.

    Sometimes there may be some bleed thru from the blackwall tire to the white port-o-wall, you can't cleant it off very well, so I use white shoe polish on the port-o-wall and they look great.

    You are using a narrower port-o-wall, so you may not have the wrinkling problem, it is usually present with the wider whites.

    One the good side, they look great!
    Joined: Aug 10, 2006
    Posts: 2,261


    I had a set sitting around forever. Put em on my impala just for fun, went on no problem, looked good, but the first time i drove on em by the time i reached my destination they had disintegrated. I think they were just to old.
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  5. Port-O-Walls = My ride was restored in India.

    At that is without mentioning the damage they can do to your tires...

    You're better off with nice blackwalls than ugly whites
  6. BJR
    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
    Posts: 3,334

    from Wisconsin

    It's got lights in the wheel well's and Porta Walls, burns cheap gas and never stalls... Schlock Rod! Jan & Dean flip side of Drag City.
  7. elwood blues
    Joined: Sep 13, 2005
    Posts: 462

    elwood blues
    from Boise ID

    I never got why people never glued them on with some silicon. I've done it a few times and never had a problem at all with them but then again I just ran them while I was waiting on whitewalls.
  8. 56 Royal Lancer
    Joined: Aug 31, 2007
    Posts: 395

    56 Royal Lancer

    No money here for big-buck fat whitewalls, I have been running these port-a-walls for over 5 years on my '56. No troubles, but the kinda funny thing is they "squeak" at parking-lot speeds, sounds a little like a Converse on a gym floor.
    Mine actually lay down pretty tight on the tires, the brand on them is "Wegu", I think they are made in Germany.

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  9. Kerry67
    Joined: Apr 11, 2005
    Posts: 2,606


    If anyone is interested, I have a set of 13" & 14" Porta Walls that I am not going to use.
  10. skyrodder
    Joined: May 7, 2005
    Posts: 1,924


    just save the money for real whitewalls, even if you have to buy 1 tire at a time.. thats what i am doing
  11. oilslinger53
    Joined: Apr 17, 2007
    Posts: 2,410

    from covina CA

    they flap in the breeze and usually look wrinkled
    pros? there are none
  12. Bernardarama
    Joined: Dec 8, 2007
    Posts: 197


    i just think they look like piss and it so much cool for some real whites
  13. zzford
    Joined: May 5, 2005
    Posts: 1,487


    Pro: I believe that at speed, when they pull away from the tires side, they act like a fin, giving great high speed stability.
  14. If ya got em put em on! Its your car. Ya can't say these things are not traditional.
  15. GothboY
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
    Posts: 214

    from SoCal

    I wanted to believe they could be cool. I tried and tried to get them to look good, or even work. I ended up getting out my grinder and making whites outta my tires. Even that looked better than the port-o's. Sorry. I dont dig the port-o's.
  16. Ball and Chain
    Joined: Mar 24, 2008
    Posts: 1,124

    Ball and Chain
    from Nor Cal

    they'll work for a while, but word to the wise don't get the fat(3 in.) ones they'll rip quick.
  17. Kerry67
    Joined: Apr 11, 2005
    Posts: 2,606


    I had them on a 57 Pontiac and they worked fine.
  18. badlefihand
    Joined: Apr 20, 2007
    Posts: 318


    Tradition,For 45 years we thought they were called Porter walls,how dumb,than again we called seat covers, Indian blankets. The walls what ever they are called can look pretty decent,I think that they were much heavier in the days.
  19. lowkroozer
    Joined: Jun 1, 2006
    Posts: 600


    Port a walls were originally designed to go on a bias sidewall not a radial. The way they used to be installed was to use a soapy water on the inside of the portawall and mount the portawall on the tire add about 15 to 20 lbs of air and tap around them with a rubber mallet to seat them on the sidewall of the tire while adding air to the final pressure you want. Usually 32 to 35 lbs. Always worked good..Still there no substitute for the real thing.
  20. LSGUN
    Joined: May 26, 2007
    Posts: 1,226

    from TX

    There is nothing wrong with porta walls as long as you get a quality set, not the cheap shit from mooneyes. Atlas is a good brand.
  21. plumfat40
    Joined: Jul 21, 2008
    Posts: 325

    from colorado

    Have had good luck with the WEGU brand from germany, my daughter runs em on her bug!!! fit real tight, and dont kick out at speed like the moon ones

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  22. Bullet Man
    Joined: Sep 21, 2006
    Posts: 389

    Bullet Man

    mooneyes sells the atlas brand! they don't sell the cheap shit! learn your shit before you talk shit!
  23. abe lugo
    Joined: Nov 8, 2002
    Posts: 1,888

    abe lugo

    Firstly either do it, real cheap use some krylon fusion paint, I have buddy that had used this a while back and it still is convincing.

    otherwise save your cash andbuy the real deal.

    If you like to burn rubber or use your ride like a normal car at regular highway speeds the the Port o wall with flap and most likely come off.
    No upsides
  24. H3O
    Joined: Jul 12, 2008
    Posts: 597


    mine are only 1 3/4". not the fat 3"
  25. Gator
    Joined: Dec 29, 2005
    Posts: 4,012


    Got 'em on my daily driver F100, no problems ever. Mine are Atlas brand, about 2 1/2 wide. When I got the truck it had brand new raised white letter Hoosier radials on painted 'wagon wheels'. I bought a set of cheapo chrome smoothies, flipped the tires around and added a set of free port-o-walls. Completely changed the look of the truck for less than $300 bucks.

    I think the secret to the fit is taking your time installing them, and if you're using radials they fit a lot better if the tire is a bit wider than the rim - I guess it helps keep them pushed out evenly.

  26. billbrown
    Joined: Dec 24, 2007
    Posts: 595


    now thats some funny shit.
  27. 26Rooster
    Joined: Oct 9, 2008
    Posts: 44


    Hey H30, haven't talked to ya much since the cruise nites ended!! Truck is lookin' good!!!
    I say go for it, run 'em for awhile. Maybe find a used set of tires, grind the sidewalls to a make a larger whitewall. See ya around.
  28. LSGUN
    Joined: May 26, 2007
    Posts: 1,226

    from TX

    My mistake! Thanks for the correction!:cool:
  29. I got 3 summers out of my 3" flappers on 235-70r-15 tires. Found the rear worked great. The front being heavier puts more of a buldge in the bottom of the tire causing the port-a-wall to pull away from the tire when parked. At shows people would comment on the white walls and were quite surprised when I flip the flapper away from the tire. The raised lettering on the tire seemed to bleed thru the white wall after a year or so.
    I have since put a set of cokers on the front but still run the flappers on the rear.
    truck 002.jpg

    truck 006.jpg
  30. Mopar34
    Joined: Aug 8, 2006
    Posts: 1,028


    They sucked when I used them on my 56 Ford in 1962 and I am sure that the ones today still suck.

    Check around maybe you can get lucky and get a set of ww that some one doesn't need. My nephew just purchased on ebay a set of 4 15 inch wide whites for his VW bug for $300 including the wheels. Good deals can still be had.

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